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Back-to-School Checklist for Busy Teachers
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Back-to-School Checklist for Busy Teachers

|Aug 6, 2021

Many schools and colleges are pondering over resuming physical school as education has been one of the most affected areas by the pandemic. The shift to online classes and virtual quizzes has made many students lose motivation, and teachers fear that this might lead to a careless attitude in youngsters. If your school is opening soon and you are excited about getting back to those students, then there is something every teacher must know.

The practices of the pre-Covid world were much different from the post-Covid scenario, and the education sector is no different. To make sure you adapt the ways of teaching, this article will cover the essential back-to-school checklist for teachers who don't have enough time to research and create a back-to-school supplies checklist on their own.

Back to School Preparation Checklist for Teacher

Back to School Preparation Checklist for Teacher

Other than making your school's layout socially distanced and according to the measures of Covid, various items fall under the category of back to school preparation checklist. And if it's the back-to-school preschool checklist, teachers need to be extra supportive to bring those small kids on board after months of break.

Other than motivating the children with the best desk accessories, various back-to-school tips can help make this transition easy. For most cases, the great thing is that back-to-school accessories are not so much different from office accessories, so if you had a home office setup, there is another use for those things.

Or you could also check out the Autonomous back-to-school deal and get all the supplies in one place. Here are some of the must-have back-to-school checklists that all busy teachers should take a look at once.

Setting up the Classroom

Setting up the Classroom

This is the first step teachers need to take. Rather than just setting up a classroom in old ways, the modern classroom requires much more effort. You need to be smart about the layout and plan the seating arrangement carefully.

If you opt for an ergonomically friendly classroom (which you should), then opting for Standing desks and ergonomic chairs is a good idea. This transition will bring activity to your kids, and they will have better health overall. For ideas regarding a college desk setup, you can begin with a smart desk that can cater to many students.

Standing desks such as SmartDesk Core help straighten young learners who are not too focused on maintaining their health. They are also energy boosters that can give a better learning time.

Interactive Centers

While social distancing is here to stay, interaction in the classroom is the key to growth and study. Rather than just asking the students to sit in groups and discuss a topic, you can go for an interactive bulletin board where each student can come and present their ideas accordingly.



Without proper lamination, a study place won't instill productivity. Poor lighting can result in decreased focus as well as various issues for the eyes and brain. Make sure the classroom is well laminated, and the natural light is supported as much as possible. If you opt for L-shaped standing desks to make the most of space, don't forget to laminate the corners. Sure, lighting is expensive but having separate desk lamps is a good idea to focus on students.

Classroom Technology

Another noticeable thing in the back-to-school checklist is the technology. The old classroom technology hasn't been used for months, and you don't want to waste the first day back at school. Therefore, make sure you properly check the technology for any faults or maintenance. It is important to make sure the classroom is clean, well maintained, and checked for any faults before you resume the physical study experience.

Seat Assignments

Seat Assignments

Not because you are a strict teacher who won't let two buddies sit together, but because social distancing has become a norm. Another concept of social distancing is to practice desk rotations. And if your school is practicing half of the students count at any time in the classroom, it is important to assign the seats to avoid any confusion. You can make name tags to mention respective desks for each student and make sure to rotate the desks each day, so every student feels equally involved.

Organize Your Desks

Once you are done assigning the seats, organizing your desks is the second step in the back-to-school checklist. By organizing your desk, you can make each kid have a great impression of you, which will also save time during the day. In addition, an organized desk gives rise to organized ideas, so you won't find yourself cluttered and overly occupied while teaching.

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

While adults are a bit mannered or grown into it, it gets really hard to manage students. By making rules and posting them in the classroom, the student will sense the importance of rules. Please make a list of the rules and their penalties and publicize it. You can also figure out a few signs to get the attention of the kids.

You can also divide the classroom rules into various parts of the day to have an easy time following and remembering them.

  • Establish a morning routine (morning discussion session, seat work, etc.).
  • Make a dismissal procedure (cleaning up after leaving the desk, arranging the supplies, etc.).
  • Establish a schedule for attendance, lunch, toilet breaks, corridor wandering, and other activities.

First Day Preparations

Here is a must-have part in your back-to-school checklist. Parents are indeed more concerned about the health and safety of their kids as compared to the kids themselves. Especially for a parent who cannot visit and see the arrangements themselves, will always think the classroom isn't safe for their kids. You can solve this issue by addressing the parents directly.

The great idea is to write a welcome email in which you mention all the details of the safety measures taken for the students. Or you could also arrange the classroom tour for parents to bring peace to their minds. Or attaching relevant images of the new layout with the email will also give an idea of safety measures taken by the school.

Educate the Kids

Educate the Kids

Educating the kids about the back-to-school routine after Covid is much more different than usual. It is a necessary and important thing in your back-to-school checklist. Teach the kids the importance of social distancing and how they should be cautious at all times.

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