The 10 Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desks (2022 Review)
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The 10 Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desks (2022 Review)

AutonomousAutonomous | Mar 4, 2022

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As any graphic designer or creative person will tell you, desk space is limited, especially if you're working on many projects at once. A monitor can take up a lot of that valuable space, so monitor arms for a standing desk can be a terrific way to not only conserve space but also to raise a monitor to eye level, reducing strain. 

With this in mind, we felt it was time to take a deeper look at the best monitor arms available, and before we get started, let's go over our recommendations on how to choose the proper arm for your monitor so it can be perfectly positioned on your standing desk.

What to Look for in a Monitor Arm

What to Look for in a Monitor Arm

When it comes to monitor arms, it's all too easy to fall into the "they're all the same" trap. There are some things to consider, just like with any other piece of technology you use in your daily life: 


Essentially, when purchasing a monitor arm, flexibility is an important aspect. While a particular monitor mount for a standing desk may just allow for simple tilting, others allow you to tilt, swivel, or lift the monitor to various heights so you can position it exactly where you need it. 

Before you decide, think about how you might want or need to adjust your monitor while you're studying or working. 


There is almost certainly a monitor arm that can be mounted to any surface. Some may be designed exclusively for putting a monitor on the wall, while others would require the support of your desk. 

While some companies provide both alternatives, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. Do you want to maximize your workspace by mounting the monitor to the wall, or would you prefer a floating monitor with a desk arm? 

Multi-Monitor Support

Multi-Monitor Support

Depending on the type of work you do, you may need to use multiple monitors throughout the day, and manufacturers have thankfully thought of that. They have created dual monitor arms for this purpose. 

While single monitor setups are always trendy, if you use several monitors, make sure that the one you choose can handle your entire system. 

Best Monitor Arms for Your Standing Desk in 2022

1. Autonomous Monitor Arm

Autonomous monitor arms for standing desk

Neck and shoulder pain might be caused by a monitor that is too high or too low, or too close or too far away from you. A monitor arm, unlike a standing desk with a monitor stand, allows you to position your screen exactly where you want it for optimal ergonomics and comfort. It might also help to tidy up your workstation by freeing up space on your desk. 

Recently, we found that the Autonomous Monitor Arm is the best option after evaluating multiple monitor arms for standing desks. It glides easily into a variety of positions and angles, securely accommodates monitors up to 32 inches in size, and it’s simple to set up. The arm also comes in two designs: a single monitor arm and a dual monitor arm. 

Overall, the Autonomous monitor arm allows you to customize the rotation and height of your screens to fit a variety of postures and maximize productivity during your workday. 

2. Pixio Monitor Arm

Pixio monitor arms for standing desk

Are you putting together a combat station, a streaming setup, or simply need more desk space?

Pixio is a gas spring monitor arm desk mount; the ideal complement to your Pixio Gaming Monitor. Its counterbalanced gas-powered spring arm enables easy height adjustment without the use of tools and is fully adjustable, allowing you to position the monitor at nearly any viewing angle. 

Choose between a desk clamp and a desk grommet. It also has a built-in cable management system. The Pixio monitor arm can accommodate two 32-inch displays, each weighing 4.4 pounds. 

3. Ergotron LX Desk Sit-Stand Monitor Arm

Ergotron LX monitor arms for standing desk

Ergotron LX Desk Sit-Stand Monitor Arm can function just as well with a 34-inch monitor or one that weighs up to 25 pounds. The Fully Jarvis and the LX have essentially comparable side-to-side ranges, tilt, pan, and rotation features, but the LX's maximum height range is a few inches lower. If you're taller than 6 feet, the Ergotron LX Tall Pole is a better choice. 

This company offers a 10-year warranty on its mount instead of a one-year guarantee like many other stand-up desk monitor mounts. We believe that paying for a longer warranty is preferable to saving money in the near term—a sit-stand monitor arm should last you a long time, and the firm that makes it should stand behind it. 

4. Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm

Fully Jarvis monitor arms for standing desk

With a wide range of motion and sturdy build quality, the Fully Jarvis monitor mount for standing desks can accommodate monitors up to 32 inches and around 20 pounds. 

Although the Monoprice Workstream 15526 monitor arm is almost identical and costs less, the Fully Jarvis proved easier to put up, stronger, and smoother to operate in tests. It also comes with three color variations and a significantly longer warranty (15 years against 10- or even one-year warranties from other manufacturers), ensuring that your screen will be supported for years to come. 

5. AmazonBasics Monitor Mount for Standing Desk

AmazonBasics monitor arms for standing desk

This single-arm mount is compatible with practically any monitor that is 71,5-inches in diameter or smaller. C clamps can be used to secure these to your desk. Consequently, make sure your desk is thick enough to support the two C clamp installations. As for this setup, you'll need a more solid desk. 

Moreover, this will also work with a larger monitor. To have a better and tighter hold, simply tighten the screws. It's the same as an LX Ergotron arm, except it's less expensive. Thus, if you're on a budget, this will work for you.

The Amazon Basics also has a good range of motion. As a result, arranging the installations of the two devices on a single workstation will be easier. It will still provide you with the same level of mobility as a dual monitor arm desk mount. 

Adjustability includes numerous angles for tilting, panning, and turning to enable seamless switching from landscape to portrait mode. 

The AmazonBasics sit-stand monitor arm accommodates up to 25 pounds of monitor weight, which is an added benefit. Although the AmazonBasics Single Monitor Arm is VESA compatible, it comes with a one-year warranty.

6. HUANUO Single Monitor Arm

HUANUO Single monitor arms for standing desk

As for a larger work area, this Huanono setup with two single monitor arms is ideal. Because each arm can swivel 360 degrees, you'll have greater flexibility and freedom when it comes to repositioning your monitors. 

If you require the two monitors to be at a large distance from one another, this is the way to go. 

It has a larger range of angles as well. As a result, you will not feel claustrophobic and will have plenty of room to move around. 

7. iMovR Trace Single Monitor Arm

iMovR Trace monitor arms for standing desk

The iMovR Trace's entire proprietary mechanism is one-of-a-kind, making it the Bang & Olufsen of monitor arms—expensive, but mechanically and aesthetically stunning. This monitor mount for standing desks is also less expensive than most Humanscale arms, which are popular among interior designers. 

Its ingenious patented design eliminates the major flaw of most monitor arms for a standing desk: the arcing motion of their counterweight systems. Because it lacks the elbow joints seen in typical monitor arms, the Trace offers a more stable, steady movement. 

8. Fleximounts F9 Desk Mount

Fleximounts F9 monitor arms for standing desk

Another stand-up desk monitor mount that has made it onto our list is the Fleximounts F9. A fully adjustable height adjustment, tilt, and rotation are just a few of the main features it has to offer. Additionally, you will not have to go up and down often to adjust the height of your monitor since a mechanical spring mechanism adjusts the height with the convenience of pressing a button. 

Also, a big factor when choosing a stand-up desk monitor mount is cable management. The Fleximounts F9 includes a large cable management channel to keep your desk clutter-free. 

Whereas traditional arms may need you to do a difficult set of movements merely to share your screens with a coworker and then move them back, collaborating is now as simple as a finger touch. It also dulls vibrations well, making it an excellent alternative for standing desk and treadmill desk users who frequently battle with the shakiness of a big desktop atop two lifting pillars with an obvious amount of deflection (i.e. shakiness). 

9. Humanscale Monitor Arm

Humanscale Monitor Arm

If you want to impress future clients, and especially at workspaces where the back of the display isn't behind a wall but rather out in the open and visible, the flashy Humanscale designs are worth it. While the monitor arms for standing desks themselves aren't really effective, and the same functionality can be obtained for a lot less money, they are the clear choice when aesthetics is the most important factor. 

Although their 15-year warranty reflects the quality and performance of their metal spring counterbalance mechanisms, you may purchase more modern gas-piston counterbalance units with 15-year warranties these days. 

10. iMovr Dual Monitor Arm

iMovr Dual Monitor Arm

Mounting two monitors at an ergonomically optimal height can be difficult for users who want a standing desk with a monitor stand, but iMovR's Tempo twin LCD monitor arm makes it simple. Its extensive ergonomic adjustments allow for a variety of configurations (though side-by-side is by far the most popular), and its internal gas-lift balancing mechanism allows for a seamless, yet precise, adjustment. Installation is a breeze thanks to the pre-assembled nature of the product. The 15-year warranty is outstanding. 

Dual Vs Single Mount


dual monitor arm will work better if you don't have a lot of desk space. It will have a smaller footprint because you only need to fasten on one pole and stand for the setup. 

On the other side, if you're using single arms, you'll need additional workspace because you'll be mounting two units. This will not be an issue if you have a larger desk. However, if your workspace is already crammed with equipment and gadgets, you'll have problems. Then, you only have a small amount of room for the arms. 



It will be simpler to move or adjust dual monitor arms for standing desks because of their tilt and angle. The two monitors are already held in two arms and attached to a single base because it's a single device. Because they are already configured on a single base, you can rest assured that they will not collide. 

The two single-arm arrangements, on the other hand, require considerable prep. You must decide on the proper distance between two units. Otherwise, when you try to move the two displays, they will bump against one other. As a result, you'll have to dismantle the system and rebuild everything. 

You must also be certain of the brand or model you want to purchase. Will you be using two identical arms? Do you wish to experiment with other monitor arm models to create a more creative working environment? 

Whichever option you choose, you must be well-versed in the angles at which the arms can tilt.

Table Strength

There will be a double flex in the two single-arm setups. As a result, you must ensure that your workstation can handle the additional flex. Because there will be another pole or stand, it may take on more weight if it is a dual stand. However, make sure your workspace is ready for it. 

Clean Look

A dual monitor arm setup has a cleaner appearance. Unless you want the two monitors to be at a great distance from one another, then the two single-arm monitor layout is the way to go. A table with dual arms will appear more organized. It also gives you plenty of room to move around and ensures that the entire arrangement doesn't look claustrophobic. 


We've covered the majority of what you need to know before buying an ultra-wide monitor arm, depending on your needs. You will not go wrong choosing a monitor arm for standing desks from the list above that best meets your needs.

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