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Top 15 Modern Prefab Container Homes in California
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Top 15 Modern Prefab Container Homes in California

|Feb 14, 2023

Gone are the days when you could only see shipping containers on the highway or places away from the city. Shipping containers are no longer just a way for travelers who are in for months and neither just for people who are relocating to another city. A modern version or modification of shipping containers is also known as a prefab container home. A container prefab house is a pre-built boundary wall that can be customized to meet living or renting needs. It acts as a secondary unit to your house; if you are aware, modern prefab container homes also fall under studio shed or backyard ADU categories.

A ready-made container also eliminates the question of how to build a shed from scratch, and you can easily only plan the ADU interior and make some tiny changes to bring about the best modern shed. Although there are also prefabricated ADU available, converting a shipping container into a living unit seems more friendly. You also get a portable shed that will go with you wherever you travel or plan to relocate.

Hence, to make the best decision possible for you, we are listing down some of the best prefab container homes in California. So let’s check them out!

1. Autonomous

You can find the best products in the Autonomous, affordable prefab container homes collection. Autonomous ADU is equipped with all the facilities and isn't manufactured from shipping containers either. So, this makes the fancier of us sleep peacefully. You can get wooden containers, a combination of metal and wood containers, customized windows and door sizes, and also plan the interior accordingly. At Autonomous, you can have a complete hold over the container home just like you are designing your living space all over again.

Dimension106” W - 155”L x 106.3”H
MaterialExterior: Vinyl layer
Interior: Eco-friendly honeycomb paper
Frame: Steel
IncludeA closet, desk, bookshelf, TV stand, a foldable coffee table and convertible sofa bed
Minimum wattage150W
Lighting3 color modes
Warranty1 year

2. Alternative Living Spaces

Another option for a luxury prefab container home and one of our favorites on this list. Living spaces are the best option for you if you are after luxurious designs that look from the future. Along with an attractive exterior, their containers are packed with wonderful features. You get large windows. The 360 view makes it pleasant for an outdoor setting. The container can be customized, and the 20-foot-long size is perfect for a big family too, or how about picnics in the backyard?

3. Backcountry Containers

This Texas-based company builds customized container homes for people depending on their budget, living space requirements, and the features needed. The containers fall into a bast price range, so there is something you can get for your budget and needs. With facilities like insulation and central air conditioning, the containers also have plumbing and wiring facilities. So there go your worries about making your container eligible for rent.

Backcountry Containers - prefab container home

4. Custom Container Living

We all love living by our terms, which is possible with custom container living solutions. Their wooden + metallic design containers bring farm vibes to the city. They ship containers to our 48 states, so indeed, back luck to those who are left. The purpose behind their huge selection of container sizes, structures, and designs is to offer versatility and affordability for all. If you have a tiny living space, no worries; the custom container has something perfect for you.

5. Steel Box

SteelBlox guarantees the legalities are quick and simple while assisting you in building your shipping container home. Its finished homes are cozy and beautiful because of its creative yet traditional designs.

6. Cubed Living

Kubed living is all about recycled structures, yet they are the ones to bring the most diversity to recycled designs as well. With the smallest twenty-foot containers to as large as five-bedroom container options, there will be no better chance to extend your home than this.

7. Honomobo

Honomobo is proudly all about sustainable living methods in life. With an approach to bringing the best environmentally friendly practices, Honomobo delivers the best ideas for a backyard office or an additional secondary garden living space. From floor to roof, each container contains several customizable options. You can enjoy solar living as sustainable containers are good for the environment and your pocket.

Honomobo - prefab container home

8. California Tiny House

Get your hands on the best selection of tiny and recycled home designs with the California tiny house container manufacturers. This is a family-owned business, so they will understand the need for personalization and take your vision seriously. The containers are also suitable for most budgets.

9. Blok Studio

Based in your City of California, Blok studio manufactures affordable containers for residential and commercial uses. Their size ranges from 160 to 640 square feet, and the containers come equipped with all the facilities like built-in bathrooms, high-quality windows and doors, functional kitchens, insulation, and a light, clean design. With minimalism in mind, these container designs are quick and will be ready in no more than three months.

10. Robox Containers

Robox containers make sustainable and luxurious living possible for modern-minded people who also prefer environmental benefits. Their containers are durable for years, and even decades, so there goes your honest role as a citizen to prose minimum damage to the environment. The containers offer one-of-a-kind interior design with repurposed structures that depict luxury, and robox also perfectly translates your vision into designs; hence you might find this option a little higher end.

11. TAYNR Containers

Taynr containers are steel frame containers, so they are cheaper. They provide the best budget and portable options with a simple living taste. The containers have high-quality and durable designs, and you can also customize them with multiple doors and windows.

TAYNR Containers - prefab container home

12. Mods

Just like pods, mods deliver a fancier version of pods. Residential homes built and delivered by MODS are tailored to your needs. They build houses, businesses, shops, dining establishments, dormitories, and more. You may get various solutions appropriate for universal taste because their prices vary depending on customization options, and they ship internationally.

13. Rhino Cubed Containers

Rhino Cubed creates beautiful homes out of shipping containers. In a complex world, business emphasizes nature and simplicity. Shipping container homes from Rhino Cubed are adaptable, straightforward, and safe.

Rhino Cubed Containers

14. Meka

Meka is based in San Jose, California, and produces opulent container homes. They use 20-foot and 40-foot steel frames to build prefabricated and customized modules. There are 16 distinct models available, including luxury mansions, condos, and tiny houses.

15. IQ Containers

The IQ containers are made with sustainable wood, giving you a natural feeling. These containers are environmentally friendly and safe to live in, perfect as granny flats. Built in with energy-efficient electric options, buy and start living most simply.

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