The 5 Best Writing Desk for Students in 2024
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The 5 Best Writing Desk for Students in 2024

|Aug 12, 2021

As schools reopen for the next academic year, parents like you are concerned about the ill effects of being at home for the last year. So as you search for a writing desk for students, do remember to consider those which will help your child maintain perfect health.  Why? It is only rational as children have spent a long time at their study desk every day being bound at home. As the pandemic kept most folks inside, they have been attending classes, browsing the net, or playing games with friends.

The centuries-old traditional table and chair have their own set of limitations.  As children sit for long hours, they could develop health concerns.  Obesity, cardiovascular problems, stiff body postures could result in poor overall health. Sometimes the symptoms are not evident immediately but develop over time.

Solution? It becomes critical as a parent to look for a desk that enables a proper writing posture.  The best ones are those that are ergonomically designed and encourage you to move when using the desk. You can easily raise the desk to stand and work or lower it back to sit and work.  They are either manually adjustable or can be cranked using a manual lever. However, the best ones have an electric motor that powers the desk height.  Do explore the standing desk height chart to help you choose the right height of the desk.

Here are reviews of the five best writing desks for students. 

5 Best Writing Desks for Students in 2022

1. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core

The SmartDesk Core by Autonomous offers you great looks and large working space. Get it in the classic size with 53" W x 29" D or an XL size of 70.5" W x 30" D.  It has a strong and sturdy steel frame below that can be raised from 29.4” and 48” inches. All at the mere flick of a button. Speeding at 1.3” per second, you can raise it quickly.  Avoid any breakables kept on top of the desk.

What's more? The SmartDesk Core can be pre-programmed for four different heights of your choice. No need to input the details again. This writing desk for students is available in six different colors with three different colors for leg frames, suitable for university students.  It can easily take a load of 265 pounds.

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2. SmartDesk Junior

SmartDesk Junior

Who would have thought that the little professional at work can be highly productive when enabled with a sit-stand student writing table? Yes! Now enable your child to sit and work in the right posture, giving them good health and overall well-being. Reduce tiredness, boredom, and skipping work. With the SmartDesk Junior, you will find children active and healthy as they can sit/stand as they work through. Here is a perfect option for a writing desk with drawers for students. The red and blue accessories keep them engaged as the desk can be raised/lowered between 22" to 45". Perfect, isn't it? A pegboard with movable dowels, two hooks to hang bags and more, a tray to manage all cables, and a drawer to store any knick-knacks; the SmartDesk Junior has it all! It is also a good choice for a student writing desk for the bedroom.



This writing desk for students is highly stable even when adjusted to full height.  It is durable, waterproof, and scratch-proof as children will use it without caring for it much.  This also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The spacious desktop has a dimension of 47"x24"; quite wide, isn't it?  Easy to install, this desk is a prime choice as it is made from wooden medium-density fibreboard.  Want more space? No problem! Just add C-clamps for extra monitors. It fits well in narrow spaces too. The metallic desk frame can easily take a payload of 330lbs. On the downside, folks who have used it miss a cable management tray.

4. Tower Desk with four shelves

Need more space for your books and other material? Don't worry! This writing desk for students has it all! The integrated shelves of this student writing table are easy to assemble and have a large capacity to hold all your books and gadgets on open shelves. This makes picking up and replacing books easy.  No doors to open and no need to squeeze books.  The sturdy frames hold a payload of up to 100 lbs.

The steel frames that support the tower desk are great to look at. Adding functionality, the desk is built for higher stability and sturdiness.  You may choose to skip a shelf to accommodate larger items like a CPU or large items.

5. SHW Eelectric Height Adjustable Desk

SHW Eelectric Height Adjustable Desk

Electric motors power this ergonomic sit/stand desk. This writing desk for students can easily take a weight of up to 110 lbs capacity. It is sturdy to take on the weight of your books, computer systems, and best for multiple monitor desk setup.  A cable management system, included, keeps your desk and surroundings cable-free, avoiding accidents.  You can easily raise/lower the desk between 28’’ to 46’’ of height.  You can store up to four different height settings. 


Get yourself the latest standing desk that offers high stability even when raised to the highest level and is ergonomically designed. It has to be the Autonomous SmartDesk Core or for the junior, don't miss our best choice of the SmartDesk Junior. Just go for it!

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