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Top 30 Christmas Gifts for Programmers: Find the Perfect Gift Today!
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Top 30 Christmas Gifts for Programmers: Find the Perfect Gift Today!

|Dec 3, 2023

It’s almost that time of year again to find creative gifts for the people we love. Though it can be a hassle, gift-giving is a fun tradition and can be super easy if you have the support to get the right presents.

There are several sorts and alternatives of technical Christmas presents that someone can plunge you into overthinking when choosing the perfect tech presents for friends and family. That's why we put up this list of best technological presents to help you choose extremely cool tech gifts for coders and everyone who is tech-savvy in your life.

Regardless of who you're purchasing for, this guide for Christmas gifts for programmers as you covered. You'll observe cool tech presents for developers, presents for software engineering majors, presents for coders who are as yet learning or occupation hunting, contraption presents for nerds and savvy home aficionados, presents for gamers, coding presents for youngsters, adolescents, and tweens, and fun stocking stuffers or Secret Santa tech presents for colleagues.

Keep reading to find some tips and a compiled list to help find the best Christmas gifts for programmers.

Where to Buy Christmas Gifts for Streamers and Coders and Developers

When you have occasional gatherings to plan and itinerary items to make, tracking down a simpler method for scratching off the huge daily to-do box of "Christmas shopping" isn't a poorly conceived notion. Furthermore, with internet shopping, Christmas shopping is turning out to be increasingly easy to shop from. Websites like the immaculate eBay Collective, which goes about as your customer.

Finishing Christmas shopping faster may likewise mean getting your friends and family more customized presents according to their taste. Whether you want gifts for software engineers or gifts for a computer programmer, this is the right place to look at.

Buy Gifts Off of Autonomous

Buy Gifts Off of Autonomous

For people who are office workers, remote workers or even gamers, Autonomous is such a perfect destination for Christmas gifts for coders. It provides diverse products from office furniture to gaming items, fitness equipment and smart office gadgets.

Gifts for him

Buy Gifts Off of Amazon

For someone who spends long hours on their computers programming different software, you should invest in the best chair for programmers, which is not only supportive but also ergonomically manufactured to keep the bodily strain away when your loved ones work. You can get an ergonomic chair from Amazon.

Buy gifts for coders of Amazon

Buy Gifts Off of Alibaba

Other than a chair, if you're looking for the best gifts for software developers, you should search for the best keyboards for such people. You can purchase a Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard from Alibaba's website. A keyboard specially dedicated to programmers can be a high-tech office gadget for them. 

Buy Gifts Off of AliExpress

Many programmers prefer a nice and cozy programmer room setup, which you can only achieve by sourcing the right items available in the market. For instance, you can purchase a set of lights for their room or a desk that fits their needs and later gift it to them. 

Buy gifts for coders Off of AliExpress

Buy Gifts from eBay

Likewise, eBay offers a huge variety of products specially dedicated to programmers, developers and software engineers. For instance, you can purchase some of the best developer desk accessories from eBay for your loved ones this Holiday season.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Christmas Gifts for Coders

While you may be searching for gifts for coders, engineers, or any programmer, it is important to remember that they are unique individuals. Due to their profession, all programmers may not like the same gifts for coders. Keep this in mind while you look through this list, as the programmer in your life may not be fond of all the gifts on this list.  

You should also keep in mind, as you shop, that you don’t necessarily need to give something that has to do with being a programmer. There are plenty of things your programmer, engineer, or coder enjoys doing outside of work. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not going to enjoy a good Christmas gift for programmers.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Christmas Gifts for Coders

Unlike other people, programmers should only be given the stuff they need. For instance, you might buy them something they do not need, and it will end up remaining untouched in their cupboard's corner for ages. 

However, if you give them something they might use and work at regularly, they not only will appreciate you but also value your generosity. For a lot longer, you'll remain in their good books. It seems to be especially vital if you're trying to please a specialist or programmer who also happens to be a co worker or supervisor.

Just as any other gifts for coders, the price point is also crucial to be considered. Some presents are amazing, but when they're too expensive, and so you cannot afford them, they are useless. However, if you would like to offer something special to someone near you, such as your hubby, partner, family, or a close friend, you should surely invest heavily in good products.

Here are a few of the coolest programming-related presents you can give. The items are placed in randomized order, while some are expensive; you could pick and select according to your desire.

Give an Udemy training session as a gift

Programmers are big fans of courses online, and Udemy has the largest selection. It offers approximately 85,000 classes online on topics ranging from common languages like java and much more to technological advances such as Big Data, Automate, Cloud Technology, Intelligent Systems, Advanced Analytics, Robotic systems, and more.

Give an Udemy training session as a gift

Subscription in Pluralsight

Pluralsight is like Netflix for software engineers and programmers who enjoy subscriptions. It has over 4500 e-learning courses on front-end and back-end computing, pattern recognition, and more. It also has online examinations, tasks, and the most up-to-date qualification information.

Subscription to Amazon Prime Music

Music is something else that programmers enjoy; they never grow bored listening to it. Many developers, in reality, rely on music to help them concentrate and operate more efficiently. Amazon Prime Music has the largest record collection, and your developer acquaintance will undoubtedly find everything they like in this vast library of music. They'll applaud your effort every time they mention it on their headphones and play music.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Logitech G710+

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Logitech G710+

Your friend, like any other coder, will require a nice keypad. Even though some coders prefer a silent keyboard and others like a gaming keyboard, users love entertainment because other people also play games on my PC. This keyboard is an excellent investment because Logitech has been one of the top firms for embedded systems. We all love it because, despite being a superb manual keyboard, it also includes a slew of extremely cool gameplay capabilities.

Gift them a MacBook Pro

Programmers love devices, and when it comes to electronics, nothing tops Apple. If you have a programming friend that does not have a MacBook Pro, it's a great idea to give it to him as a gift. They'd enjoy working on Apple's 17.3-inch MacBook Pro. Sure, it's pricey because if they're someone you care about or are closer to, it'll be well worthwhile, and anyone you give it to will remember you for a long period.

Windows 10 Pre-Loaded Intel Boxed Compute Stick

Windows 10 Pre-Loaded Intel Boxed Compute Stick

Isn't this a fantastic gift for developers? On a stick, you can get an entire computer, replete with Windows 10. You plug this device into a Television or display to turn everything into a desktop

There are risks in buying any kind of gift. Purchasing gifts for software developers, engineers, and programmers could mean they are more likely to enjoy the gift. However, keep in mind that they may receive many other similar presents this time of year.

Gifts for her

Top 30 Christmas Gifts for Coders and Programmers

1. Autonomous Desk Connect

One of the best gifts for software engineers, programmers, or developers is an ergonomic desk—the Autonomous Desk Connect transitions from a sitting to a standing desk at the press of a button. The coder in your life most likely spends a lot of time sitting, so give them a new desk that promotes movement might be a good choice for this Christmas.

Autonomous Desk 4

2. Standing Desk

There are all kinds of standing desks on the market, and they all offer several health benefits. Autonomous also offers many standing desk types that fit any programmers’ need and style, from L-Shaped standing desk, Curved standing desk to the basic one.

Standing desk

3. Autonomous Chair Ergo

An ergonomic chair is one of the perfect gifts for a computer programmer to boost productivity. The Autonomous Chair Ergo is one of the best that works well with any desk type. 

Autonomous Chair 2

4. Desk Lamp

Programmers cannot rely solely on the monitor light to brighten up their workspace. A desk lamp can do the job.

5. Gym Membership

One of the great gifts for coders or programmers is a gym membership. Often, they spend all day sitting, and having a gym membership can promote physical activity.

6. Board Games

Board games are always a great gift for a computer programmer for any occasion. Consider the games you played as kids or games you can enjoy in the present.  

Board Games

7. New Computer 

Software developers, coders, and engineers spend a lot of time on their computers—it’s their job. If their tech is run-down, help them out with a new laptop for the holidays.  

8. Lighting for Video Conferences

This is one of the interesting gifts for developers. A little light stand on their desk can make them more presentable when it comes to online conferences.  

Lighting for Video Conferences

9. Ergonomic Mouse

A computer mouse is much easier to maneuver and helps make computer use much quicker.  

Ergonomic Mouse

10. Ergonomic Mouse Pad

If you get an ergonomic mouse, you cannot forget the accompanying mouse pad.

11. Cable Organizer

More tech means more wires, which means more chaos. A cable organizer is a cheap and effective solution.


12. Wireless Charger

This is one of the useful gifts for developers. To help solve the great wire problem, a wireless charger makes a huge contribution.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

When doing their codes and developing their programming, software developers may need some motivation. A Bluetooth speaker can crank up the toons.

14. Wireless Keyboard

Here is another idea of gifts for coders. Go totally wireless with a wireless keyboard, which eliminates unnecessary cord chaos and frees up space.

15. Books

Popular gifts for software developers are books. Print books give them something to do away from technology.  

16. Tech-Friendly Backpack

Any list including gifts for coders should include a tech-friendly backpack. The coder in your life cannot do all their work in one place. A backpack that supports technology can make their office mobile.

17. Monitor Arm

As a programmer or software developer, you deal with a lot of monitors, and it takes time to adjust them to the right position. A monitor arm makes it easy. 

Monitor Arm

18. Rubik’s Cube or Speed Cube

A small cube to play with is a great tool for taking a break away from the screen - and they fit perfectly on any desk. 

19. Day Planner

Here is another idea of gifts for developers for your consideration. Help your programmer stay organized with a handy dandy planner. 

20. High-Quality Headset

Coders and programmers spend a lot of time with technology, so a high-quality headset can block outside noise and center their focus.  

21. Programmer Mug

Work may not begin properly without a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

22. Chair Pillow

Give the gift of back support with a chair pillow.  

Chair Pillow

23. Blue Light Glasses

Looking at screens all day can take a toll on the eyes. A pair of blue light glasses are stylish and can help this problem.  

Blue Light Glasses

24. Bluetooth Earbuds

Instead of headphones, go for much simpler Bluetooth earbuds.

25. Coffee Maker

Full up a new programmer mug with a delicious coffee maker.

26. Robotic Vacuum

There may not be a lot of time for cleaning in the day, so robotic vacuums are great gifts for software engineers to save time.  

Robotic Vacuum

27. USB Flash drive

Help your programmer free up some file space with a useful USB flash drive. 

28. Computer Monitor

Computer monitors can be much more helpful than a laptop screen. Your programmer can be thankful for this kind of gifts for coders.  

29. Ergonomic Footrest

Help support their feet to prevent any end-of-the-day muscle aches.  

Ergonomic Footrest

30. Online Courses

Fun and creative gifts for coders include some online courses. Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season.  


While many of the best gifts for coders include desk items, you can still get creative in other realms. Happy shopping with Autonomous Christmas Sale!

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