14 Colors to Paint for Your office that Boosts Productivity

14 Colors to Paint for Your office that Boosts Productivity

|Nov 3, 2020

Productivity is incredibly important to get through the workday. While productivity partially comes from within, you can use tricks to accomplish more throughout the day. Consider using the paint of your walls to motivate and inspire your 'get it done' mentality. Then, set up your office with ergonomic furniture. This dynamic pairing provides you with a comfortable space that is good for your body and mind. 

What color should I paint my room to boost productivity?

The first step is to choose the right color. Every color provokes an emotional response. Choose the color that gives you the inspiration you need. For example, if you prefer a calming workspace, red may not be your color. Finding your perfect color can take a bit of time and research. 

Here are 14 office paint colors for productivity:

1. Red

Red is known as a power color. It can get your heart moving and your mind thinking. Red is a stimulating color so choose it if you do something physical, like a personal trainer. It may be helpful if you consider your work tedious and find yourself in need of mental stimulation. Chose red as an office color to boost productivity if you like bold, in your face colors. 

Don't forget to compliment your red room with an ergonomic chair. It is imperative to have the correct posture when you are working at your computer. This is especially true if you find you get immersed in your work and tend to forget about your body throughout the day. 


  • Great for people who thrive on high energy and work in a fast-paced environment


  • Not suitable for someone who feels stressed out while working


2. Yellow

Yellow is widely known as a color to improve positivity. Like sunshine or sunflowers, yellow walls help to make you feel happy and energized. It also helps to improve your confidence. Yellow is also one of the most creative colors. If you find you are often in need of a mood booster, yellow may be the right color for you. When you are in a good mood, your productivity levels are sure to improve. 

People who like yellow for their office may also want to use an alternative seating option. Ergonomic stools are a popular choice that keeps the body active while the mind works. 


  • Great for entrepreneurs or creative jobs
  • Yellows come in many tones, so you don't need to go with something too bright


  • If the tone is too bright, yellow may overwhelm the room

3. White

White is one of the most underrated colors in the paint world. People think it is simply too straightforward. However, when done correctly, white can lend itself to one of the most pleasing color schemes. For those who prefer a minimalist environment, white is a great office color to boost productivity. White can remove any distractions and make for a very calm, modern setting. Alternatively, white can be used as a neutral backdrop for brightly colored accessories. There are many ways you can use white in your office to make your workspace your productive oasis like using a white office chair or archieve a white standing desk.


  • White goes with everything
  • The space looks clean and organized


  • Maybe too sterile for some people
  • Walls get dirty easily


4. Blue

Blue is known as an intellectual color and well-liked as an office color to boost productivity. It is excellent for people who need to concentrate for long periods. Blue is also known to be soothing, so your mind can remain clear and awake during long days in your office. Blue is excellent for straightforward thinkers who do not like embellishments. 

Consider adding the Kinn Chair to your blue office. It is a no-nonsense ergonomic chair that gives users everything they need without being overly fancy. 


  • Excellent for people who need no distractions
  • Works well with other colors, so easy to decorate around


  • Can be way too dark if the wrong shade is chosen


5. Green

Green is known as one of the calming colors. It gives the room a feeling of calm and serenity. Green can be very soothing for anyone who works in a high-stress job or tends to feel as though they are under a lot of pressure. It can help relieve anxiety and destress while still giving you the ability to get your work done. 

Green can also be brought into the room through house plants. Indoor plants also help to improve your productivity while creating a calm atmosphere. Otherwise, you can also get a green ergonomic chair or desk stool.


  • Green is calming
  • Comes in many shades so can work in rooms with or without natural light


  • Very yellow-toned greens can be too bright and therefore not calming


6. Purple

Purple is a distinctive office paint color for productivity. However, it is excellent for people who like a luxurious and elegant look. Purple is associated with royalty, and when done right, it can look expensive. Purple works very well for people who like to feel posh while at work. A bright purple shade can also boost creativity, which is excellent for newer, more progressive work environments. 

If you choose purple walls, consider accenting it with white office furniture for a space that comes to life. 


  • Purple creates a unique space
  • The right shade can inspire creativity


  • Very difficult to choose the correct shade

7. Grey

It is an excellent choice for a room painted with calming colors. Many designers use grey because it gives the space a clean but stylish look. Grey does not overtake the area, so it works well as an office color. Works don't get distracted by the wall color, and any furniture works with grey. Grey is also one of the most popular choices as an office color that boosts creativity. 

If you use a grey wall color, make sure to pair it with an ergonomic computer chair. The right paint color is enhanced with the right furniture. 


  • Very on-trend right now


  • Some find it to be boring

8. Greige

Greige is an up and coming office paint color for productivity. This color may be new to some, but it is a cross between grey and beige. This color is excellent because it almost goes unnoticed on office walls. While this may sound negative, it is, in fact, a positive thing for people who tend to get side-tracked. Greige helps you focus on one task at a time, making it the right choice for people who get easily distracted. 


  • Very popular and liked by many people


  • Can be boring for some people


9. Neutral

Neutral colors are one of the most classic choices as an office paint color for productivity. Unlike other dyes, neutrals provoke very few emotions. Choose neutrals if you tend to need help in separating your personal life from your work life. Neutrals help eliminate any outside thoughts and enhance your ability to focus on the task at hand. 

There are so many neutral colors available. Consult a professional painter or website to find the right color. 


  • Remove distractions
  • Liked by most people


  • Can be boring

10. Brown

Brown is one of the lesser-known options as an office color to boost productivity. Browns tend to be very warm and can instill a feeling of comfort. Those who need to feel at home to work productively, brown may be a fantastic option.


  • Color can be vibrant and warm


  • Can be very dark in rooms with no natural light

11. Black

Black is a more risqué option for room painting ideas. However, it works very well for those who like bold or powerful spaces. It is much like the color red, but often more palatable. Black walls are a newer fad, so work well for people who like to be in trendy spaces. The intense color helps hold your focus, so it can be excellent for boosting productivity. Consider using some black office furnitures like black standing desk or all black office chair to make your office look more luxury and professional.


  • Very trendy


  • Hard to paint over


12. Pink

Pink is not a standard wall color but can be very good if you want to embrace a softer space. The right shade of pink can be very calming and soothing, which is ideal for people who need to work in a peaceful area. Alternatively, a bright pink shade can inspire fun and joy, which may be precisely what you want your workspace to be. 


  • Underused color so creates a unique space
  • Can be a calm and subtle color


  • Pink is a personal, not universal, preference


13. Orange

One of the most whimsical room painting ideas, go with the color orange. Orange is known as a color that represents determination, success, and enthusiasm. If your workspace thrives on high-energy, then orange is right for you. It is suitable for open-concept rooms as an accent wall or a brainstorming space. 

If you work in a collaborative office environment, don't forget to get proper office chairs. Each worker can benefit from a chair that works for their specific needs. Be sure to be open to acquired several different office chair styles. 


  • Creates an exciting and energy fueled atmosphere


  • May be overwhelming if every wall is painted orange

14. Multi-Colored

If you want to use creative colors but can't settle on just one, consider going with an inspiring multi-colored paint theme. Using many colors in a space can brighten up an office and embrace an out-of-the-box mindset. This is an excellent option for offices that use collaborative thinking and open-concept workspaces. 

Painting walls multi-colored can be an expensive task. Balance out your budget by purchasing high-performance office chairs for an excellent price. 


  • Boosts creativity 
  • Creates a unique space


  • Likely have to paint over when selling/moving


How Do I Choose the Right Paint Color?

The answer to the question, 'what color should I paint my room?' is more in-depth than most people realize. Paints come in many different shades and tones that, when chosen incorrectly, can have devastating effects. The most sure-fire way to select a color is by testing it. Many paint stores offer sample jars that you can buy to test the color on your wall. Buy one and try it out. 


While there are many office paint colors for productivity, there is likely one specific color best suited for you. Take your time and do your research. Take comfort because if you don't like the color, you can paint over it.

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