The Very Cool Desk Plants to Decorate Your Standing Desk
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The Very Cool Desk Plants to Decorate Your Standing Desk

|Oct 30, 2022

There's no denying that the natural environment is comforting, beautiful and increases productivity. The same can be said for offices as well. Not only are good plants for a desk great for decorating small spaces, but also for decorating large ones as well. They make the office look much more pleasant and freshen the air. The question is, which plants would be ideal for your office? A variety of plants are available, including medium-light plants, low-light plants, high-light desk plant ideas, as well as orchids.

Is There A Plant That Would Be Suitable For An Office?

Snake Plant

Snake Plant - cool desk plants

Snake plants are a tank as far as plant desk accessories are concerned. The plant is very resilient, and it tolerates low light well. This makes it popular for office spaces as well as public spaces including hotels and mall lobbies. As with the ZZ, the mighty Snake is almost invincible. The plant is an easy small desk decor because it grows in any light or brightness setting, requires infrequent watering and is generally suitable for DGAF types. The spread of the disease is another feature that is often overlooked. This plant grows upwards, not outward, making it an ideal choice for apartment dwellers who are lazy about taking care of their cool office plants.

ZZ Plant

Snake plants are correspondingly imperishable. There is a limited supply of this plant, though. Garden centers may have a harder time finding it. There is almost no point in touching this plant with your foolish hands. Nearly. In addition to thriving in low light conditions and requiring little water, the ZZ plant evolved in much drier biomes than its cousins. It won't be bothered by water for months, but you should still water every two weeks to be safe.


Philodendron - cool desk plants

This philodendron variety has an archetypal look, but wide varieties have different leaf styles. Its silky leaves and tolerance to low light have made it one of the most popular plants for desk at work for decades. In addition, a variety like this likes to grow like a vine, either hanging or climbing. Others grow vertically and are more firm.


The philodendron is a very similar plant and is popular for similar reasons. You're most likely to find the tough-as-nails Pothos vine recommended by both Internet and plant shop owners. This plant grows fast, requires intermittent watering (but won't complain if neglected), and requires fair to middling light. Pothos vines will dominate corners and side tables in a few months if allowed to grow. Those who enjoy good climbing vines should start here.

English Ivy

English Ivy - cool desk plants

This vine does well as a hanging or climbing vine in low light. There are pictures of Victorian manors from the past as well as stone cottages with this stuff casing the side.

African Violet

Keeping them in windows is a good idea. They make an excellent choice in the office or at home because they can grow in moderate light conditions when placed on your L-shaped standing desks.

Haworthia fasciata

You might still see people doing it anyway, but you'll end up with etiolated succulents that are stretched and losing their colors. You can find out what we mean by searching for "etiolated succulents."


Calathea - cool desk plants

Although green is what we're all here for, it never hurts to throw in a contrasting color or two. There are two types of Calathea leaves medallions (like the one pictured here) and rattlesnakes, and they don't require much sunlight or water. In addition, they tend to move around on your standing desk a lot.

Money Tree

This is a plant shop staple, and being a plant shop staple means one thing: it's a plant shop staple. It will still thrive even if you forget about it for a month (or more), while it needs decent sun exposure and watering as soon as the soil desiccates. You should also give it some room to grow since it's among the fast-growing office desk plants.

Umbrella Plant

Umbrellas are small plants for compact desks that come in many different types, but the gist is this: as soon as they get some sunlight, adequate water, and plenty of room to grow, they'll fill out and take over the place. The bonus of this rapid growth is that you can prune it frequently.


Echeverias - cool desk plants

There are many types of a string of pearls, but the variegated string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus Variegata) is one of the most common. The string is predominantly green but has beautiful shades of white and pink in addition to the green. Alternatively, you can grow and propagate a classic Lola echeveria. Only this succulent has a white-bordering-on-blue color.

Tips To Implement Cool Desk Plants

You spend a large part of your workday at the office crunching numbers or scanning files on your desk, so decorating it is perfectly acceptable. The following are a few tips you can implement at an affordable price: 

  • Although frames work well, you can get a bit more creative. Your family members, friends, and colleagues will enjoy seeing pictures hanging on a wire.
  • Put your important passwords in stylish folders instead of sticking them to walls or taping them to the side of your computer.
  • Adding cool desk plants to a desk can instantly brighten it up. Since they purify the air, you don't have to worry about maintaining succulents.
  • It is common for employees to have a half-filled cup of tea or coffee on their desks. A colorful mug would be a better alternative.
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