8 Standing Desk Mistakes To Avoid

8 Standing Desk Mistakes To Avoid

|Mar 2, 2021

Everyone makes a standing desk mistake or two. Standing desks are relatively new. Many recognize the benefits but tend to make certain errors that can take away from all the good they can do. Not only do they help with posture, but they have been seen to lower back pains, neck pains, and even burn more calories.

Before you give up on standing desks altogether, there are easy fixes to any mistakes you might be making. So, here is how to use a standing desk correctly!

Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Too High or Too Low

The point of an adjustable standing desk is to make sure the height is perfect for you. Where the standing desk is positioned has a significant effect on the position of the screen and keyboard. When these items are at an appropriate height, it can dramatically reduce aches, pains, and other issues that come with being hunched over a desk.

So, a tip for standing desk users to avoid standing desk mistakes is to set your desk to the proper height. It should be at elbow height and close to your body. If you find that your elbows are bending upwards, it is time to change your settings.

Standing Desk Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

2. Changing Up Positions

Having an office desk is giving you the freedom to move around. Switching between sitting and standing keeps you from staying in one position for too long and hurting either your back or feet. If you’re constantly standing at your new desk, then you’re giving way to foot and joint pain issues in the future.

You can switch up positions by occasionally swaying, using an active mat, or simply sitting for a while. By switching positions every twenty minutes or so, you’re keeping the chances of future issues from coming up.

tip for standing desk

3. Screen too Low

A standing desk mistake everyone makes is keeping their screens too low even when using a standing desk. When your screen is too low, it can cause significant neck and upper back pain because of the constant strain on your neck.

If you’re using a computer monitor, raise it and tilt it back so that you can see the screen clearly. If you’re using a laptop, getting a laptop stand really helps. It lifts your laptop up about 8 inches so that your neck isn’t strained.

standing at work mistake

4. Hard Surfaces, Harder Consequences

Standing still on a hard surface for extended periods of time isn’t good for your joints and leads to extreme discomfort. Standing on hard surfaces while you’re working reduces the effectiveness of the standing desk and also causes you extreme discomfort. Even if it for twenty minutes, you’ll be less inclined to stand up while working if you’re not comfortable.

A tip for standing desk here is that make sure the floor under your feet is soft by purchasing a carpet, a nice plush rug, or a good quality anti-fatigue mat. The anti-fatigue mats reduce the amount of discomfort and joint pain you experience when standing at your desk, even for those twenty minutes.

Hard Surfaces, Harder Consequences

5. Comfort is Key

Dressing up nicely and coming to work is a part of feeling good. It brightens the mood and sets the tone for the workday. However, a standing at work mistake that you might be making is wearing uncomfortable footwear. Footwear such as heels and certain formal footwear is likely to cause pain in different areas of the body.

When using a standing desk, wear comfortable footwear. The best kind of supportive footwear are orthopedic shoes. They also come in several stylish options, so you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Wearing a comfortable pair of shoes helps if you have to run errands or be on your feet a lot!

Comfort is Key

6. Wrist Rotations

If your job entails a lot of typing or writing work, then having shooting pains in your wrists can be incredibly frustrating. However, it is more common than you’d think. Often, the wrist placement of typists and writers is wrong, leading to wrist pains or worse.

The perfect position for your wrists is flat. They need to be 180 degrees to your arms. Make sure your desk is an ideal height to prevent your wrists from bending upwards to reach your keyboard. Using a keyboard mat can raise the keyboard preventing your wrists from bending upwards.

Wrist Rotations

7. Chairs Are Key

Even if you’re using a standing desk, it is important to switch positions and sit down once in a while to avoid standing at work mistake. When you’re seated, it is important to have the proper kind of support. Improper back support can cause lower back issues, neck pains, and more.

Using an ergonomic chair fixes these issues. An ergonomic chair has adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, soft seats, and adjustable heights. They’re perfect for a workspace.

Since they can be a little pricey, you can also simply adjust your posture and straighten up. If you catch yourself slouching, straighten your back and place your feet flat on the ground. The correct posture is necessary to avoid back pains and other issues.

Chairs Are Key

8. Memory Matters

The best standing desk UK has a memory setting. These settings are customizable to suit your needs. When you find the perfect heights for your desk, you can set the table to move to the correct position without having to change it manually each time.

Many don’t utilize the memory settings or don’t have memory settings on their standing desks. Having to find the right height for your standing desk each time you switch positions can get frustrating. You might start to simply stop standing as much, which defeats the purpose of a standing desk.

Make sure you check the features of the standing desk before you purchase. Take a look at the control unit and make sure it has a memory setting. However, most companies these days build standing desks with up to four memory settings. Ensure that you take the time out to set these heights to save future-you frustration and effort.

Memory Matters


Standing desks are incredibly useful tools, especially in the workplace. However, since many are new to the concept, it is easy to make a standing desk mistake. The mistakes take away from the usefulness of a standing desk. So, as long as you’re avoiding certain mistakes, you’ll be making full use of your standing desk UK.

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