30 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Employees to Boost Morale
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30 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Employees to Boost Morale

|Dec 3, 2023

Christmas is coming, and business owners are looking forward to buying their employees some gifts. This is the perfect opportunity for bosses to show their employees they care for them and are thankful for what they do. No one should take their employees for granted.  

Do you want to boost morale in your company but don’t know what to give your employees for Christmas? This is the page for you! Read on to know 30 meaningful Christmas Gifts for your employees! You can find most items on this list for an affordable price, so don’t worry about that.

30 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Employees

1. Ergonomic Chairs

Whether you want to get Christmas gifts for programmers or office workers, ergonomic chairs are one of the best options you can find on the market. Buying an ergonomic desk chair for your workers will also help you since these chairs are ideal for boosting productivity and creativity in your workplace. 

The reason why an ergonomic chair is one of the best employee gifts you can get for Christmas is that they show you care about your workers’ comfort while they work.

2. Standing Desks

If you are thinking about buying employee holiday gifts in your company, you can’t forget about standing desks. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks work great together, so you could even save some money to give your workers an ergonomic chair and an adjustable desk.  

Why are standing desks a decent gift for your employees? Because they help them reduce back and neck pain by making them work in a better posture. The Autonomous website has amazing deals regarding ergonomic products, so you shouldn’t hesitate to check it out if you don’t want to miss out on its Christmas deals.

3. Desk Accessories

You may wonder what employee gifts you could give your workers if they already have an ergonomic chair or a standing desk, and the best option for you is boosting the benefits those items already give them! It’s time to look for some desk parts and accessories, such as a minimalist desk mat or an ergonomic wrist rest!  

These are some of the best desk accessories you could give your office workers: 

  • Portable phone charger
  • Desk organizer
  • Cable tray
  • Mouse 
  • Keyboard 
  • Headphone holder 
  • Lamp

The best way to know how to get the right accessories for your employees is by asking them or seeing what they have on their desks since you don’t want to give them something they already have.

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4. Bluetooth Speakers

Music always gives one’s workplace a better vibe and helps you stay in a better mood while working, so you can get your workers some Bluetooth speakers for Christmas to listen to anything they want while they work.

5. Photo Frames

Whether it’s for putting company or family pictures on them, photo frames are ideal for decorating your employees’ office desks. They will love it if you give them some for their office or house.

6. Cushions

Cushions are an excellent Christmas gift for office workers because they can make working more comfortable. Some office chairs don’t meet the comfort standards you should have for your office, but you can address that with comfortable cushions your workers can put on their chairs.

7. Fitness Equipment

Some office workers don’t have enough time to go to a gym due to all the time they spend working and the things they have to do after getting out of the office. Regardless of that, working out is essential for improving your mood, and it helps you stay healthy.  

You can ensure your workers’ health by getting them the fitness equipment they need to work out from home. Some offices even have a workout room available for employees to exercise a bit before or after their shift.

8. Humidifiers

Air pollution is a serious issue, and moisture can trigger allergies and other health issues in your office. Working while suffering from allergies is a real nuisance you don’t want your workers to go through, so better get humidifiers on your employee holiday gifts list.

9. Noise Canceling Headphones

As you could see, employee gifts are often something workers can use to feel more comfortable while working. Whether you work at an office or remote workstation, one of the main issues of office workers is getting distracted by any noises in the room, so they will love it if you give them noise-canceling headphones.  

10. Event Tickets

Is there any concert or festival coming up you know your employees want to go to? Buy the event tickets for them! They will never forget that since you would be getting them a free pass to do something different for the holidays.

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11. Custom Clothing

Custom Christmas clothing is the perfect choice when looking for staff gifts if your team members are into fashion. It’s not uncommon for business owners to get their employees a custom sweater or jacket with the company’s logo for them to feel like they belong working there.

Custom Clothing - gifts for employees

12. Work-from-Home Survival Kit

Remote working has become widely popular nowadays, so work-from-home survival kits are ideal for remote workers who need remote working essentials for their workstations. These kits include earplugs, webcams, organizational accessories, care packages, company clothing, and relaxation tools. However, you can add anything you want to yours.  

13. Flower Basket

If you want to keep things simple and go for one of the classics, we recommend you go for a flower basket. It may be less flashy or useful than the other options on the list, but buying your workers a flower basket is enough to boost morale and let employees know you care about them.  

14. Fruit Basket

As it happens with flower baskets, fruit baskets are common gifts for employees on holidays. They may not be the best employee gifts you can find on the market, but your workers and their families will enjoy the fruits you get for them, so it’s still a decent alternative.

Fruit Basket - gifts for employees

15. Books

Getting books is always a decent gift for people, but it’s tricky to know what books your employees may like, and you don’t want to get something they won’t read. Hence, you should either ask them if there’s a book they want or get a book related to their job. 

16. Family Board Games

When business owners think of gifts for employees, they often go for a care basket or something related to each employee’s job, but you can also buy something for your workers to enjoy with their families.

Holidays are all about having a good time with your loved ones, and your employees will have lots of fun with their families if you get them board games.

17. Gym Subscription

If you have a more flexible working schedule in your company, you can also give a gym subscription to your employees. This is not uncommon for big companies since they have alliances with gyms that offer discounts or monthly deals to the employees of those businesses.

Gym Subscription - gifts for employees

18. Neck Pillow

Many people use holidays to travel to other cities or countries due to all the vacation time they have. However, airplanes can be a bit difficult for people who are not used to traveling. You can make your workers’ life easier by getting them a neck pillow they can use to sleep anywhere they feel like it. 

19. Extended Vacations

Going on vacation is one of the best feelings workers can have throughout the year, but it’s difficult to go back to work once you’ve been traveling or resting for a long time. Do you want to increase your employees’ love for the company? Give them extended Christmas vacations! 

20. Desk Plants

Decorations are also important for boosting productivity in your workplace, so if your workers don’t have anything to make their desks look better, you can help them by buying some desk plants for them! 

This is not only one of the most meaningful staff gifts you can give your workers, but also will teach them to be responsible since they have to take care of the plants you buy.

 Desk Plants - gifts for employees

21. Self-Care Kit

As a boss, you should care about how much your employees take care of themselves since that directly affects your company’s productivity. The better your workers feel, the higher the quality of their work gets.  

Self-care kits have all the things your workers would need to work on themselves and feel better. These kits include essential oils, journals, positive affirmation cards, face masks, tasty treats, and even journals.  

22. Travel Mug

If your employees are traveling on holiday vacations and you are wondering what the best employee gifts would be for them, stop looking for different gift options online and get them a travel mug. The best thing about travel mugs is they can take them anywhere they want to drink water whenever they get thirsty or have some coffee in the morning.

Travel Mug - gifts for employees

23. OTT Subscriptions

Workers not only use their vacations to travel but also to rest, and platforms such as Netflix or HBO can become your employees’ best friends these holidays. Do you want gifts for employees that will make your workers the happiest they’ve ever been while resting from their work routine? Pay for some OTT subscriptions for them! 

24. Custom Coffee Mugs

Inspirational personalized gifts have an emotional value your employees will never forget, so they are excellent for boosting morale and building trust within your workers and company. You can put any message you want in a custom coffee mug, and you can rest assured they will use the mug you give them as much as they can.   

25. Gift Cards

Although there are many options available for you on the market when it comes to Christmas gifts for employees, some business owners never know what to give their workers. Fortunately, there’s a way for them to have what they want for Christmas, and we are talking about gift cards.  

If you give your workers a gift card to buy anything they want, they can go to a mall with their family and get the best Christmas gift they could think about. This doesn’t mean you didn’t put any effort into buying employee holiday gifts but that you want them to truly get something they will enjoy.

Gift Cards

26. Bottle of Wine

Christmas is for celebrations, and wine is always good for important events. Buy your workers a bottle of wine if you want to go for sophisticated employee holiday gifts.  

27. Makeup

Do you want to surprise your female employees with something they will love wearing for the Christmas celebrations? The best thing about employee holiday gifts such as makeup is they make your workers know you want to buy them something they will not only like, but also that will help them in the future.  

28. Chocolates

Similar to fruit baskets, chocolates will make your workers a sweet and tasty treat during their breaks or while watching TV shows at home.


29. Custom Gifts

You can always go beyond what most people would do and give your employees something you know they want or have told you they need. 

30. Food Coupons

Getting to the end of this Christmas gift-for-employees list, we have food coupons. This may not be as flashy as other things on the list, but it will get you off the hook with Christmas gifts if you can’t buy anything else at the moment.  


Gifts are one of the best ways to boost morale on Christmas, and buying things for your workers will let them know you care for them. You have many employee holiday gifts available out there, so look for the ones that best suit your workers!

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