31 Effective Layouts for Home Office & Desk Design
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31 Effective Layouts for Home Office & Desk Design

|Sep 28, 2021

Nowadays, having an effective home office desk layout is a necessity. Fortunately, you don’t need a dedicated room or ample space to set up one. Small offices are more in line with the current dynamic lifestyle and trendy furniture designs. 

Even the most prominent element of the office, the desk, has evolved in some ways to adapt to the current layouts people use. Keep reading below and see a list of the most effective and ingenious home office setup ideas you can find! 

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30+ Home Office Desk Layouts in 2021

1. Smart Office

Using an adjustable standing desk as the foundation of your layout is an excellent way to create a productive workspace while using almost no space. These desks can provide numerous health benefits to its user and are usually highly customizable. Moreover, you could improve your productivity further by getting a standing desk accessory or an ergonomic chair. 

This home standing desk from Autonomous, the SmartDesk 2 Home, is a good example. Although its contemporary colors fit almost any aesthetic, there’s a DIY frame available which lets you set up your own custom tabletop. 

Smart home office desk layout

2. U-Shaped Office

If you need all the space you can get, consider getting a U-shaped desk. These provide you with ample room for your home office essentials, bringing productivity and efficiency into your work life. Moreover, it fits nicely into any corner and sets a professional tone, regardless of the design you choose.

3. T-Shaped Desk

This collaborative home office desk design is ideal for work partners who want a private zone that retains the interaction of shared spaces. Its users have to share part of the work surface, but there’s enough space in their respective desk returns. 

T home office desk layout

4. Clean and Bright Office

Although fluorescent or LED desk lights can get the job done, they aren’t particularly appealing. If you have a room where sunlight naturally seeps in, you can set up your home office there and enjoy its benefits. Natural lighting can breathe new life into your home office desk setup and improve your circadian rhythm. 

5. Lucite Desk

As lucite is a transparent compound, getting a desk with it can give off the illusion that it takes even less space than it does. It looks significantly neat if you keep things ordered or don’t have much equipment. However, it can be hard to keep it constantly clean. 

6. Sustainable Home Office

Putting up some greenery around your workspace is an excellent home office desk idea that makes the area look significantly more vibrant, especially if it has a dull color palette. Moreover, having plants in your office can offer some benefits! 

They can help reduce work-related stress and clean the air. Additionally, plants reduce noise levels and help you focus. After all, if research found that viewing pictures of nature can make a difference, imagine the effect of an actual plant on your desk or around your workspace. 

Sustainable home office desk layout

7. L-shaped Desk Setup

Occasionally, a regular desk doesn’t provide you the space you need. Fortunately, you can make efficient use of your home office desk layout by installing an L-shaped desk.  These desks are the best solution for people looking to set up a corner office in a narrow space. 

Remember that you can get an L-shaped standing desk if you want to enjoy the benefits of non-sedentary work life. Otherwise, consider taking standing breaks now and then. 

8. Modern Shared Home Office

This home office desk idea incorporates a highly functional layout. It should have a coordinating color palette and a structure that keeps in mind circulation and easy flow.  The only requirement of this design is a pair of modern desks and chairs. 

Regarding the working equipment, it’s up to you and the person you share the office with. Overall, it’s a welcoming layout that offers positive vibes. 

9. The H-Shaped Desk

If you’re looking for a minimalistic home office desk layout that still provides enough space for occasional files or gadgets, consider getting an H-shaped desk. Most of these have a fixed height and provide reversible three or four-tier shelves that can accommodate decorations, files, office equipment, and even a computer case. 

Some desks even have two H-frames side-by-side. They’re a good idea if you want to keep things balanced and benefit from the extra space. 

The H-Shaped Desk

10. Wire Wrap-up

No one likes having cords lying around your home office desk setup. Implementing some wire management tools is a quick way to make any workspace look neat. However, it’s faster and easier to get a desk that already comes with all the trays and grommets you may need.

11. Vintage Desk Design

A vintage desk can spruce up any home office nicely while adding an old-school charm. Getting a suitable one is an excellent idea if you want to reinvent your home office completely. There are numerous desks available, and most of them come with built-in storage options. 

You could even get a secretary desk which has a drop-leaf table between the upper cabinetry and lower drawers. It can transform into a proper desk during the night and disguise itself into a bookshelf during any other time. 

12. Steel Minimalist

This home office desk idea isn’t excessive; it just keeps the essentials. If your work gear consists of only a laptop, you could set up this layout. All you need is a modern office desk with a steel frame and a matching chair. It’s even better if you get an adjustable standing desk and pair it with an ergonomic chair. 

13. The Office Nook

Efficient design and creative planning can turn any odd nook in your property into a great home office desk layout. Should your house have one, you could size it up to see whether a desk fits the space. However, it’s also entirely possible to design the desk precisely to its measures. While you’re at it, consider placing some shelves and cabinets for storage to ensure it remains tidy at all times. 

The Office Nook

14. Transitional Rustic Office

A rustic office can be elegant, functional, and sensible. If your workspace has brick walls, wainscoting, or beadboard panels, you could get a desk with a wood tabletop finish to complete the look. It also works if you have warm-colored walls. This design benefits from an executive chair, especially if the desk you pick has numerous cabinets. 

15. Simple DIY Desk

If you like to take things into your own hands, consider setting up the desk by yourself. You can purchase a frame and start from that point or thoroughly devise the home office desk design. Most DIY projects use a wooden tabletop, so the typical result is a desk with a rustic aesthetic. Nonetheless, you can repaint it so that it fits your workspace. 

16. Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

This chic home office desk idea complements modern desk setups. These shelves are great for storage and for displaying decorations. Moreover, it’s space-efficient. The desk can be an extension of the shelves, but it may be better to set it up apart if you want to keep things relatively simple. 

Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

17. Nook Under the Stairs

If there is no space left for a home office at your house, you can use the awkward space underneath your stairs if you have one. However, turning it into a central home office involves some DIY as the area available varies between houses. 

18. The Bookworm’s Office

Books can do more than offer knowledge or entertaining stories. If you have amassed a collection, you can use them for decoration! Instead of stacking up books on your desk, it’s a better idea to invest in some shelving options and some bookends for them. 

The desk’s location is entirely up to you. You could set it up perpendicular to the wall and have bookshelves surrounding you or have one large bookshelf to the side. 

19. Contemporary Floating Desks

As mentioned, smaller offices are in style, and what better way is there to get into this trend than having floating shelves in place of the usual desk. This home office desk layout is extraordinarily space-efficient and aesthetic. 

It’s important to note that this layout requires some DIY. If you think cutting boards and fixing them to the wall is too complicated, it might be better to check other ideas. Otherwise, get some sleek chairs and enjoy this remarkable design. Also, keep in mind that this desk has a significantly lower weight capacity. 

Contemporary Floating Desks

20. Black Minimalist

The floating home office desk setup is popular due to its practicality and space-saving features, but you can stretch it a bit more by stripping it to the basics and giving it a black theme. You can keep the desk surface in a light tone to prevent the overall aesthetic from being too gothic. 

21. The Window Counter

This home office desk setup takes advantage of natural lighting. You only need to add shelves or cupboards to the side or below for storage and fix the counter to the window. It lets you enjoy the benefits of the sunlight and may give you a nice view. Nonetheless, ensure the window has shutters for those days when you’re feeling sluggish. 

22. Drawer Organizer

Putting some drawer organizers in your desks storage compartments is an excellent way to keep work flowing efficiently. It looks good, keeps clutter contained, and saves you the trouble of looking for the occasional odd item. The best part is that there’s always an option available regardless of your home office desk setup or drawer size. 

Drawer Organizer

23. Wall Organizer

An alternative to drawer organizers is a wall organizer. You can install one in minutes, and the number of pockets available depends on which one you get. Nonetheless, it tidies up your desk and keeps supplies at hand. It’s excellent for standing desks, which often lack drawers or storage compartments of any kind. 

24. The Monochromatic Space

The contemporary monochromatic design creates a clean, cohesive look for your home office desk layout that’s elegant yet approachable. It works best in small spaces, where too many colors can make the room feel somewhat discordant. 

Having modern office furniture following a single color or hue can be an excellent antidote to stress in your workspace. Of course, you can add some accents like plants to further improve your productivity while working. 

25. Office in a Closet

If you have a spare closet, you could create a stow-away home office desk design. There’s hardly any requirement apart from wall-mounted shelves. It’s a relatively inexpensive and straightforward setup, but it may be a bit tight-fitting. If your office chair has flip-up armrests or fits underneath the table, you could have a sleek workspace that vanishes when you close the door. 

Office in a Closet

26. The Murphy Desk

The Murphy desk is similar to the office in a closet. One of the most efficient uses of space, and they often come with built-in storage. Although you could create your design, there are several available for purchase. Choose one that fits your home’s aesthetic and seems reliable enough. It’s important to note that these desks don’t have the best weight capacity. Fortunately, most people who get one only use it with laptops, so it’s rarely an issue. 

27. Storage Galore

Storage and desk organizing items on a work desk can differ in size. Some are nothing more than pen holders, but others can effectively tuck away almost all office equipment and supplies. Nonetheless, these have one thing in common: they’re easy to customize. 

You can purchase decorative storage items and replace your older ones. Likewise, you can put up some DIY shelves. Almost anything works as long as your home office desk setup has enough storage options to leave your workspace looking neat. 

 28. Ladder Office

You can opt for this practical and alluring desk in a ladder when space isn’t an issue. Most of them feature shelves and drawers, but their best characteristic is their portability. 

Ladder Office

29. Washi Tape Creativity Hub

Washi tape is a budget-friendly and functional home office desk décor that lets you personalize your work essentials. You use it to color-code tasks in your planner and keep tags on relevant pages, or you could use it to decorate your desk and other devices. However, one of the best uses of washi tape is for organizing cables. Overall, these strips can help you keep your office significantly tidy and stylish. 

30. The Living Room Office

You can set up a home office desk layout In even the smallest apartments if you don’t mind too much the location of it. The living room office is the perfect example of what you can do with just a long table, a chair, and space. Of course, this home office desk setup isn’t the best idea if you have a family that can distract you while working. 

31. Scandinavian Office

This home office desk layout is a mixture of industrial, minimalist, and modern looks. It puts functionality before all, so it often has little decorations. After all, this design reflects the core aesthetics of Nordic home offices.

Scandinavian Office

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