20 Ideas to Transform Your Unused Bonus Room
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20 Ideas to Transform Your Unused Bonus Room

|Aug 7, 2023

Having a bonus room at home is very fun. However, if you don’t know what to do with it, things may be daunting. Don’t worry, though. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best options for your extra space.

Unused Bonus Room Makeover: 20 Inspiring Ideas

Home Office

You’ll need a place to work if you have a remote job. Although you could probably organize your supplies in a corner of your living room, having a dedicated space is a much better alternative. 

One of the most popular bonus room ideas is turning the space into a home office. You’ll need to buy a high-quality desk, a chair, and some storage alternatives to keep all your documents and important things.

Home Office - Bonus room

Guest Bedroom

There are many unique bonus room ideas, but a classic option is to turn the place into a guest bedroom. 

If you enjoy having friends and family around, having extra space for them to stay overnight is a fantastic option. You can include a bed, a comfy couch, and some other pieces of furniture, such as a mirror or even shelves with books. They’ll never want to leave your house! 

Fitness Room

Staying active is essential to improve your health, and turning your bonus room into a fitness space is a fantastic way to achieve that. 

If you’re looking for above-garage bonus room ideas, a fitness space could be the best option because you won’t have to do much - you need to include the equipment you’ll want, and you probably already have some things, such as weights.

Fitness Room - Bonus room

Meditation Room

Everyone needs to relax once in a while. Fortunately, your bonus room can help you with that if you learn to decorate it properly. 

You can turn your extra room into a relaxing space for meditation. Add some cushions, mats, and plants, and play around with your lighting to ensure the space evokes peace. 

If you turn your bonus room into a meditation sanctuary, you can visit it whenever you need it and forget about the hassles of daily life. It’s a fantastic way to manage stress and anxiety. 

Craft Room

While some people get an office desk, a chair, and some shelves and call it a day when decorating their extra room, you can take things to the next level and take advantage of the opportunity to explore your creativity. 

A craft room, for example, could allow you to have fun and engage in fun hobbies such as sculpting or doing woodwork.

If you need a functional home office setup, you can always go the traditional route. However, if you prefer something more extravagant, a craft room could be the ideal option.

Craft Room - Bonus room

Reading Nook

Bookworms dream about having a dedicated space to store all their volumes and peacefully retreat when they want to read. 

If you have an extra room, this might be the ideal moment to take advantage of it and turn it into a dreamy reading nook. 

You can play around with the space you have, so you don’t need to worry about that too much. Add shelves, a table, and a comfortable couch to sit down and read. 

Sometimes, your extra room might be too small to fit a couch in there. Fear not - a comfy office chair will work just fine as long as you know you’ll be comfortable in it for hours. You don’t want to hurt your back!

Reading Nook - Bonus room

Music Studio

If you’re a music enthusiast or a musician, you could turn your bonus room into a studio to have fun or record your projects. 

You’ll need different equipment, such as microphones, musical instruments, amps, and a computer. 

Compared to other bonus room decorating ideas on the list, this one might be slightly more expensive. You may also need more time to prepare everything. 

Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic way to turn your room into a private space for you to be creative and enjoy music, so if you choose to do it, make sure you have fun at every step of the process. 

Home Theater

You don’t need to go to the movie theater to enjoy your favorite films. Instead, you could turn your extra room into a private space to do so and relax there whenever you feel like disconnecting from your daily activities. 

To turn your extra room into a home theater, you’ll need a large TV screen. Alternatively, you could also get a projector. 

Furthermore, you’ll need good speakers to hear properly and a comfortable couch to watch your favorite films. With that, you’re done, but if you want to go the extra mile, buy a popcorn machine!

Home Theater - Bonus room

Game Room

Some think turning their bonus room (like a basement) into a game area would be a waste because they usually don’t play video games, but this is a mistake. There are many options and you don’t necessarily need consoles or a computer. 

You could add a pool table and board games. Throw in a mini fridge and some places to store snacks, and your friends and family will love your basement gaming room

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, though, consoles will be your best friends. Add a large TV to be able to see every detail of your favorite games and that’s it - your room is all set up for you to enjoy.

Game Room

Art Room

Unique room ideas often include turning the space into an art room, especially if you have natural lighting available. 

It’s one of the best options if you’re a creative person because you’ll be able to have a private space to relax and work on your art for hours. 

To turn your extra room into an art space, you’ll need canvases, brushes, and any painting supplies you use, such as pastels, acrylics, gouache, or watercolors. 

Add some plants to give life to the place, and don’t forget to take advantage of natural lighting to make sure you’re able to see what you’re doing when you’re painting.

Art Room

Indoor Garden

Some people feel discouraged when they live in an apartment or a compact house because they don’t have a garden even though they love plants. 

Although small prefab homes are the ideal alternative for you to have enough space for your favorite hobbies, they’re not the only option. You could turn your spare room into an indoor garden and enjoy your time as much as anyone else. 

Do some research and find out about the best indoor plants you could incorporate into your room. You can add a plant wall or different shelves with leaves hanging from them, and your space will be relaxing and a fun place to be in. 

Children’s Playroom

You might have gone through different basement gym ideas, but unfortunately, if you have children at home, there might be other alternatives for your bonus room. 

Turning your extra room into a playroom for your kids could be the best option, especially if you have a remote job and have to spend a long time at home. 

Your children can be inside the playroom while you’re working, and no one will interrupt the other one’s activities. At the same time, you’ll be able to avoid having toys scattered everywhere on your property.

Children’s Playroom - Bonus room

Wine Cellar

Alcohol enthusiasts often love this alternative, especially if you pair it up with futuristic home decor because it’ll completely change the style of your property. 

A wine cellar might be the perfect option if you have different bottles and would like to keep them in a specific place. Whenever your friends or loved ones come to visit, you can give them a tour of all the delicious alternatives you’ve gotten over the years! 

If you want, you could even have a wine-tasting area in the room. However, keep in mind that for the cellar to work, you’ll need to control the temperature of the place at all times. Otherwise, the drinks might go bad.

Home Library

Bonus room decorating ideas usually differentiate a reading nook from a home library, and you should know how they’re not the same too, especially if you own different volumes. 

A reading nook allows you to sit down and read whenever you want to relax and enter the world of your favorite characters and stories. 

However, you might already have a place to read. If you just need somewhere to organize all your books, a home library may be the correct option for you. You’ll just have to add shelves and other storage options.

Home Library - Bonus room

Photography Studio

Some people get caught up looking for desks for a home office, but others may have different interesting hobbies, such as photography. 

If you belong to the second group, having a dedicated space to engage in your favorite activity could be the ideal option if you don’t know what to do with your extra room. 

Turning your extra room into a photography studio doesn’t take that much time or money. Fortunately, it’s one of the most cost-effective options. 

You’ll have to add some backdrops and the right lighting to take photos and that’s it. Alternatively, if you usually don’t use your cameras indoors, you can set up a place to reveal the footage. 

Home Bar

It’s another alternative for alcohol enthusiasts, and it could be the ideal option if you often have friends and family visit you and enjoy making drinks for them. 

To turn your extra room into a home bar, you’ll have to get beautiful storage and furniture options to organize your bottles. 

In addition, remember that lighting is key when it comes to bars, so you’ll have to play around with it. Make sure you add some bar stools for people to sit down to, and your place will look fantastic.

Home Bar

Study Room

You might need a private space to focus while you’re studying, reading, or working. A study room could be the ideal alternative in any of those cases.

The most crucial aspect of putting together a study room is to add the best furniture pieces. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sit down and read for hours. 

Therefore, make sure you get an ergonomic chair and a proper desk. That way, you’ll be able to get work done without worrying about getting injuries.

Study Room

Dance Studio

If you’re a dancer, you probably need some space away from everyone else to practice your moves. 

Fortunately, turning your extra room into a dance studio is a very straightforward process. You’ll just have to clear it out to have some space. If you can, soundproofing is a fantastic idea, so you don’t bother anyone when you’re practicing.

Yoga Studio

The last option on this list helps you relax too, but it also allows you to get your body moving and increase flexibility and stamina. 

Yoga is a fantastic practice, and you could turn your extra room into a studio dedicated to it. You’ll just need to clear it out and make some space. Then, add a mat, throw in some plants to give the place life, and get a speaker to listen to relaxing music while you’re practicing.

workpod for gym

Home Spa

There are many bonus room ideas to try, but for many people, the primary reason they want to change their extra space is that they wish they had a place to relax. 

A home spa, then, could be the ideal solution for all your problems. After a long week, you can go there and forget about everything while you’re putting a face mask on and listening to relaxing music. 

Make sure you go for some soothing options when you’re decorating. Many people choose celestial home decor or other relaxing alternatives. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a bonus room is exciting because you have many alternatives to turn it into the space of your dreams. Now that you know some of the options, it’s time for you to choose one!

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