34 Best Adjustable Standing Desks for Small Spaces
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34 Best Adjustable Standing Desks for Small Spaces

Autonomous|Feb 12, 2022

It has been a norm for the longest time for persons to be seated while at work. In this era, research has revealed that sitting for an extended period can cause severe damage to the whole body. 

You are probably aware an adjustable standing desk can be useful for your health and is very convenient for small spaces. In the pursuit of being more productive and healthier, acquiring a small standing desk inside your home or office can facilitate that.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk, also known as a sit-stand desk, allows you to stand up comfortably while working. Many versions are available, but the most modern ones are adjustable to cater to all heights and alternate between standing and sitting positions. The main aims are to ensure maximum comfort, improve efficiency, and negate the harmful side effects of sitting too much.  

What is a Standing Desk?

How do you know which ones are ideal for a small space? A listing below discusses the 20 best standing desks for small spaces that are guaranteed to transform the working experience. 

Why Use a Standing Desk?

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why do I need a small standing desk?" Research has uncovered the benefits of using such a desk versus the traditional concept. Here are some answers to your question.  

An adjustable standing desk can change the way you work during the days and contributes to your overall health in the long run. Adjusting your desk in the middle of the day when you feel slumped can feel good, boost your physical health, rejuvenate your mind, and help you stay alert and productive. 

This height-adjustable desk can reduce strains, which is a common complaint among office workers who sit for long hours. Using the standing desk can have you sitting less and standing more, minimizing the chances of intense back pain.

Standing up can flex your legs and muscles, frequently reducing cramping and soreness. It can lower your risk of health complications such as blood sugar levels, weight gain and obesity, and heart disease.

Why Use a Standing Desk?

So far, standing desks seem to improve productivity. It may take some getting used to, but you are bound to be more agile and effective at what you do with mobility. This desk can even improve your energy levels and mood, as studies have confirmed persons who have used a standing desk reported increased vigor and energy when compared to those who did not.

These are some of the main reasons organizations invest in an office standing desk for their employees and why you need an adjustable standing desk for small spaces at home or otherwise. 

Have you noticed you are having severe back pains and are becoming less productive while working? Look at these 20 small sit-stand desks listed below.

Here Are 34 Adjustable Standing Desks for Your Small Spaces

1. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk 2 - Home Office

The name here says it all. This electric is the best standing desk for small spaces, which is ideal for your home office space. The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is the definition of affordable for all things standing desk. It features a heavy-duty steel frame that keeps it sturdy and prevents any wobbling even at its highest length, a high-quality MDF wooden or natural bamboo top, and it supports up to 300 pounds of weight.  

Its electric height adjustment uses a dual motor that adjusts both quickly and quietly. There are four programmable memory presets to record your favorite positions. Additionally, it is super easy to assemble and comes in two spacious sizes with height ranges suitable for the short and tall. 

While the premium model is better, this one is intended for smaller spaces.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Frame

Autonomous DIY SmartDesk

If you seek precise customization and want to build your desk for a small office, it gets no better than this. If you are not the handy DIY type, it is better to go for a pre-built desk than a DIY standing desk. The DIY kit from Autonomous only takes a few minutes to assemble. It has a sturdy base, top-tier manufacturing, and is quiet in motion. After assembly, all you need is the tabletop or desktop of your choice. Place the top on it, and you are ready to start working. You not only get to save some cash, but you also get to add a bit of a personal touch to it. 

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous L-shaped SmartDesk

Once you have space, there is no better choice than the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner. It comes in three different sizes and has a triple motor system that supports up to 330 pounds. The design has a lot of tabletop space for all your equipment and accessories, and because the long and short pieces are interchangeable, you can set it up wherever and still maintain your comfort. It comes with a cable tray to cater to your aesthetic needs, high-quality MDF wood, and durable SPCC steel. 

4. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium

Courtesy of all the home office features being present, but with a better height range, the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro claims this spot as one of the best electric adjustable desk options. This BIFMA and EMC certified design is going to serve you for a lifetime, so take advantage of its seven-year warranty, sturdy base, fresh finish, and quick assembly process.

5. Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charging Pad

Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charging Pad

This compact standing desk is an excellent addition to any workstation due to the many features it compiles. Not only is it possible to adjust its height, but you will also be able to keep your phone fully charged at all times, thanks to the integrated wireless charging pad. The height range of the Wistopht CompactDesk starts at 27.9" and goes up to 45.6. The desk has a total weight capacity of 176 pounds and is relatively easy to install.

6. Northread CompactDesk: Basic Keypad

Although it is a small standing desk, it is spacious enough to keep a laptop and all the peripherals and accessories you need to work smoothly. The integrated keypad will allow you to modify the height anytime within a range of 26" to 46.7". All you have to do is press either the "up" or "down" button depending on what you want at the moment. The Northread CompactDesk has a 5-year warranty and sturdy construction with an engineered wood surface and metal legs.

7. The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk

The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk

The next option is a very simple but good-looking desk with just about the right space you need to be comfortable while working. This desk is aesthetically-pleasing and also extremely durable. It is primarily made of alloy steel. The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk also comes with integrated cable management, allowing you to maintain your work area as clean as possible. The leveling legs will also make sure the surface remains even at all times.

8. Mount-It! Rolling Desk: Tiltable Desktop

The Mount-It! Rolling Desk is versatile and convenient, no matter your work style. You can modify the height of this small stand-up desk from 26.25" to 37.75", making it possible to alternate between sitting and standing as you find it convenient. Furthermore, it has a mobile design that lets you quickly change your workstation location whenever you need it. It's the ideal desk for the average home office.

9. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 48” Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk

EUREKA ERGONOMIC 48” Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk

This standing desk for a small space has a fancier design and has more "advanced" technology integrated. It has electric legs and a dual motor on each side, allowing you to change from one position to another within a few seconds. It has many other features integrated, such as an anti-collision sensor and an intelligent hand controller where you can store up to four different settings. You'll only have to press one button to set your desired position.

10. Fenge Ultralong Space Saver Duo

The Fenge Ultralong Space Saver Duo has an interesting design that, besides being lovely, it's also quite sturdy. It is made of aluminum and iron, and a small portion is composed of particle board. It has two buttons integrated, "up" and "down," allowing you to adjust the height from 29.5" to 48" whenever you need it. It comes with a one-year warranty.

11. Aoke Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad

Aoke Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad

The next small-sit stand desk expands the height adjustability, covering the needs of users of different sizes. Aoke Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad can be adjusted from 25" to 45". Furthermore, it has an improved load capacity and can lift up to 270 pounds without problems. The solid steel frame will keep your desk steady at all times. The simple keypad controls make it easy to change the configuration when needed. The minimalist aesthetic can make it quite attractive for certain users.

12. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

This small standing desk is an excellent option for those that prefer taking as little space as possible. As a corner desk, it can be a good alternative for a small L-shaped desk. You can adjust this height within a range of 23-48". It also includes a free app, which sends reminders when it's time to switch positions and makes it easier to change the configuration of the desk.

13. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER

If you already have a tabletop compatible with these legs, you can buy them yourself. It can lift to 175 pounds and can still be adjusted from 23 to 48 inches easily.

14. ApexDesk CompactDesk: TouchScreen Control & USB Charging Port

The next option for a small sit-stand desk comes from ApexDesk. This ApexDesk CompactDesk: TTouchScreen Control & USB Charging Port features a tempered glass surface, providing a "luxurious" appearance that will accentuate the aesthetic of your home office. Furthermore, the height-adjustable system allows you to raise the desk from 30" to 47.7" by pressing a single button. The touchscreen memory control comes with three customizable presets and five programmable buttons, allowing you to personalize your desk as much as you want.

15. Northread Standing Desk Pro: Dual Motor

Northread Standing Desk Pro: Dual Motor

The improved version of the Northread Compact Desk is available. You can acquire it if you would like to enjoy the improved dual motor and broader height adjustability. It now goes from 25" to 50.8", making it possible to experiment with even more configurations. This small standing desk also comes with 4 customizable memory buttons.

16. Northread CompactDesk: Programmable Keypad

Another version of the Northread CompactDesk, this time with a programmable keyboard. It is height-adjustable within a range of 26-46.7'' and includes a dual electric motor. You can choose three colors: black, white, and walnut. It maintains the same sturdiness and quietness as the other models.

17. Aoke CompactDesk by Wistopht: Programmable Keypad

Aoke CompactDesk by Wistopht: Programmable Keypad

The Aoke CompactDesk by Wistopht is available. It includes a programmable desk that you can customize with up to four configurations, allowing you to adjust the height or use one of the preset configurations you have already established previously. Plus, the sturdy construction and excellent load capacity will allow you to place all your peripherals and accessories easily.

18. Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

The Benzara Compact Gaming Desk has a monitor tray and a large surface. It has different areas for other accessories, including a headphone holder. Furthermore, the K-shaped legs provide it with more stability and sturdiness.

19. Northread Smart CompactDesk: Touchscreen & USB Wireless Charger

Northread Smart CompactDesk: Touchscreen & USB Wireless Charger

This is an enhanced version of the Northread CompactDesk. It includes a touchscreen controller and a USB/wireless charger, allowing you to play around with even more options than before. This small standing desk is as sturdy and comfortable as the other versions and is height-adjustable within a 27.9-45.6" range.

20. Vari Electric Standing Desk 48

This electric standing desk gives a premium look and feel to your workspace, whether at home or otherwise. It is one of the best standing desks for small spaces. The Vari Electric Standing Desk 48 is very simple to assemble, comes with a built-in cable management feature, and is made from high-quality material. The tabletop space is enough for your computer, files, and peripherals. There is only one problem. Changing the height is not as fast as one would like. 

21. SHW Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk

This entry is mostly about its versatility. The SHW Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk is easy to assemble, sturdy (though there is a tiny wobble at its highest length), but it has a motor that slows down with continuous use. This is still an excellent considerably adjustable desk for small spaces. 

SHW Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk

22. VariDesk ProDesk 60 Electric

This may be the most expensive entry on the list, but it's a well-respected brand name in the industry. The desk comes partially pre assembled, it's made from durable material, and it uses a horizontal base to prevent wobbling. Though there is no denying the quality, there are cheaper options that get the job done.

23. IKEA Bekant Small Sit-stand Desk

Though this desk is suited for both home and traditional office spaces, the desktop workspace is relatively small, so not much equipment can be placed on it. Additionally, it has a fair sturdiness level. However, if you are on a tight budget, this is the desk for you.

IKEA Bekant Sit-stand Desk 

24. Rebel Up Standing Desk

This wide glass top, two-USB port small standing desk is fully powered and is best kept near an outlet. It is an incredible option for small spaces. The design helps with cable management, and you have the option of personalization when ordering.

25. Symple Stuff Grattan Height Adjustable Standing Desk

With its expensive look, this desk can fit into almost every office space, traditional or otherwise. It is designed to improve your workflow, and its ability to help you maintain good posture is a feature that secured it a spot on this list. It accommodates heights up to 45 inches but can only withstand a maximum of 100 pounds.

Symple Stuff Grattan Height Adjustable Standing Desk

26. Mr. Ironstone Height Adjustable Desk

This desk uses a manual adjustment method to change heights. It is effortless to assemble, and its small form factor makes it ideal for small spaces; however, it does not have a lot of workspace at the top.

27. ALFA Furnituring Upgraded Stand Desk

This desk is offered in three different sizes, with 60 inches being the largest, which is a good sit stand desk for small spaces. It has excellent real estate to fit two screens, plus there's enough space for your mouse and keyboard. The electric adjustment is quick and smooth, and the memory presets are just amazing.

ALFA Furnituring Upgraded Stand Desk

28. Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

This is a well-built and reasonably priced standing desk and also a perfect small stand-up desk. The Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk has excellent tabletop real estate, a cloth draw for extra storage, a smart cable management system, and side deck hooks. The adjustability here is done electrically and hit as multiple memory presets to retain your favorite positions.

29. Upper Square ALBIN

This manual steel-based adjustable desk is easy to move around and fits into almost any small space. It achieves up to 42.5 inches of height, which should be enough for most users. The unit has excellent tabletop space and a tray for your mouse and keypad.

Upper Square ALBIN

30. Lander Lite Desk

This is a one-of-a-kind desk that is made to order. It has many innovative features, and its color and size are left up to you as the options are endless. With your order, you receive a 10-year warranty where redress is possible for whatever reason and a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. 

The desk has a weight capacity of 225 pounds to hold your computer, peripherals, and any other equipment or files you may have, and it stretches up to 55 inches. It's ideal for some of the more vertically inclined office workers.

31. Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

Did someone say "fancy?" This airlift tempered glass standing desk, a small standing desk, is a fancy, aesthetically pleasing gem with the practicality to match its beauty. It is considered as a small stand-up desk. It has many desktop spaces to accommodate two screens, a USB charger port, a hidden draw to store your various items, etc. 

This unit comes with a touchscreen controller with programmable heights, so it can keep track of all your favorite positions. It can reach up to 47 inches with a smooth glide you can hardly notice, making it an excellent asset for your small space. 

Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

32. iMovR Lander L-desk

This L-shaped electric standing desk is a perfect choice for persons who plan on working from corner areas. It is undoubtedly a perfect sit stand desk for small spaces. Whether you can believe it or not, there are over 1000 different colors and sizes to choose from. This is good for small spaces as you do not have to get the desk modified but select one with the right measurements to fit your space. 

There is a five-year warranty on the desktop, 10 years on the base, and a lifetime warranty on the frame. The iMovR Lander compact standing desk comes almost entirely preassembled and requires only 8-10 minutes of effort to get started. It has impressive mobile app-controlled height adjustment features worthy of its selling price. 

iMovR Lander L-desk

33. TechOrbits Electric Standing Desk

While this compact standing desk can be used traditionally, it is ideal for those who work from home. It is a suitable sit stand desk for small spaces. The TechOrbits desk has a straightforward design that allows for smooth incorporation into any environment. You are bound to have a good experience with 28 inches to 48 inches of height adjustment and a preset memory function. There is a lifetime warranty on all the components, so you can seek redress where necessary in case of manufacturing defects. 

34. Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

This adjustable desk from Flexispot is affordable, has good quality, and can offer the functionality you seek. It has a weight limit of 154 pounds, a 4-foot width, and a stable base. You can be quite productive working here. This desk's form factor is laudable as it can fit into some small spaces, making it ideal for your small home office.

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