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30 DIY Office Christmas Decorations You Will Love

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 2, 2020

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The Christmas season is approaching fast, and you need Christmas decorations for office areas. The majority of office workers want to bring this Christmas spirit into their workspace. However, Christmas decorations are expensive, and that money would rather be spent on gifts for their friends and family members. You can find out your best gifts with Autonomous Christmas Holiday Sale 2020 and also may be in a similar boat and wish to spare your bucks while still decorating your office area. That’s where we come in. We have found 30 brilliant DIY office Christmas decorations to help you save a dollar while getting your office into the festive spirit. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Putting Up Christmas Decoration in the Office?


·       It provides motivation to employees.

·       It creates a festive atmosphere in the office.


·       It can cause a distraction for some employees.

1. Brass Ring Wreath

These brass DIY ring wreaths from Sugar and Charm provides you with the perfect activity to help get you in the holiday mood. It’s also an excellent activity that can encourage other office holiday decorating ideas. 

brass ring wreath

2. Black Paper Tablecloth

A fussy tablecloth isn’t needed at this year’s Christmas party. Instead, make use of cheap back butcher paper. It’s one of the best DIY office Christmas decorations as you can decorate the paper however you want. 

3. Making Mini Trees

Instead of purchasing little mini trees to place on your office desk, get crafty and creative using the mini wood house kit. You can also follow this tutorial as a guide.   

Making mini trees

4. Lined Candle Jars

Lining large candle jars made from glass with dried-out slices of oranges can put anyone in the Christmas mood. Not to mention, this is one of the office Christmas decorations that's going to flood your office with a Christmas-y aroma. Lined Candle Jars

5. Coffee Filter Garland

To save a buck and do some recycling, you don't need to look any further than the office's coffee filters. These used coffee filters can make the best garland office Christmas decorations.

6. Garland Accents

Fresh garlands are a brilliant addition to any office Christmas decorations. However, you can make it even better by customizing these to fit your office space's existing environment. 

Garland Accents

7. Pine Scented Candles

To elevate your office Christmas decorations and make your entire workspace smell festive, try making your very own candles. These can be made without a wick to ensure safety in the office. Follow this tutorial to see how it’s done. 

8. String Light Lanterns

A fire is a must during the holiday season. This is obviously not permitted in the office area; however, you can provide this cozy illusion by throwing string lights into a lantern. 

9. Mini House Advert Calendar

Make this DIY gingerbread version of an advent calendar tradition to welcome the countdown to Christmas day into your office space. You can find a guide on how to do this on Sugar and Charm. 

10. Jumbo Outdoor Lights

Consider DIY-ing some oversized Christmas lights to go outside your office area to provide a festive welcome to any guests you may be expecting. Learn how to do this by following the link. 

Jumbo Outdoor Lights

11. Canvas Campfire

As we have mentioned before, a cozy campfire experience is very festive but not permitted in office settings. However, you can draw a fake fireplace with the help of painted chalk on a canvas.

Canvas Camfire

12. Miniature Wooden Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees are a must in any office Christmas decorations. These are super easy to do and make a fun arts and crafts activity to do. 

13. Plaid Pillows

You can transform the ordinary pillows you have in your office welcoming lounge into something very festive in a few minutes. All that's needed is a sewing machine and cheap fleece blankets. 

Plaid Pillows

14. Marble Ornaments

No office Christmas decorations would be complete without Christmas tree ornaments. These ornaments become even more special when the decorations have been homemade. Follow this guide to learn how to make tree ornaments. 

15. Felt Garland

A tree is a Christmas decoration for office areas that can't be forgotten. With that being said, you need to decorate the tree, and DIY-ing felt garlands aid in making the best Christmas trees. 

16. Tiny Spare Tree

There are ways around decorated a chic workspace. All you need to make this tiny spare tree is a sturdy tree branch, spray paint, a small glass bottle, and office Christmas decorations to hang on the branches. 

17. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Stuffing galvanized buckets with fresh pine and drawing on these buckets' exterior provides a festive feeling to any workspace, which makes it one of the best office holiday decorating ideas. 

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

18. Garland Advent Calendar

You can simply attach a kitchen garland into a DIY Advent calendar. All you need to do is attach ribbons across it and hang tin containers that are numbers with the month's days. Finish off by filling the containers with treats, and you've got an excellent Christmas decoration for office areas. 

19. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

All you need to do for these office holiday decorating ideas is arrange, glue, and spray paint the popsicle sticks. Add these snowflakes to your walls and windows of your office for more festive decorations. 

20. 3D Snowflakes

Some DIY office Christmas decorations that can be used to wow employees at the Christmas party are pretty paper snowflakes that are 3D. These provide a winter wonderland atmosphere while not breaking the bank. 

3D Snowflakes

21. Lantern Display

Taking old and broken lanterns and filling these with colorful Christmas-y ornaments is another amazing Christmas decoration for office spaces. Follow this tutorial to help you achieve the festive look for your lantern

22. Citrus Chains

This Christmas decoration for office areas can work in any setting. All you need to do is take a bunch of pine branches and arrange these in a small bottle or vase. After this, use paper clips to hang the dried orange slices from these branches. 

23. Outdoor Arrangements

It's not just what's happening inside the office, but what's happening outside too. Arrange a pile of firewood at the office's front door for a festive display that's welcoming. This is a subtle yet fantastic Christmas decoration for office spaces. 

Outdoor Arrangements

24. Miniature Spoon Trees

Using plastic spoons to make mini Christmas trees doesn't sound like it would turn out looking right. However, the final product is something very impressive. Get to making these today with this tutorial. 

25. Birch Centerpiece

Bring a winter landscape to your Christmas party's table arrangements. All you need to do to achieve these festive office Christmas decorations is to add votive candles to birch slabs for a stunning and subtle centerpiece. 

26. Hangings

Hang red and white Christmas-y ornaments attached to matching red and white fabric. You can hand this in the entryway of your office to provide a festive welcome to guests and employees.


27. Paper Santa

Making Santa-themed paper cut outs can be an incredible way to spend a few hours and it gets you in the festive mood. Varying these cut outs in size also adds to the décor. 

28. Christmas Stockings

Making Christmas stocking with cheap fabric is really easy and comes out great. Hang these stocks on the office walls and even personalize the stockings with employees’ names. 

Christmas Stockings

29. Pom-Pom Snowman

Making pom-pom snowman with pom-poms, buttons, fabric, and glue is really cheap and an excellent way to make your office space more festive. 

30. Office Arrangements

Adding tinsel to the outline of your computer screen is an easy and cheap way of making your office cubicle look more festive. You can even add a small DIY Christmas tree next to your computer to add to the atmosphere.

Office Arrangements

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