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Reasons Why You Should Buy Portable Desk Lamp
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Reasons Why You Should Buy Portable Desk Lamp

|Jan 9, 2022

Desk lamps have adorned office desks for a long time now. While many folks use it as an object d’art, regular users know the benefits of a portable desk lamp. Let us explore more.

Benefits of a Portable Desk Lamp

Benefits of a Portable Desk Lamp

Did you know that a desk lamp is necessary to give you direct light on the pages you are reading? What happens if you don't have enough ambient light? Well, the eyes grow weak. As you try to focus in dim lighting to read, your vision is strained for light. This spoils your eyes over a while.

You can always use overhead or ceiling lights or perhaps wall lights to read. However, there may be instances when your partner is sleeping in the bedroom to set up a home office. You don't want your partner's sleep disturbed. Plan for using a desk lamp.

The main benefit of a desk lamp is to help your eyes visualize the images of the text or the pictures. Additionally, are you aware that there is a chemical reaction when light reaches the pineal gland of your brain? This affects the production of melatonin, a hormone. Melatonin is responsible for making us sleep or not sleep. Bright lights restrict melatonin production, while soft and dim lights encourage production, controlling your sleep patterns. 

The New York Times identifies that a desk lamp can enhance the lighting for your work area or even behind the computer as you keep your note. A portable desk lamp is helpful for its lightweight and mobility. Carry it within your house, or shift it easily to an area of your desk where you want to read or work.

Things to Think About When Buying

Good Housekeeping echoes the following points when buying a portable desk lamp are as follows.

1. Purpose of the Lamp

The reasons for buying a portable desk lamp may vary from aesthetics, décor, lighting, or to working or studying at your desk. While studying and working requires higher ambient lighting, aesthetics and décor may require slightly lesser lighting. This further decides the lumens, the amount of light you need, the color of light needed and if you need a direct or diffused lighting.

2. Type of Lamp

Type of portable desk lamp

The purpose of a desk lamp also determines the type of lamp you may need. A wide range of lamps offers your extendable arms, clip-on lighting, gooseneck lamps, magnifying lamps, and more. Choose the one that is associated with the task you have at hand.

3. Type of Bulbs

If you seek very clear and direct light, LED bulbs or halogen bulbs are the best. Halogen bulbs heat up quite fast, and so do the immediate area. CFLs or Fluorescent lights are good to light up a large area with soft white light, mostly for generic lighting or reading. They don't have any dimmer facility on them.

Incandescent light is now outdated and replaced by LEDs higher on energy saving.

4. Type of lighting color

Color temperature, also known as the type of light, ranges from white, light blue, to ambient yellow. Measured in Kelvin (K), the light color changes as per the type of light. Higher Kelvin-based lights give you a dimmer, cooler effect and the number of blueness increases.

Have you explored the different desk lamp ideas

Some of the Best Portable Desk Lamps

Don't miss our blog on the best desk lamps for a wider list. 

1. Ultra-wide LED Desk Lamp

Ultra-wide LED Desk Lamp

This Ultra-wide led desk lamp from the house of Autonomous is one of the best portable desk lamps. It has a power usage of 15 W, and the 120 pcs of LED (4014) produces about 1200 lumens of light. The entire frame is made from aluminum cast die and metals. You have four different light colors that are available to choose from.

This portable desk light has more than 50,000 hours of a lifetime that you can change to 5 different brightness settings for your reading pleasure.

2. LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

This LED desk lamp has a simple and minimalistic design. Clamp it onto any surface with an easy to screw-on C clamp. On offer is a choice of four different color lights and five different levels of brightness available to you. Now read at your desk, or carry this portable LED desk lamp to your living room. The extendable arm gives you easy flexibility to cover a larger area.

Happy reading with this Led desk lamp that offers you 600 lumens with 102 led bulbs!

3. Stella Go Portable Desk Lamp

Stella Go Portable Desk Lamp

Love a portable white desk lamp? With the Stella Go portable led lamp, your lighting needs reach a newer height. This lamp is powered by a battery and has a low wattage consumption. There is no emission of any ultra-violet lights! Heat emissions are minimal, and you don't feel a thing. Chargeable on a Qi-certified charging pad, it is easy to recharge the lamp when needed. You don't need to replace the light bulb powered by Philips for this best portable desk lamp.        

4. Lexon Mina M Medium Portable LED Lamp

Lexon Mina M Medium Portable LED Lamp

This cute-looking Lexon Lina M medium portable led lamp is one of our best recommendations. You get a choice of nine different colors to match your desk and room décor; this lamp says it all. This compact and wireless lamp is dimmable and is waterproof; just the right match for your work desk. You can easily charge this LED portable desk lamp with a Qi wireless charging or USB-C type cable. The battery lasts you easily for nearly twenty-four hours of use before the next recharge.

5. Neatfi XL LED Lamp

Neatfi XL LED Lamp

This Neatfi XL LED lamp is your best choice if you need a higher brightness of up to 2200 lumens. This twenty-four-watt powered lamp is available in two different color temperatures; the 5600K and 6000K. You will love the twenty inches wide shade with adjustable thirty-two inches arms 32" arms with a long reach. Dim this lamp as per your needs. The C clamp makes it easy to port and carry with you.


In summary, a LED desk lamp is your best choice when you need flexibility with lighting. Whether you want to read, or work at home, carry your led desk lamp to any place within your home. Brighter light, lesser heat production, energy-efficient lights are the ones to give you higher brightness for your reading or working pleasure. Happy reading!

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