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Backyard Guest House
Become a memorable host.
A Backyard Guest Room that Delivers
Be the host that everyone remembers with a small guest house that sits right in your backyard. And even treat yourself once in a while, waking up immersed in the morning light.
Natural lighting: Our ADUs are built with big, ceiling-to-floor windows, so there’s no shortage of light flooding into your backyard guest room. Wake up in the mornings, bathed in natural light.
What customers say about Autonomous ADUs
We weren't sure how to add some extra guest space, but the WorkPod as a backyard guest house was the perfect solution! Love that it's pre-fabricated - saved us a ton of time and hassle.
Uri P.
Redwood City, California
Work from home during the day, host guests at night? Yes, please! Our WorkPod is the ultimate dual-purpose solution. The backyard guest house setup is perfect for short stays, and super convenient for us. I love how I can personalize the WorkPod's exterior with plants, outdoor seating, and lighting, creating an inviting and professional workspace.
Mark H.
Telluride, Colorado
I'm absolutely loving my backyard guest house setup with the WorkPod! I love how I can personalize the WorkPod's exterior with plants, outdoor seating, and lighting, creating an inviting room for my friends and family.
Kelli K.
Los Angeles, California
Designed to make a difference.
Your private space
Built with insulating materials that protects you against the elements and sound-proof.
Easy and fast setup*
Easy to set up by yourself or contractors in a matter of days.
Build on any terrain*
Doesn’t matter what the terrain is - Pod can be built on any ground with strong foundations.
*For optimal results, we recommend hiring professional help to assemble your Pod.
*Please ensure the ground is on solid terrain and not vulnerable to subsiding. Otherwise, additional prep will be needed.
Reimagine Your Backyard Space
If you have a home and a spacious backyard but often need help to adjust to the guests visiting, then it's time to look over your backyard differently. Consider utilizing all the free space into something private yet connected, safe and livable, and a region you can call a backyard guest house.
A Private Haven in Your Yard
A backyard studio that acts as a guest house has many pros over giving guests a room inside your primary residence. A backyard guest room provides the right level of privacy; it makes your guests feel comfortable and allows them to roam in their own space while also feeling welcomed by your hospitality.
Versatile Uses
And when the guests are gone, there are more than many ways to utilize that backyard tiny house. It could be a backyard office shed, a play space for the kids, a home gym, or even just a place to relax away from the chaos of the home.
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More Inspiration.

Transform an ADU into a Backyard Guest House

When we hear the term guest house, we know it reeks of luxury and heavy money spent. But the truth is that an ADU as a backyard guest house will only pay you back in the long run. It has many uses, benefits, and applications that can be intended to earn money, get a return on investment, or even increase the living space without buying new land space. And with the modern shed interior ideas, building a working up an ADU is no longer that much of a hassle. You can get basic ADU plans that are less heavy on budget and use them until you get enough money to renovate for a more luxurious ADU. Below are some ways to use an ADU as a small guest house.

Building from Scratch

An ADU can be purchased pre-built or even built from scratch if you have no other option. Logically, an ADU built from scratch will cost much more than converting an existing unit. Besides just laying down the foundation, you will need to build a structure that offers all the facilities similar to your primary residence. The ADU should also comply with the zonal laws and be approved safe enough to live. However, you can also get many pre-built movable waterproof sheds as ADU, which can be purchased and placed in a backyard. Though they cost much, they can cut up the intensive construction process.

Transforming an Existing Structure

One affordable alternative is to convert a garage or shed into a prefab guest house. Most expenditures are related to structural improvements like installing windows, insulation, plasterboard, a ceiling, and flooring. However, if you want to turn the space into a whole flat with a bathroom and a kitchen, be prepared to spend much more money. Though, if you're building inside walls or installing fixtures for a kitchen or bathroom, the timeline might quadruple and take up to five months. Other than that, ADU Conversion projects can be finished quickly, lasting as little as four to six weeks.

Considering the Space Required

A backyard guest room project with thousands of dollars spent but offering more space for your guests is a good use of money. The number of guests staying at your backyard guest house should help you choose its size. For instance, if you're only planning to have one or two guests at a time, a tiny studio apartment with an attached bathroom should be plenty. However, you might think about creating something bigger to hold them all if you anticipate larger groups of people or many visitors simultaneously.

Consider all the Amenities

An ADU can only be used as a tiny guest house when it qualifies all the laws. It should have all the amenities for the comfort and safety of your guests. It should have proper furnishing, Wi-Fi access, electric and plumbing connection, kitchen appliances, fire safety, windows, doors, and climate control features to survive extreme weather situations. For increased comfort and convenience for visitors staying in the guest home, other elements such as outside decks and patios may also be considered, depending on budgetary constraints.

Why Should You Have a Guest House in the Backyard?

Modern living spaces, as much as about luxury and comfort, are also about privacy. And ADU, as a small guest house, is considered a home improvement project with a payback that will live for the years to come. Prefab guest house can be used for as long as you are the property owner, and when planning to sell, the ADU will help increase the property value and get you a better price too. Secondly, a backyard guest house will give your guests a sense of privacy and allow them to feel at home so they can relax. It will also secure your home life privacy where guests cannot intrude or know about personal matters, which is hard to avoid when guests occupy a room within the primary residence.