Best Small Quiet Treadmills for Under Desk
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Best Small Quiet Treadmills for Under Desk

|Jul 16, 2023

Running is considered the best workout because of its simple nature and is categorized as the most human form of exercise. However, not everyone has access to parks and nearby grounds to run a mile. In that case, a small quiet treadmill can be your best friend, allowing you to run as much as you want.

However, most treadmills available in the market are quite noisy. That's why a compact quiet treadmill for under desk is an ideal piece of fitness equipment for those who want to exercise in the comfort of their own home. A walking pad treadmill is a great way to get the exercise you need without the noise and disruption of a traditional gym.

We have compiled this list of the best small quiet treadmills to offer you a smooth, silent workout experience.

Top Picks

1. WalkingPad Walking Treadmill R2

The WalkingPad R2 quiet under desk treadmill is the first item on our list and is offered in a simple gray color. It is a stylish and highly portable treadmill designed for individuals with limited space. Its sleek design allows it to blend into any room seamlessly.

This little model has a four-layered body with speed settings and fitness tracker that are responsive to foot pressure. The automated product is portable and simple to fold 180 degrees. 

It's primarily intended for walking but can accommodate light jogging. The compact size and ability to fold make it easy to store under a bed or in a closet when not in use. While it lacks advanced features, it's an excellent choice for those seeking a simple and space-saving workout solution.

2. WalkingPad Treadmill X21

The same brand's X21 Double-fold small quiet treadmill is an upgrade over the R2, offering a larger walking surface and a broader speed range, making it suitable for both walking and jogging.

It has a phone holder and a one-touch display. The sleek, contemporary frame has a power-finished appearance. It maintains the brand's focus on portability and space-saving, allowing users to fold and store it conveniently. The X21 is a versatile option for those looking to incorporate more intensive workouts into their routine without sacrificing space.

3. WalkingPad A1 PRO Foldable Treadmill

This is a budget-friendly alternative in the WalkingPad lineup. t retains the brand's foldable design and compact size, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget or with limited space. However, it may lack some of the advanced features found in the higher-end models.

Running on this WalkingPad A1 PRO folding walking treadmill, enjoy monitoring your daily progress straight from the WalkingPad app. The product has a four-layered design that makes it strong and resilient.

4. InMovement Under Desk Treadmill

The greatest folding curved treadmill should enable you to run and work at the same time. For your benefit, this product accomplishes just that! Additionally, the motor is quiet, which makes it a pleasure to run on.

This treadmill is specifically designed for office or home use while working at a desk. Its low profile and quiet operation make it a discreet addition to your workspace. It allows users to stay active throughout the day by walking slowly while working, promoting better health and productivity.

5. ZJDU Treadmill

The ZJDU Treadmill is a budget-friendly option suitable for light walking. While it may not have the advanced features or durability of more expensive models, it serves as a cost-effective choice for those looking for a basic treadmill for light workouts.

Choose this electric incline compact quiet treadmill for walking if you wish to burn calories more quickly. The device has practical buttons that let you adjust settings.

6. SHAREWIN Under Desk Treadmill

You may operate the most quiet under desk treadmill with the included remote, much like the WalkingPad versions.

Similar to the InMovement treadmill, the SHAREWIN Under Desk Treadmill is designed for discreet use in an office environment. It operates quietly and allows users to maintain physical activity while working, contributing to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

7. YXDFG Smart Walking Treadmill

The YXDFG Smart Walking Treadmill is designed with smart connectivity in mind. Users can track their workouts and progress, making it an attractive choice for tech-savvy individuals. It's suitable for both walking and light jogging, catering to a wide range of fitness levels.

This folding, low-noise small treadmill for home includes two speed settings and a handy handrail. Your current speed, calorie loss, and distance traveled are displayed on the LED screen.

8. UREVO 3 in 1 Folding Treadmill

The UREVO 3 in 1 Folding Treadmill is a versatile fitness machine designed for convenience and space-saving. It offers three modes of operation, allowing users to walk, jog, or run, depending on their fitness goals. The folding design makes it easy to store when not in use, which is a significant advantage for those with limited space.

It often comes with a user-friendly console that tracks essential workout metrics. This treadmill is an excellent choice for individuals seeking flexibility in their workout routines and compact storage options.

9. Sunny Health Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness is a reputable brand in the fitness equipment industry. Their treadmill offers a reliable and sturdy build, suitable for both walking and jogging. It may come with various speed and incline options, catering to users with different fitness levels and goals. While it may not be as compact as some foldable options, it delivers durability and performance.

10. FYC Under Desk Treadmill

This amazing FYC model in plain white is the final finest home folding treadmill we have. This item contains a multipurpose LED display to track your fitness development.

The FYC Under Desk Treadmill is designed for use in an office or home office setting. Its compact size and quiet operation make it ideal for walking while working. This treadmill promotes an active lifestyle during sedentary tasks, which can be beneficial for overall health and productivity.

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What is a Treadmill Used for?

Cardiovascular exercise is the most common application for treadmills. However, you may utilize this fitness equipment for more than just cardiovascular fitness. Especially useful for building muscle in the buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Historically, the term "treadmill" was used to describe any mill that was run by a person or an animal that would follow the treads of a wheel in order to grind grain.

What is a Treadmill Used for?

Benefits of Using a Mini Quiet Treadmill


The first benefit of a small quiet treadmill is that it is much quieter than a standard treadmill. This means that you can exercise without disturbing your family or neighbors. It also means that you can watch TV or listen to music while you exercise without having to worry about the noise. 

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of a compact quiet treadmill is that it is much more energy efficient than a standard treadmill. This means that you can save money on your electricity bill by using a quieter treadmill. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area where electricity prices are high. 


The benefit of a compact quiet treadmill is that it is much more affordable than a standard treadmill. This is because it is usually much smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to move around and store. It also usually has fewer features, which can help to reduce the cost. 

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Factors to Consider While Buying the Quietest Under Desk Treadmill

There are several factors you should consider while buying a silent treadmill. Here are the most prominent factors:


You can get treadmills starting from $500 up to $2500. What matters is the amount you are willing to spend on a treadmill. If you are a fitness freak with heavy treadmill usage, you should consider spending a lot to get the reliable option you need.

However, keep one thing in mind. Do not get attracted by fancy treadmills with big touchscreens and unnecessary add-ons. Sometimes, cheaper options can mean a simple treadmill that works without much tech but does the intended job.

Purpose of Usage

The treadmill isn’t always for running. Many use it just for walking and completing their daily step count. That said, a treadmill used for walking does not have a long belt. On the other hand, if you want a treadmill for running, you need an option with a longer belt so you can make a longer stride while running.

Purpose of Usage

Room Space

Before you get excited and buy a good-looking treadmill on the internet, be sure to know the space in your room and whether it will accommodate the treadmill. The best practice is to measure the floor space where you wish to keep the treadmill and then search for options. This will ensure that your room doesn’t get cramped and has enough walking space around the equipment.

Extra Options

If you are investing in a treadmill to improve your health and burn down those hard-to-cut calories, you should consider a treadmill that monitors certain benchmarks. Many treadmills come with multiple program options customized to your intended goal.

Moreover, treadmills have a built-in heart monitor, step counter, and other features to improve your workout sessions.

Extra Options

Frequency of Use

If you are not the only one in your household who will use a treadmill, consider an option with a stronger motor. Frequent use by multiple people can result in the treadmill being heated and overused. To improve the lifespan of the treadmill, decide on time intervals before the next person can use the treadmill after the previous one has completed their workout.

Tips for Reducing Treadmill Noise

The main reason a treadmill is noisy is the moving belt over the rollers. However, some treadmill parts might also result in a noisy ride. A few common reasons causing the noise can be uneven floors, unlubricated belts, or loose anchors. Here is a general step-by-step guide to fixing a noisy treadmill:

Step 1 – Identify the Problem

Turn your treadmill on like you normally would and look for any uneven noises while walking, running, or leaving it idle. If the treadmill continues to make noise even in the idle position, it has nothing to do with the deck cushions, and it might be just a case of loose anchors or an unlubricated belt.

You can also better understand the problem by jumping on random spots on the treadmill and hearing any suspecting noises.

Step 1 – Identify the Problem

Step 2 – Lubricate the Belt

How to lunbricate a treadmill belt? Lubricate the belt using refined oil. We recommend that you read the user manual before lubricating the belt yourself. The quietest walking pad probably has a warranty attached to it. Call the customer care team for much more professional maintenance.

Step 3 – Tighten Loose Screws and Anchors

Just to ensure, get a mechanical wrench or a crank to tighten up any loose screws and anchors that might be causing the noise.

Step 4 – Place on an Even Surface

Sometimes, a treadmill is noisy because of the uneven surface. Make sure that your treadmill lies on a 180° surface. Even the slightest misalignment can cause the belt to work improperly, resulting in noisy functions.

Step 4 – Place on an Even Surface

Basic Treadmill Maintenance and Care Guide

Turn Off After Each Use

It is always best practice to power off your treadmill after using it. This saves power and also prevents any unforeseen accidents. Moreover, this also cools off the treadmill and prepares it for the next run.

Clean the Treadmill Belt and Handles

Since you will run with your shoes on the treadmill, giving the belt a good wipe using a disinfectant is advised. Moreover, an intense workout results in dripping sweat which might cause corrosion to the treadmill's body. Always wipe and clean the treadmill to ensure its longevity and effective use.

Lubricate the Belt

Lubricating the treadmill belt once every three months ensures it runs smoothly with the least noise. Moreover, lubricating the belt also minimizes the wear and tear of the machine. Use high-quality lubricant oils on the treadmill to make sure it does not damage the interior parts of the machine.

Do A General Cleanup

Do a general cleanup of your quietest treadmill once every month to clean off all the accumulated dirt and grime in those hard-to-get corners. Cleaning all nooks and crannies of the treadmill prevents it being malfunctioning. A vacuum cleaner can do this job for you most effectively.

Basic Treadmill Maintenance and Care Guide


When buying the small quiet treadmill from the market, you must know how to take care of and properly maintain it. The utmost care and maintenance ensure that your running machine works as it should for years to come. A high-quality treadmill can serve you for around 10 years, provided it is regularly maintained and looked after.

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