Good Tips to Upgrade Your Cubicle’s Feng Shui
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Good Tips to Upgrade Your Cubicle’s Feng Shui

|Dec 1, 2021

Adding some life to your office is always a great idea to make it a better place to work. Since your office cubicle décor lays a major impact on your mood and subtly affects productivity too, you should adopt some feng shui cubicle ideas. As a sound office worker, you must be aware of the way feng shui affects your productivity.

Having feng shui for the office cubicle lets you bring positive energy to your office room and ensures you stay productive remotely as well. Nevertheless, it's fine if you are not aware of the nitty-gritty of the feng shui cubicle layout because we are here to help.

You may have thought of cubicle décor ideas before, but the feng shui cubicle decorating ideas are more targeted at boosting your productivity and promoting a positive vibe in your office.

Therefore, we have shared some of the best tips that can help you improve your cubicle’s feng shui in this article. So, let’s have a look!

Useful Tips to Upgrade Your Cubicle’s Feng Shui

Add Some Green to Your Cubicle

Add Some Green to Your Cubicle feng shui cubicle

Going green is the first and the simplest addition that you can make to your office. It is a good idea for your feng shui cubicle layout. Although this might seem like a small change, it lays a great impact on your mood and productivity. You can think of placing some small pots at a window nearby or a single plant like lilies on your desk.

If space is your concern, try going for hanging plants as they would look great too. All of this will create a refreshing environment that is great for you. 

Get Some Comfy Pillows to Improve Your Lumbar Support

You might not be willing to install new furniture at this point, so making little changes to the old one can help you get through. Adding a comfortable pillow at the backrest can help you have improved lumbar support if your chair fails to do so. Remember, your comfort matters the most when you are planning for a productive office setup

Add Your Favorite Lighting

Add Your Favorite Lighting for feng shui cubicle

Lighting plays a subtle yet major impact on your productivity and contributes to feng shui as well. So, think of lighting up your workspace with office desk lamps and LED light stands that suit your mood. You may think of going for customizable lamps that offer you multiple brightness and intensity adjustments.

The good thing about going for these lamps is that you can shift their brightness as per your requirement. This will help you gel well with your workspace and have higher productivity. 

Put up Inspirational Quotes

A little element of inspiration is always important to pump you up and keep your morale high. So, think of putting up your favorite personality quote or teamwork quotes that you find interesting and motivating. You may think of getting it framed and hanging it on the wall that you can easily see while you are working. 

Place Your Desk Facing the Door

Place Your Desk Facing the Door

Feng shui suggests that you should always have a commanding position to have a better focus and higher productivity. So, if you want a feng shui cubicle, you have to take care of this part. You should always place your desk at a place from where the entire room is visible. 

Add Calming Colors to Your Office Cubicle

Your office color can have a great impact on your mood. Typically, lighter colors are comparatively refreshing. In contrast, dark colors have a dull and gloomy impact. Since feng shui suggests you the best color combinations, choose a feng shui color for your office

Frame Your Favorite Memories

Frame Your Favorite Memories for feng shui cubicle

Do you know that personalizing your desk space can help you improve your productivity? Many remote workers are unaware that having their favorite things around them helps them indulge in their work environment better.

Therefore, framing your favorite memories is the best way of doing so. These memories can be some pictures from your last vacation, your loved one’s picture, or any other memory that lightens up your mood.

Such an addition builds a connection between you and your workspace. Thus, you tend to perform better. 

Place Carpet

Place Carpet for feng shui cubicle

Carpets can help you have a calm and cozy work environment, and also support your feng shui cubicle. Such an environment can be great for boosting your productivity by helping you have a better focus. We would suggest that you go for a carpet that goes well with your room color.

You may select a monochromatic carpet to give a minimalistic yet aesthetic look to your office. However, a patterned carpet will look great, too, if you select the right color combination while keeping your office room color in mind. 

Stay Minimalistic

You should remember how bad clutter is for your productivity, so always remember to stay minimalistic. Even if you are placing the necessary office cubicle accessories in your workspace, ensure that they look sorted in their place and there is no clutter. 

Stylize Your Shelves Creatively

Here is another idea for your feng shui cubicle. Stylizing your office shelf is a great way of amalgamating feng shui into your office setup. You may think of adopting boxy and angular shelving. This sort of shelving looks unique and gives a new look to your office all in all.

You may even paint them to add a unique contrast to your office walls. Moreover, think of placing some collectibles and plants that can keep you fresh while you work for longer hours. Having your favorite collectibles around you will build a connection with your workspace and keep you more engaged with work. 

Get Creative with Patterns

Get Creative with Patterns

Adding different color patterns to your office walls can be a great way of stylizing your office while avoiding clutter. As a remote worker, you may choose the colors that suit your mood and add a splash of multiple combinations that makes it look stylish yet unique. 

Final Words

So, now, you have multiple feng shui cubicle ideas that will help you adopt the office layout feng shui. Although these changes might seem quite subtle, our tips will redefine the way your office looks and will boost your productivity. So, try using them and plan your ultra-productive home office today!

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