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20 Best Black Friday Desk Deals for Offices

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 27, 2020

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Black Friday approaches, which means it’s time for you to take advantage of great deals. If you are a remote worker, you should consider a standing desk for your ergonomic needs. Working long hours while sitting in a chair all day is not good for your body. A Black Friday home office desk offers you plenty of uses. 

There are reasons to look for Black Friday desk deals. Not only do you save money, but you also enjoy several health benefits. Black Friday desk deals give you a good motivation to try out a new standing desk for your workspace. Consider what a standing desk can do for you. 

Benefits of Standing Desks

Sitting around too much is not good for your health. What happens is you lose more energy, which causes you to become tired. More importantly, it increases the risk of bad blood pressure and high blood sugar. Incorrect body posture also results in increased risks. If your back is not straight, it can cause lower back problems. The same applies to legs since blood circulation decreases with bad positioning. 

Standing desks, in conjunction with an ergonomic chair, position you in just the right way. These types of desks give you extra room to move your legs around. The health benefits you receive include better oxygen flow, improved blood circulation, and potential exercise breaks. When you have more room to do stretches or squats, you can break up the monotony of boredom. Use a standing desk, not only for your health but also for increased work productivity. 

benefits of standing desk

What Should Each Standing Desk Have?

Before you find the best Black Friday office desk sale, consider what each desk should have.  There are ways to take into account what makes a good standing desk. First, you want intervals where you can stand and sit. Certain desks remind you when to take breaks. Support is also important. Standing desks should have non-wobbly legs so they remain firm. A good standing desk should give you plenty of room to work at your station. Now, it’s time to look for Black Friday desk deals just for you. 

Best Black Friday Office Desk Deals

Below are 20 of the best Black Friday office desk deals. They take into consideration the level of support a desk should provide you. Whether it’s for your home or business, you need ergonomic support with a standing desk. Boost productivity while you work. Consider the price cuts and save money on your Black Friday home office desk. There are several options to choose from, so pick the one that’s right for you. 

1. SmartDesk 2 for Home Office

The SmartDesk 2 Home Office is a classic standing table from Autonomous. With adjustable height control, you can personalize your workspace however you see fit. The ergonomic design of the desk allows you to exercise during breaks and freely move around during work. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 offers not only free-day trials but also several-year warranties. The SmartDesk 2 comes in white and black frames and wooden materials like bamboo and oak. In terms of Black Friday standing desk deals, the SmartDesk 2 lets you save up to $130.

SmartDesk 2 - Home Office discount from $479 to $349 for Black Friday 

SmartDesk 2 for home officePros:

  • Programmable height settings are easy to use
  • Lifts up to 300 pounds with a dual-motor system
  • A heavy-duty steel frame keeps the table sturdy
  • Built with durability in mind, it lasts a long time
  • Plenty of space gives you room for physical activity
  • Five-year warranty with a 30-day free trial
  • Affordable monthly payments


  • It’s a relatively simple desk 

2. L-Shaped SmartDesk

The L-Shaped SmartDesk is another variation of the popular L-Shaped standing desk this Black Friday. It offers a practical design for the corner of your room. Your workstation is important, which is why the L-Shaped SmartDesk gives you the surface area on both sides of the desk. Autonomous also provides warranties and free-day trials. Among Black Friday desk deals, consider monthly payments as an option for this model.

L-Shaped SmartDesk discount from $739 to $709 for Black Friday

L-Shaped SmartDesk


  • Ergonomic design gives you plenty of space
  • Steel frames provide durability and strength
  • Carries 330 pounds with the triple motor system
  • Mix and match both sides of the interchangeable desk
  • Sleek look with a professional touch
  • Five-year warranty with a 30-day free trial
  • Affordable monthly payments


  • Assembly takes a little bit of time
  • On the expensive side 

3. SmartDesk 4

Autonomous introduces the SmartDesk 4. You can adjust height settings with a single touch from your smartphone. With three preset memory heights, you can upgrade your work performances with ease and stability. Schedule breaks through the Autonomous App. A premier Black Friday executive desk, the SmartDesk 4 offers pre-order bonuses. It stands out among Black Friday desks for sale. You can also purchase a special DIY kit designed to make height adjustment easy. 

SmartDesk 4


  • Adjustable height settings with memory presets
  • Schedule sit-and-stand sessions to break up the monotony
  • Personalized work intervals through your SmartPhone
  • Manages your time with the Pomodoro technique
  • Activity log to keep track of your overall habits
  • SmartDesk 4 App includes features like exercises
  • Pre-order prices save you $200 and give you a free cable tray


  • It takes some time to get used to the apps from Autonomous
  • There are limited slots for pre-orders 

4. Art Desk

If you have a creative mind and like to work on artistic projects, the Art Desk is a great choice from Autonomous. The curved design gives you all the space you need to draw. With a sturdy base, you can freely work without any worries about wobbles.

Art Desk discount from $589 to $499 for Black Friday

Art DeskPros:

  • High-quality wooden material gives it a sturdy base
  • Great surface area for your workstation
  • 30-day free trial with a five-year warranty


  • Somewhat expensive 

5. Double Desk

If you work with a partner, consider the Double Standing Desk. You can connect both desks with a controlled frame. Autonomous offers programmable height settings and a dual-motor system, which is completely silent.

Double Desk discount from $999 to $739 for Black Friday

Double desk


  • Adjustable height settings
  • Modern clean look for corporate environments
  • 30-day free trial with a seven-year warranty


  • One of the more expensive options 

6. SmartDesk 2 Premium

The SmartDesk Premium has everything you need for ergonomic support. Whether you use it at home or in the office, this deluxe version of the SmartDesk maximizes your focus. It has a better height range than the regular SmartDesk, a good choice as a standing desk for tall people. With a stable foundation, you can rely on the table for strength and support. Like other Autonomous products, the SmartDesk Premium offers free-day trials and a long warranty. You get a good Black Friday desk deal with this one since the price cut is about $180.

SmartDesk 2 Premium discount from $599 to $419 for Black Friday 

SmartDesk 2 Premium


  • Upgrades several features from the original SmartDesk
  • Fully adjustable settings with better height control
  • Dual motor system is silent and carries 300 pounds
  • Minimal design allows the desk to go anywhere
  • Design offers smooth edges and a sleek modern look
  • Bulk order offers a good bargain in comparison to other companies
  • 30-day free trial with a seven-year warranty


  • More expensive than a regular SmartDesk 

7. Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot gives you control through electronics. It comes with a keypad and a digital display for height presets. The desk offers a good variety of colors, such as walnut, marble, and graphite. 


  • Electronically height adjustable
  • Relatively cheap for high-quality materials
  • Great selection of desktop colors


  • Design is considerably simple

8. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Jarvis brings you a standing desk with an eco-friendly design. Bamboo offers a clean look for your work area and is sustainable. The design frame is durable and gives you strength and support. 

Jarvis Bamboo standing desk


  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Allows natural arm motion
  • Lifts up to 350 pounds


  • Considerably expensive, but allows monthly payments 

9. Vari Standing Desk

Vari uses an electric standing desk motor with customizable height controls. It uses T-Style legs for stability and offers smooth corner edges. The setup is fast and easy for beginners.

Vari Standing desk


  • Quick assembly
  • Four programmed memory settings
  • Good choices in wooden materials


  • Somewhat expensive

10. Grattan Standing Desk

Sturdy and height-adjustable, this standing desk from Grattan promotes good posture. You can choose a white or black color scheme. There’s a good sale going on right now, cutting the price down by 18%.


  • Good ergonomic design overall
  • Nice clean look for modern rooms
  • Affordable price range


  • Might attract extra dust

11. Babin Standing Desk

Upper Square offers strength and support with the Babin standing desk. With built-in USB support and cable management, you can save your projects. The finished back is a nice touch.

Babin Standing desk


  • Extra power, durability, and resilience
  • Good surface area and plenty of space
  • Advanced technology allows electronic input


  • Big and clunky look
  • Slightly heavy

12. Sabine Standing Desk

Another product from Upper Square, the Sabine standing desk, has a relatively modern look. The desk has USB ports, cable management, and is eco-friendly. It also offers a protection plan in case of damage.



  • Reversible orientation
  • Uses modern technology
  • Crafted with recyclable materials
  • Protection plan


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Expert assembly charges additionally

13. Kamen Standing Desk

Upper Square brings you the Kamen height adjustable standing desk. It offers a good quality desk with a sturdy foundation and good materials. You get 41% off with Black Friday savings. 


  • Improves body posture with ergonomic design
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle
  • Includes protection plan


  • Expert assembly is costly
  • The mechanism to move the desk up and down isn’t smooth

14. Hambrook Manual Standing Desk

Symple Stuff introduces the Hambrook standing desk. Like other height-adjustable desks, this one reduces back pain and stress. Space allows for comfortable leg posture. You can try out physical activities with the Hambrook. 


  • Promotes health with physical activities
  • Ergonomic space improves blood circulation
  • Protection plan and warranties


  • Expert assembly is costly

15. Hassen Adjustable Desk

Another standing desk from Symple Stuff is the Hassen. Perks include reversible orientation and a distressed finish for a clean look. You can get good savings with this one since it is cheap.


  • Assembly line is quick
  • Offers strength and support
  • Customizable settings
  • Affordable price range


  • Warning - contains the chemical Formaldehyde

16. Inbox Zero Home Office Desk

This standing desk from Inbox Zero is aesthetically pleasing with the finished back and wooden polish. The desk is both height adjustable and electronically controlled. It is made from eco-friendly materials. 


  • Customizable settings
  • Clean and sustainably resourced
  • Recyclable materials promote green living


  •  Assembly instructions need more clarification

17. Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk

Made with a strong metal frame, this standing desk from Eureka Ergonomic is sturdy. You can support up to two monitors. It is perfect for computer gaming. 


  • Solid foundation
  • Good surface area
  • Nine-level height settings


  • Legs must be adjusted before installation

18. Flippus Standing Desk

Latitude Run offers the Flippus height adjustable desk. It serves its purpose well in providing ergonomic space and surface. The ongoing sale price is 18% off. 


  • Nice clean look
  • Sturdy foundation
  • Cable management and USB port


  • Expert assembly is considerably expensive
  • Somewhat small

19. Kubiak Desk

Mercury Row has the Kubiak standing desk, which offers a unique wooden look. With a Scandinavian design, it has a rectangular desktop. The wood has a nice grain finish. 


  • Drawers offer you more space
  • Natural aesthetic brings your room to life
  • Metal base holds it together well


  • Only a few left in stock
  • Assembly takes time
  • Leg standing might get in the way

20. Mind Reader 2 Standing Desk

This standing desk from Mind Reader offers one of the best Black Friday deals. You get a height-adjustable desk with a keyboard tray and minimalist design. The desk allows you to move while you work. 


  • Assembly is easy
  • Good ergonomic space
  • Very affordable


  • Small surface areas


Enjoy the benefits of standing desks with these 20 Black Friday desk deals. From improved productivity to health benefits, you can maintain your focus while you work. Consider these Black Friday deals while you do your yearly shopping. As a remote worker, you should consider your body and mind the main priority with standing desks. Check out for more Black Friday computer desk deals with the most affordable price from Autonomous to make your home office more ergonomic.

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