Prefab ADUs in San Diego: Zoning Laws & Regulations (2024)
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Prefab ADUs in San Diego: Zoning Laws & Regulations (2024)

|Jul 21, 2023

An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a small home found on the same property as the main home or building. ADUs come in different shapes and sizes and can serve various functions. When you add a prefab ADU in San Diego, you must choose which makes the most sense for you. 

You might have to answer a few questions in your journey to having your own accessory dwelling unit in San Diego. Styles, construction requirements, durability, and cost are a few of the considerations worth making. After all, you want to get the most value for money. 

Once we have looked at some of the cost-related benefits of having your own ADUs or modular homes in San Diego, we can review the top 10 options available in San Diego. 

1. San Diego ADU Regulations and Requirements

The construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has become increasingly popular in San Diego, allowing homeowners to maximize their property's potential and address the housing shortage in the city.

However, before embarking on an ADU project, it is essential to understand the zoning laws and regulations that govern ADU construction in San Diego. This section will provide an in-depth overview of the local zoning regulations, permitting process, and additional considerations for ADU construction in San Diego.

1.1. Overview of the Local Zoning Regulations and Land Use Restrictions for ADUs

San Diego has specific zoning regulations and land use restrictions that determine where ADUs can be built within the city. The regulations ensure that ADUs are compatible with the existing neighborhoods and adhere to city planning objectives. These regulations dictate the permissible areas for prefab ADU in San Diego construction and the criteria for their size and design.

Overview of the Local Zoning Regulations

1.2. Specific Requirements for ADU Construction in Different Zones in San Diego

Depending on the property's zoning, there are specific requirements for ADU construction in different zones in San Diego. Each zone has its own set of regulations regarding setbacks, height restrictions, and size limitations for ADUs.

The maximum floor area for ADU in San Diego is 1,200 square feet. Familiarizing yourself with the zoning regulations applicable to your property is crucial to ensure compliance during the ADU construction process.

1.3. Size Limitations, Setbacks, and Height Restrictions for ADUs

San Diego imposes size limitations, setbacks, and height restrictions on ADUs to maintain the neighborhoods' character and preserve the residents' quality of life. These limitations vary based on the property's zoning and can impact the design and layout of the ADU. It is important to consider these restrictions when planning the construction of your ADU to avoid potential setbacks during the permitting process.

Size Limitations, Setbacks, and Height Restrictions for ADUs

1.4. Parking Requirements and Exemptions

Parking requirements are an essential consideration when building an ADU in San Diego. The city has specific regulations regarding parking spaces for ADUs, depending on factors such as the size of the unit and proximity to public transportation.

However, certain exemptions allow homeowners to be exempted from providing additional parking spaces for ADUs under specific circumstances.

1.5. Design and Architectural Guidelines for ADUs in San Diego

San Diego has established design and architectural guidelines for ADUs to ensure that they harmonize with the existing structures in the neighborhood. These guidelines cover building materials, architectural style, and landscaping requirements. Adhering to these guidelines is essential to maintain the neighborhood's aesthetic integrity and receive approval for your ADU project.

Design and Architectural Guidelines for ADUs in San Diego

2. A Step-By-Step Guide to the ADU Permitting Process in San Diego

The ADU permitting process in San Diego can be complex and requires adherence to specific steps and procedures. This step-by-step guide will help homeowners navigate the ADU permit in San Diego process properly:

2.1. Preparing and Submitting Necessary Documents and Applications for ADU Permits

To obtain ADU permits in San Diego, homeowners must prepare and submit several documents and applications. These may include architectural plans, site plans, structural calculations, energy compliance forms, and other supporting materials. Understanding the required documentation and ensuring its accuracy and completeness is crucial for a smooth permitting process.

Preparing and Submitting Necessary Documents


2.2. Fees and Costs Associated with Obtaining ADU Permits in San Diego

Obtaining ADU permits in San Diego incurs various fees and costs that typically vary between $9000 to $12000, depending on the size. These may include plan review fees, permit fees, impact fees, and other related expenses. It is important to know these costs and budget accordingly when planning an ADU project in San Diego. Other sources quote the ADU permit cost San Diego to be around $1,500.

2.3. Required Inspections and Timelines for Approval

During understanding San Diego ADU regulations, several inspections are required to ensure building codes and regulations compliance. These inspections may include foundation, framing, electrical, and final inspections. Note that these approvals can take, on average, 7+ months in San Diego.

Required Inspections and Timelines for Approval

3. Additional Considerations for ADU Construction in San Diego

3.1. Utility Connections and Infrastructure Requirements

When constructing a prefab ADU in San Diego, it is important to consider utility connections and infrastructure requirements. This includes water, sewer, electrical connections, and any additional infrastructure modifications necessary to support the ADU.

3.2. Impact on Property Taxes and Insurance

Building an ADU can have implications for property taxes and insurance. It is advisable to consult with a tax professional or insurance agent to understand the potential impact on property taxes and insurance premiums before proceeding with the ADU construction.

However, adding an ADU does not necessarily affect taxes on the primary residence.

Impact on Property Taxes and Insurance

3.3. Rental and Occupancy Regulations for ADUs in San Diego

Homeowners must know San Diego has specific rental and occupancy regulations for ADUs. These regulations may include restrictions on short-term rentals, maximum occupancy limits, and other requirements.

3.4. Accessory Structure Ordinance (ASO) requirements

In addition to ADU regulations, San Diego also has an Accessory Structure Ordinance (ASO) that applies to detached structures on residential properties. Homeowners planning to construct detached ADUs must comply with the ASO requirements, which cover setbacks, height limitations, and design guidelines.

3.5. Potential Challenges and Common Issues in ADU Construction in San Diego

Prefab ADUs in San Diego can present certain challenges and common issues. These may include navigating the permitting process, meeting design and architectural guidelines, addressing neighborhood concerns, and managing construction costs.

Knowing these potential challenges and common issues can help homeowners plan and execute their ADU projects more effectively.

Potential Challenges in ADU Construction in San Diego

4. Our Review of the 10 Best Prefab ADUs in San Diego

It's time to get into our top 10 picks for a new accessory dwelling unit in San Diego. When you buy each of these prefab homes in San Diego, you can select whether you want to get assembly. Here are some of the best ADUs currently on the market.

4.1. Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

The WorkPod Versatile is convenient if you need some extra space for you in your backyard. Inside this convenient and compact ADU, you can find a convertible sofa bed, closet, foldable coffee table, TV stand, desk, and bookshelf. 

It also makes climate control and electricity much easier to add on. Mood lighting is also available. 

This ADU is beautiful but also durable and built for the long haul. The exterior is waterproof and weather resistant. When you look inside, you find eco-friendly insulation and soundproofing. There is a steel frame, which offers more durability than wood. 

4.2. Autonomous WorkPod

The second ADU construction in San Diego in this review is the Autonomous OfficePod. This office pod offers the perfect location for a backyard office. It allows you to work from home but in a separate, sound-insulated space. 

There are glass doors from the floor up to the structure's ceiling. Inside this ADU, you will find a ready-to-go workspace, including an Autonomous Chair Ergo and a Autonomous Desk Connect. This chair and standing desk combo offers you everything you need as far as sophisticated and ergonomic office furniture goes.

4.3. Autonomous WorkPod mini

The Autonomous Pod is perfect as a small prefab cabin. It is compact, and installation can take a day. You can use it as a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts or to pursue some of your hobbies and interests. 

In terms of area, the Pod covers eight square feet and has a weight capacity of 2 tons. You can place this small backyard shed on any surface because it has an elevated platform to protect it from the elements and pests.

4.4. Avrame DUO Series

If modern visuals matter, then consider the designs from Avrame DUO. These units are complete with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, together with bedrooms on the first floor. 

The Avrame DUO Series truly exceeded my expectations! The iconic A-frame design gives my cabin a unique and timeless look that always catches the eye of visitors. As someone with limited construction experience, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to assemble the kit. With the help of a couple of friends, we had it up in no time, saving me a considerable amount on labor costs.

What I appreciate most is the flexibility in design and size options. I was able to customize the interior to match my vision perfectly, and the variety of sizes allowed me to find the ideal fit for my needs. The quality of the materials is impressive, ensuring that my cabin will stand the test of time.

While the initial investment may seem high, the long-term savings and the sense of accomplishment that comes from building your own space make it well worth it. Just be sure to research local regulations and consider additional insulation if you plan on year-round living.

Avrame DUO Series

4.5. ÖÖD Home Office

While we are talking about work pod options, you can always consider building your own home office shed. There are many tips and tricks available to assist you in carrying out this DIY project, but we understand that this option is not appealing to many people. 

Busy people who prefer quicker ADU construction in San Diego have plenty of best-selling units to consider. The ÖÖD Home Office is a top one to add to your list. We are talking about stylish, functional, and modern. 

Moreover, this mini office unit is highly durable and has a full steel frame. Two sides of the ADU have glass mirror walls. Regardless of the temperature extremes, the year-round insulation keeps you comfortable.

ÖÖD Home Office

4.6. Lake Flato Porch House

Deciding whether to buy or build your backyard shed house requires careful consideration. There are pros and cons on either side. Customization is one of the best perks of doing it yourself, but there are other ways to get around this.

Most prefab homes in San Diego have the option for you to request customization to personalize the unit to your preferences. One of the highly functional bestselling ADUs offering this option is the Lake Flato Porch House. 

This modular home comes in two options. In one, the entire unit is prefabricated, and in the second, the individual walls are prefabricated and put together once on site. One of the standout features of this ADU is the range of options for buyers to get a custom unit. 

Lake Flato Porch House

4.7. NODE Eco

Node, a forward-thinking startup headquartered in Seattle, has ingeniously crafted a series of carbon-negative residences that seamlessly unfold right from the packaging. If you are highly conscious about your environmental impact and are looking for an accessory dwelling unit in San Diego that caters to this, then try the NODE Eco. This ADU is energy efficient and is built on a low-impact foundation. 

The NODE Eco is in its class as far as being sustainable, accessible, and adaptable. There are different options for you to tailor the prefab cabin design to your size and functionality needs.


4.8. Cabin One Minimal House

Another prefab home in California and San Diego worth considering if you want a pre-assembled unit is the Cabin One minimal house. This ADU has everything you need to live comfortably, including a kitchen, bedroom area, and bathroom. You also get storage space and appliances built into the unit and ready to use. 

The Cabin House is made from sustainable materials. There is a skylight in the bedroom, and you can enjoy the convenience of smart controls. While the ADU has a complete design, there is still room for you to customize it. You can choose your décor style and select your furniture ideas.

Cabin One Minimal House

4.9. Cabinspacey Cabin One

Another excellent option from Cabin One is the Cabinspacey. With this smart prefab ADU in San Diego, you enjoy the perfect balance of function and form. Although the unit is modular, it has a unique design that will wow any guests and tenants you might host there. 

Inside it, you can find a bed, bathroom, and kitchen. The cabin itself is made from premium wood and gives off an off grid feel. You don't have to worry about purchasing your furniture because the space includes designer pieces carefully put together. 

The Cabinspacey has modular and hidden storage options to help you keep your belongings close by without compromising the minimalist design.

Cabin One Minimal House

4.10. EcoSpace WorkPod

Finding the right environment to work in when you have a remote job can make all the difference in your productivity. The EcoSpace WorkPod offers the ideal outdoor workspace to allow you to thrive in a unique environment. 

When it comes to extra features, this ADU is one of the most well-equipped, allowing you to work comfortably. Lighting, heating, and ventilation are all available. Sustainability is part of the design with low-energy underfloor heating. There is plenty of shelf space for all your file storage. 

EcoSpace WorkPod

5. How Much Does a Prefab ADU Cost in San Diego?

Prefab homes in San Diego can function as music or art studios, home offices, sheds, guestrooms, or home gyms. If you need more rooms or a place for some privacy nearby, you might want to look into getting an ADU. 

The cost of an outdoor office shed is an important factor when you do your cost-benefit analysis. Moreover, the construction requirements are quite different from a regular building because of the nature of the structure. 

With an ADU, you don't have the lengthy foundation and brick-by-brick building process. ADU construction in San Diego involves the placement of the prefabricated unit onto the property and other related activities. Alternatively, you can opt for ADU construction onsite, especially if you require some personalization. 

An ADU's cost depends on the unit's size and structure. There are also some variations based on the city and state you are in. If you only need to modify an existing structure into an ADU, you could pay under $10,000. 

You are generally looking at a price range of $50,000 to $250,000 for a prefab ADU in San Diego. These modular options can cost much less than the custom options, requiring additional expertise and workmanship.

How Much Does a Prefab ADU Cost in San Diego?

6. Is an ADU Worth the Investment?

ADUs are not cheap, so it’s important to think carefully about why you want one and what you will get from it. 

Should you invest in modular homes in San Diego? It’s worth looking at some of the potential benefits to help you to make a decision: 

  • Increased property value on resale
  • Potential rental income
  • Guesthouse for visiting family and friends
  • Low-cost accommodation for seniors and college graduates
  • Location for a home office
  • Great place for an art or workout studio 

If the advantages of ADU construction in San Diego resonate with you, adding an ADU to your property could be worthwhile. It all comes down to what you are hoping to receive in return. 

Is an ADU Worth the Investment?


Finding the perfect prefab ADU in San Diego can take some research and comparison, but in the end, it is worth it. 

It might involve a significant one-time cost, but for that, you enjoy long-term use. There are other options to consider, including DIY and prefab studio shed kits, but it all depends on your timeframe and quality requirements.

Constructing a prefab ADU in San Diego offers homeowners a valuable opportunity to increase the livable space on their property and contribute to addressing the housing shortage in the city. However, it is crucial to understand and comply with the zoning laws and regulations governing ADU construction.

By familiarizing yourself with the local regulations, following the permitting process diligently, and considering additional factors, you can successfully navigate the ADU construction journey in San Diego.

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