Xmas Office Activities: Enjoy the Holiday with Festive Fun
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Xmas Office Activities: Enjoy the Holiday with Festive Fun

|Nov 28, 2023

We are aware that it takes a little bit of juggling to pull together the ideal office Christmas party. Choosing a date and putting up decorations aren't the only things involved; you should strive to make something exceptional, something that truly inspires the team.

Also, if you do your planning ahead of time, you won't have to worry about the season as much, and you'll have more energy for the things that really matter - celebrating and spending time with co-workers.

Therefore, we've compiled 10 exciting and entertaining Xmas office activities — so you can throw a celebration that will be remembered for all the right reasons!

1. Office Decorating

One way to get your employees in the holiday spirit is to host a contest where they may decorate their cubicles in the most creative way imaginable. Your employees can transform their workstations into a gingerbread town, a Christmas countdown, or a bakery full of delicacies with only a few materials and a dash of creativity. Use categories like "Fastest Decorated" and "Most Sparkle" to establish the standards for selecting the best Xmas decorating ideas. Members of the team will get an opportunity to show off their artistic side while competing for a spot on the Christmas scoreboard.

Office Decorating - Xmas office activities

2. Online Bingo

We have included a number of online Xmas games for the office, like Bingo, to make up for the fact that not everyone can make it to the company's in-person Christmas celebration.

The rules are identical to the conventional ones; the sole variation is the use of virtual number generation. It is inexpensive and adds a lot of fun to any celebration. Not only that, but the cards may be customized for the occasion, and the entire game can be structured to fit into any segment of the schedule.

3. White Elephant Gift Exchange / Secret Santa

Here is one of the greatest Xmas work ideas. Office parties aren't complete without this secret exchange of Xmas gifts for coworkers. Put all the wrapped presents in the middle of the room and ask everyone to bring one (with a predetermined spending limit); after that, everyone gets a turn selecting a present from the assortment.

Is there a catch? You have the option to either open your own present or "steal" one from another person whom you like more.

White Elephant Gift Exchange / Secret Santa

4. Virtual Christmas Trivia

Have a virtual Christmas quiz game with your team to see how well they know the history, pop culture, and traditions of the holiday. You can make use of pre-made trivia questions or use a video conferencing application to come up with your own.

Having fun and getting everyone in the office in the holiday spirit while they work remotely is the main goal of this work Xmas party activity.

How to Play Virtual Holiday Party Trivia:

  • Come up with a collection of holiday-themed quiz questions.
  • Participants can work in groups or do it alone.
  • Play the role of host by utilizing a video conferencing application or virtual trivia platform.
  • Record the number of right responses and declare a victorious team.

5. Themed Dress Code

Themed dress code is a great Christmas activity for the office to get your co-workers in the holiday spirit.

A themed dress code may provide an extra dose of fun and excitement to any event, whether it's a black-and-white affair, a winter wonderland, or a decade-themed party. In addition, it's an amazing way for people to express their individuality while also getting into the festive mood.

Themed Dress Code

6. Photo booth

Gathering everyone for silly pictures has an infectious allure! Installing a photo booth is one of the best Xmas office activities to liven up the usual party.

In addition to being a great source of entertainment, a photo booth may be used as an icebreaker to get people in the office laughing and mingling. The pictures will also look great on the office bulletin board so that people will remember the party for a long time. You can add these pictures with your Xmas gifts for coworkers for a more personalized look.

7. Christmas Carol-oke

Incorporate a couple of rounds of Christmas Carol-oke into your work Xmas party activities for a modern spin on the classic sing-along, and the office will be filled with joyful music!

Here is How You Do It:

  • Put some instrumental music of popular Christmas songs on repeat or put a CD in the player.
  • In order to decide who competes and in what order, randomly select the names of your team members and the names of the melodies.
  • The group performs the song as best they can until they come to a lyric that no one knows.
  • The Christmas Carol-oke winner is the person who sings the furthest in their song.

8. Team Building Games

At your office's Christmas party, consider organizing team building Xmas office activities, like an escape room or a holiday scavenger hunt, to encourage cooperation and friendship. While having a blast, these games motivate co-workers to collaborate, speak clearly, and think critically.

Incorporating imaginative team-building exercises into your party will do double duty: make everyone feel welcome and have fun while also fostering teamwork among employees. You can earn Xmas gifts for employees by winning in these group Christmas activities for the office.

Team Building Games

9. Play “Name That Tune”

It would be fun to develop a game out of the many well-known Christmas tunes! Songs such as "Jingle Bells," "Little Drummer Boy," and "All I Want For Christmas" are examples of classics that can be applied. It would be helpful to have printed sheets available so that everyone can jot down the names of the songs as they are played. Being both a game and a sing-along, this is sure to be a blast!

10. Christmas tree Creation

Preparation is key for this virtual game. You can either send a pre-party supply kit or a shopping list to everyone involved before the big day. The materials are inexpensive and easy to obtain. As a team, you'll want to see who can make the most impressive Christmas tree out of pipe cleaners, tinsel, and beads. Team members should be asked to vote for the best office Xmas decoration tree in the end.


Having an extravagant Christmas party that nobody will remember is a waste of money. In its place, you may host a low-key office Christmas party by incorporating some of the exciting Xmas office activities above. Your Christmas party should be a blast, no matter how big or small you throw it!

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