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The Best Computer Office Desks with Wireless Charging
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The Best Computer Office Desks with Wireless Charging

|May 27, 2024

A wireless charger can help you reduce the clutter in your designated work area. What if you could have a desk with a wireless charger included already? It can be an even more space-efficient option for those who enjoy minimalism. Take a look at some of the best options for a computer desk with wireless charging.

Desk with Built-In Wireless Charger – Top 5 Options

1. Autonomous Desk mini

Top Dimensions28.5'' x 19.7'' x 0.24"
Height Range (with top)29" - 48"
ColorBeige and White
Top Material TypeTempered glass
Base MaterialSPCC steel
Sound level40 dB
Weight Capacity140 lbs

Those who are looking for something more space-efficient might like the Autonomous Desk mini. This is a small rolling standing desk that includes several useful features in one product, including power sockets and two USB ports, one for USB-A and the other for USB-C. Of course, it is a small portable standing desk with wireless charging, compatible with devices that utilize Qi wireless charging technology.

It has a minimalistic design, and you can easily move it from one place to another, making it easier for you to move your workstation around your home whenever you need it. It is a strong candidate for the best mobile standing desk, especially if you're looking for something that allows you to save space while also allowing you to look after your physical health by making it easy to alternate between sitting and standing.

Autonomous Desk mini

The tabletop is made from premium tempered glass. It looks elegant and feels classy. All you have to do to start working with it is to plug it in, and you’re good to go. It’s an excellent rolling-standing computer desk.

2. WorkPro

Dimensions50.4"H x 60"W x 30"D
Height Range (with top)24-4/5" - 50-2/5"

The WorkPro height-adjustable standing desk is an excellent option for those looking forward to upgrading their workstation and using a bit more space than regular. It's easy to get used to it since it includes a keypad where you can easily press a key to raise or lower the height of it. This is a versatile desk that works perfectly for both the office and gaming. The metal frame and MDF table top provide it with resistance, meaning that it will accompany you for a long time.

This gaming desk with wireless charger feels and looks premium. It doesn’t take much time to get used to it. The controls are smooth, and it is easy to switch heights from whatever you want at the moment. Perhaps the biggest downside is that it is a bit heavy, meaning that you may have to get some help if you want to move it from where you originally placed it. Other than that, it is perfect for those who prefer a spacious workstation.

WorkPro desk with wireless charger

As for the wireless charging feature, it is as good as it can be. You can just leave the phone in the right spot, get to work, and the desk will do its job. It's an excellent choice for people who might need to check their phones often.


Dimensions23"D x 45"W x 27.9"H
Height Range (with top)27.9” - 45.6”
Sound level<50 dB
Weight Capacity110 lbs

The FARRY standing desk with wireless charger built-in might be the perfect choice for people who want to minimize space usage. It includes a hidden drawer, allowing you to have extra storage space for anything you may need throughout your workday. Hence, it can be a good choice for people who might want to reduce the clutter in their desks.

This is a dual-motor model that weighs around 90.5 pounds. Instead of a keypad, it has a touchscreen that you can use to raise or lower the height, which can go from 27.9” to 45.6”, meaning that you should be able to adjust it to your preferred settings based on your height without problems.

FARRAY desk with wireless charger

Besides a wireless charger, this standing desk also includes a power socket and two USB ports, one Type-A and one Type-C, so that you can connect other devices and appliances without problems. It is quite versatile, making it a perfect option for people who utilize more than one device and would like to keep their whole ecosystem working at all times.


Dimensions23"D x 45"W x 27.9"H
Height Range (with top)27.9” - 45.6”
Sound level50 dB
Weight Capacity176 lbs

If you want to save space, it’s highly recommended going for the AOKE Wistopht CompactDesk. It includes just about everything you might need in order to have a tidy and functional workspace. This tempered glass desk covers a height range from 28.3” to 47.6”. It has a few add-ons, such as two USB ports and, of course, the wireless charging dock.

It is definitely one of the best desks on the list, not only because it has good functions, but also because it looks good and is space-efficient. Despite being a small portable standing desk, you should still have enough space for all your peripherals and maybe two monitors.

AOKE desk with wireless charger

In addition to being compact, this adjustable standing desk for small spaces comes with wireless charging and also includes a drawer, allowing you to store books, files, and other devices (such as tablets or iPads) without problems. Plus, since it's small and relatively light, you can easily move it from one place to another and change your workstation whenever you need it without the help of an additional person.

5. Kowo

Dimensions23.5"D x 47.2"W x 47"H
Height Range (with top)28” - 47.6”
Weight Capacity300 lbs

The last office desk with wireless charging on the list is the Kowo K302. It is a tempered glass standing desk that includes a wireless charger and two USB ports and is that "sweet spot" between compactness and maximalism. It can fit pretty much any space and has a height range that goes from 28" to 47.6".

It has little to no drawbacks. In fact, similar to other models listed, it has a hidden drawer that you can use for more storage. It covers just about everything you may need when it comes to a desk, from a sturdy construction that lifts up to 300 lbs without problems to smooth controls when you want to alternate between sitting and standing.

Kowo desk with wireless charger

The Kowo K302 is an excellent choice for people looking for a desk with wireless charger. It includes several other features that make it easier to keep an organized workstation without having to compromise your comfort. And the best part is that all these features come for less than $400!

Benefits of an Adjustable Desk with Wireless Charger

1. Enhanced Convenience

One of the primary benefits of an adjustable desk with a wireless charger is the convenience it offers. You can easily keep your devices powered up by simply placing them on the designated charging area. This eliminates the need for multiple charging cables and power outlets, creating a clutter-free workspace.

2. Improved Ergonomics

Adjustable desks allow you to change the height of your workspace to suit your ergonomic needs. This flexibility helps reduce strain on your neck, back, and shoulders by allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing positions. Proper ergonomics are crucial for maintaining good posture and preventing work-related injuries.

3. Increased Productivity

By combining the benefits of adjustability with wireless charging, these desks help streamline your workflow. You can keep your devices charged and ready to use without interrupting your tasks to find and plug in chargers. This continuous power supply ensures that you can work more efficiently and stay focused on your tasks.

4. Space-Saving Design

Without the clutter of charging cables and adapters, you can maintain a clean and organized workspace. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your desk but also provides more room for your work materials and accessories.

5. Health Benefits

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can have significant health benefits. An adjustable desk encourages more movement, which can help reduce the risk of sedentary lifestyle-related issues such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Standing periodically also helps improve circulation and can boost your energy levels and concentration.

6. Versatility and Flexibility

Adjustable standing desk with wireless charging is versatile and can be used in various settings, including home offices, corporate environments, and gaming desk setups. The ability to adjust the desk height and charge devices wirelessly makes these desks suitable for multiple users and different tasks, enhancing their overall functionality.

7. Modern and Sleek Design

These desks often feature modern and sleek designs that enhance the look of any workspace. The seamless integration of wireless charging technology adds a high-tech, minimalist touch, making your workspace look more professional and organized.

An adjustable standing desk with wireless charging combines the benefits of ergonomic design, convenience, and modern technology to create an optimal workspace. These desks enhance productivity, promote better health, and help maintain an organized, clutter-free environment. Whether you’re working from home, in an office, or setting up a gaming station, this is a valuable investment that meets both your functional and aesthetic needs.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on a desk to be able to have a comfortable, supportive and functional work surface. The desks listed here are both affordable and quite useful, allowing you to take advantage of several functions while also contributing positively to the ergonomics of your workspace.

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