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Ergonomic Chair With Leg Rest: 9 Benefits You Should Know
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Ergonomic Chair With Leg Rest: 9 Benefits You Should Know

|Apr 27, 2021

If you work in the office, you spend most of your life sitting on a chair attending to professional obligations. Without your knowledge, you are setting yourself up for some serious back pain in future. That could also be followed by knee problems and other joint pains. While an office chair with leg support cannot prevent all of these on its own, it certainly does a perfect job. Besides, the popular sentiment, actually not a sentiment but something proven by research is that sitting down long hours is the new smoking.

Staying stuck in an office chair without leg support for many hours is a constant struggle since it strains your back causing discomfort already. This is why an ergonomic office chair with leg support should be considered a basic need for every professional. Your comfort in the office determines the attention that you devote to your office activities.


There is more to an ergonomic chair than lumbar support

Choosing the best ergonomic office chair is not just about the lumbar support, as we often tend to think. It is about incorporating everything good for your body. This includes armrest, footrest, headrest and legrest, and any other rest that can be added.

Thus, as for the question of whether a chair with leg rest is better than one without, well, you know that it is neither here nor there. If you want the best modern ergonomic office chair, buy the one with the most number of features. That is how you get good value for your money.

Right postureThe state of your office chair determines your performance at the office. A lumpy chair with a bad back will cause you a lot of pain. Thus, since you will most likely be doing an office job for a big part of your life, protect yourself from back and neck pain by purchasing a better office chair. Besides feeling comfortable at work, you will also record more productivity in your work.  

9 reasons why you need an Ergonomic chair with footrest

1. An ergonomic chair with leg rest cam enhance your blood circulation

legrestOne of the main indications of poor blood circulation in your legs is cramping. This happens if there is too much weight sitting on your legs. It also happens when you sit on a bad chair that has its seat pressing against the back of your knees.

Today, many office workers suffer from complications caused by wrong sitting postures and lack of exercise.

If you sit for long hours especially on an office chair without leg support, your blood circulation is hindered. Good performance requires healthy blood circulation and this is only possible with the best office chair.

This begs the question of what exactly is the best office chair. This chair enables your legs to adopt a 90-degree angle at the knees, with some distance between the back of the knees and the edge of the seat. Such a chair poses zero hindrance to your blood flow.

With this kind of a posture, you will concentrate fully on your office work without feeling any numbness in the legs. In the afternoon, you may want to unfold the leg rest and stretch your legs out in front of you especially if there is room under your desk. Create a small heaven in your office with the best office chair and forget all the misery that comes with staying with legs folded all day long.

Some reclining office chairs with leg rest also come with a laptop hold. You can continue working even with your legs fully stretched ahead of you.

2. More comfort means more productivity

Office chairA regular ergonomic office chair is comfortable, but with a leg rest, you can make it even more comfortable than that. Even a chair with a high back and no headrest is comfortable, but you can make it more comfortable if it has a headrest. This means that even for the very best chair, there is always room for improvement.

With leg support, you will get that flawless day at work that you have always dreamed of. The best ergonomic office chair enhances your comfort allowing you to remain in it as long as it takes to do the job.

Obviously, a good office chair does not eliminate all other office challenges. However, you will feel more comfortable and healthier when handling other challenges that come your way. In the office, comfort equals health, no two ways about that. In future, we are likely to see more ergonomic features in office chairs.

3. Get relieve for neck pain and shoulder stiffness


Most people who work many hours in the office end up having neck or back pain at some point in their life. This is quite common to an extent that many people feel it’s normal to feel that way.

The truth is, office work does not mean that you have to endure all this pain all the time. There is a life before retirement, you can enjoy each day at your workplace without feeling any pain only if you purchase the best office chair, one with leg support.

If you get an ergonomic office chair with leg support, use it without apology. Man is not engineered to be stationary for so long. You need to stretch, move about and keep active. By using leg rest, you can stretch your whole body out while still keeping on your job.

4. Enhances Proper Sitting Position

Wrong sitting posture in an office does not only affect an individual’s performance but it also passes the wrong impression to your clients. You should always stay composed in the office. This is easier said than done. Most of the time, we slouch down stooped towards our computers. That is a nasty posture for our shoulders, neck and back. It also shows our clients that we are not in control.

Here is what comprises a good sitting posture in the office:

  • Your line of vision to your computer screen should be 90 degrees
  • You should have good backrest to prevent back pain and complications
  • Your legs should not be left hanging up in the space. Your soles should be flat on the floor
  • Your shoulders should be level while your arms from a 90-degree angle on the armrests

If you sit in any other posture apart from what is described above for long, you could be setting yourself up for serious health problems in future. You will also be hampering your productivity a great deal.

Get relieve for neck pain and shoulder stiffness

5. Reduce fatigue and work longer

You can reduce your body fatigue and work much longer. Excess fatigue attracts lots of health issues including insomnia, sluggishness in thinking, lack of alertness, bags under the eyes and many more negative symptoms.

Most of the time, you cannot help dozing off in the working hours or even leaving most of the work undone. Fatigue affects your performance, which results to failure.

However, the best office chair reduces fatigue enhancing quality performance. For instance, it allows hip adjustment and foot movement preventing numbness. You can also easily lift your arms occasionally and at the same time change your sitting position as you wish. This increases blood flow to all parts of the body lowering fatigue.

You should also take regular breaks of at least 5 minutes every hour. The breaks will help you refresh. That way, your body, and mind can continue working effectively until the day is over. A good office chair gives you all the comfort that you need to work well throughout the day.

6. Reduces the risk of injury

Reduce backpainOffice injuries are real and back pain is high on the list. Many organizations have been sued and they paid through the nose for compensation. Injury is likely to happen if your office chair does not have good support. An ergonomic chair with leg support maximizes your safety in an office minimizing chances of injury.

In addition, people suffering from leg or back problems tend to recover faster while using ergonomic office chairs with footrest. The good flow of blood, back support, and comfort trigger quick healing. This also charges the body making you more active and more focused on your tasks.

The best thing yet is that when you have had an injury and you get a chair with leg rest, you feel that you are doing something about it, and alone speeds up healing.

7. Works well with a footrest

footrestIf you are tall, you may not have bothered to think about some of the challenges that shorter people have to deal with the office every day.

Short people can never be comfortable sitting in an office chair without some assistance in the name of footrest. Lowering the height of a chair is not really the solution because it could affect your reach on the computer.

The feet may not even reach the floor. This kind of situation will leave you cursing your short height. However, you cannot change it. You can only change your work environment. That is why you need a good chair designed to be used by people of all heights.

However, note that a leg rest is not the same thing as a footrest. A leg rest supports your legs behind the ankles, on the calves. The footrest is, well … something that you step on, to give your feet a raise. 

You can never be comfortable working if your legs can’t reach the ground. There is always a way out. An ergonomic chair with footrest is the best deal especially if you are short.

Even if the chair is somehow high, the footrest will hold your legs in place allowing you to continue with your work, comfortably and relaxed. There are many types of footrests for office chairs. We have discussed their benefits exclusively in another article.  

One of the most important things that you should never compromise on includes how you sit at the office. Since you will be sitting down a long time, then you had better make it a comfortable time. You should have an ergonomic office chair for the good of your back.

8. Improves the splendor of an office

A beautiful office is going to inspire you to work harder. The opposite is the truth. You can buy the best ergonomic office chair as it literally improves the splendor of an office making everything attractive.

A chair is big, and noticeable. Thus, it should be good looking. It enhances how an office looks. If chosen well, it brings comfort to the office. A good looking office chair also looks very professional and turns your office into a hub that clients and employees can respect.

By purchasing the best office chair, you will always feel at home even in your office. Given that you spend more time in the office than in your home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make your office attractive and comfortable.

How about taking a 10 minutes nap the best way you know in your office and wake up strong enough to complete that trying task? At times, you may be overwhelmed by the day’s activities, you would need to treat yourself to a good stretch on the best office chair. A nap gets you refreshed and rejuvenated, charging your internal batteries and leaving you raring to go.

Improves the splendor of an office

9. The cost is just about the same

Would you believe that the cost of the ergonomic office chair with leg rest is just about the same as that of a regular office chair without it? Well, seeing is believing, just go comparing prices and you will see that you do not have to pay through your nose to get this chair.

Buying an office chair with leg support does not have to leave you with a dented wallet. For example, The DoChair is so incredibly comfortable with the leg support. When you want to just chill and let the fatigue ooze out through your pores, just tilt it back to increase the angle of recline and unfold the leg rest… this chair is perfect for that.

Logically, more features equals more money, but that need not be the case. You can time your shopping to coincide with Black Friday and other shopping holidays. Thus, you can get a good discount and get the real deal of a chair.

Even if the cost is not exactly the same, you surely do not mind paying just a little more to get more features. It will be more than worth it.

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