How to Build a Rooftop Shed for Your Family
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How to Build a Rooftop Shed for Your Family

|Aug 6, 2022

Building an entire structure for your home or redoing an existing one is not kind to your budget or savings. From expensive materials to craftsmanship and paying the labor wage, all things combine to take a big toll on your budget. But with home maintenance popping up every other month, you must have certain skills and techniques to make things work at your own home. This will be both cost-effective with numerous benefits and give you better control over how you want things to be.

Doing a rooftop shed from scratch seems like an impossible challenge, but with the help of a step-by-step guide, you can easily build your desired rooftop shed design and save yourself some money. Whether it is for a room or an office pod, a prefab office, or a wooden pod for the garden, certain rules apply to all kinds of rooftop garden shed designs. In this article, we will share some tips to build your rooftop pod design as per your needs.

Add Insulation

Add Insulation in rooftop shed

The secret is insulation. Although this is where you should start, there are other aspects you might want to take care of as well. For extended periods, whether for work, education, hobbies, or naps, a place can be used thanks to insulation's waterproofing and thermal comfort. Additionally, it produces sound dampening, which offers the privacy that many people want from these projects.

Concrete Floor

While the rooftop shed ceiling material is different from wood to fiberglass or even any kind of metal, the strength and durability of the shed floor come with concrete. Concrete is a tough competitor for a shed floor that is durable, low to the ground, and robust. Surprisingly, the cost is equivalent to that of a wooden platform if you pour the slab yourself.

Take Precise Measurements

Take Precise Measurements

When you are squaring up the floor and walls of your shed, resist the urge to be careless. You'll be haunted by an off-square beginning for the duration of the project, from doors and windows to trim and roofing. Measure diagonally across the opposing corners of the form boards for a concrete slab. Once the diagonal measures are equal, modify the shapes. For a wood platform floor, repeat the process. Before setting up the walls to install sheet siding, measure diagonally and square them up before nailing the siding on.

The roof Trusses

Before you go on next with the best roof style, you need to build roof trusses for your shed where the entire roof would be set. Though this one is a given, and one cannot ignore the importance of roof trusses or the roof skeleton, the roof trusses' design, quality, and style will impact how long your rooftop shed lives.

One truss is required every two feet while learning how to create a shed roof, generally speaking. The cost will be roughly half of this if you make your own. Site-built truss framework is joined together with plywood gussets that are screwed and bonded to the joints.

Choose a Style

Choose a Style for rooftop shed

The first and foremost thing you should do is to plan and choose the terrace rooftop shed design you wish to achieve. Since there are multiple rooftop shed designs, the construction, planning, cost, and raw material requirement will be different for each. Now choosing a style to do your roof for an indoor office pod doesn't only come down to looks. But some other factors will help in making a decision.

For instance, your budget and the type of material you choose will up or down the cost of your raw material purchase. Secondly, the purpose of the shed, whether you need to fight off the severe weather conditions, build a design that looks appealing or insulate your space to build a privacy pod and block off noise or weather changes.

Some common shed rooftops include gable, Skillion, and gambrel roof styles. The material and style are slightly different, but one thing that remains common with these roof types is they all are sloped to prevent rainwater or snow from accumulating on the top.

Gable rooftops have a single peak with a symmetrical sloped design, whereas gambrel rooftops are used for barns and have two sloped angles, which are at a right angle to each other. Skillion roofs are the simplest of all and are used in shed buildings because the roof is one platform that has a gradual slope. 

Determine the Slope

As mentioned before, a roof shed usually has a slope to it so the rainwater, snow falling on it, or any dirt or dust doesn't accumulate on the surface of the material and damage it continuously. The slope design also adds to the aesthetics of the rooftop and will give a classic look from afar. But it is important to determine the right level of slope to determine a proper look and a sturdy design. If you are purchasing built pods like the Autonomous pods, then some of them offer sloped options as well.


But for your DIY project, the rule is to build a shed with a slope of three in twelve. This means that for every twelve inches, the rise in the roof should be three inches for the design to be sturdy and durable.

Add Overhangs

The front of your rooftop shed should be equally protected, but as we speak about keeping your shed safe, it is wise to protect all four sides, and an overhang is the best way to do so. Therefore, it is important to think about adding overhangs to the ends of your shed while it is being built. Overhangs are more labor- and resource-intensive, but they offer some rain and snow protection, which means less painting and upkeep. Furthermore, overhangs give you a spot to install decorative brackets and look better.

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

There are various benefits of planning a rooftop shed with lots of windows and a sufficiently sized door. First, it looks great. Secondly, it reduces the raw material cost which would have been used in building the walls and thirdly your shed will have a pleasant open view which will make it as natural as possible.

The fresh air and natural light can make the whole space user-friendly, and if you are planning to use it for a home office setup, then there is no better place to work than in the presence of natural light. And when it comes to choosing the right windows, we recommend the barn sash windows as they are cost-friendly and also have the right design for a shed.

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