Creating Your Dream Gaming Room with These Popular Themes
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Creating Your Dream Gaming Room with These Popular Themes

|May 30, 2024

If the world of fantasy has had any influence on you at all, the chances are that you've imagined your dream gaming room more times than you would care to admit. What's stopping you from putting it together then?

Perhaps you don't realize how straightforward it can be, which means you need a little nudge in the right direction. In this case, direction means dazzling you with wonderful ideas that have likely crossed a few great minds before.

Get ready to embark on a journey complete with RGB gaming lights, comfortable furniture, and a series of accessories to make things fun!

Exploring Popular Gaming Room Themes

Usually, these things will start with thinking of a game you really like. That allows you to narrow down the genre. Imagine that you don’t have a huge space to work with, but you're into space exploration, for example. Small gaming room ideas that include stars, futuristic-looking tech, pictures of aliens, etc., would work well. Here's a look at 10 popular themes to get you started.

1. Space Odyssey

It's almost like the example mentioned above was meant to be the perfect segue into the first option. What comes to mind when you think of a space odyssey type of theme? If nothing else, your imagination is going to be out in the stars.

The look we're going for here is one of a futuristic space station. As you consider that, there's a lot of alien activity, advanced technology, bright lights, and the like. Therefore, you're going to need to get your space to represent that aura.

RGB flair is a must. This could come from your PC peripherals, case fans, smart bulbs, and wall lighting. After all, your gaming setup inspiration here is anything but dull. Furniture colors such as white or gray should work well, and you're going to want as much outer space memorabilia as possible.

Maybe you can consider hanging some Star Wars wall photos, or you could even have paperweights, such as globes and spaceships around.

Space Odyssey - dream gaming room

2. Medieval Quest

Greetings adventurer! Might thou be interested in tall tales of medieval ambiance? If you're one of the many players of these kinds of games, then you probably felt right at home hearing that question. Like the language, the aesthetic is from a different time that you will be looking to recapture.

A few decorative elements such as broad swords, shields, and elements of battle clothing, can go a long way. Since they're not originals, they shouldn't break the bank, though if you can afford it, feel free to spend a bit more to make things even more realistic.

Remember that stone structures were all the rave back then, so even if it means using convincing wallpaper patterns, you might as well go all in.

Artificial lighting sources were less varied during the medieval era, so it is all about the ambient lighting that you can easily generate with table lamps, which happen to be some of the best gaming desk accessories of the modern day.

Medieval Quest - dream gaming room

3. Underwater Adventure

If this is your dream gaming room setup, then you're a bit more limited than the previous option, in terms of the authentic elements that you can use. After all, the last thing you want is your space to really be underwater.

Thankfully, it just takes a few elements to get the vibe going. A color gradient that runs between green and blue is essential. There may be royal blue, sky blue, aqua green, turquoise, and other similar colors.

These are going to form the base of decals, wall effects, lighting, and more. Perhaps consider coral sculptures, fish models, a sand globe, etc. You could even cap things off with an actual aquarium, complete with a mini aquatic ecosystem.

Again, this is one of those layouts that your gaming furniture can easily clash with, so you want to stick to mild colors such as white or shades of gray. Lighter shades of brown can also work, which you will often find with some wooden finishes.

Underwater Adventure

4. Minimalist Masterpiece

You can think of this entry on the list as a bit of a hybrid. Gaming desk ideas that follow minimalist rules are surely common. However, even standard home and office areas will often go for these kinds of low-key designs, because of the way they help to keep things looking simple and clean.

So, while the tips here are great for your leisure area, you may be able to bring them over to your workspace too. Bear in mind that some of this is an illusion. As a gamer, you may have controllers, discs, and other things to store. A part of the strategy is knowing what kinds of storage solutions can appear out of sight.

Additionally, furniture is not meant to be overpoweringly large, nor should it exhibit any bright colors. If there were ever a theme that allowed black, white, and shades of gray to shine, this would be it.

Even your technology should ease into the visual. Plain Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX cases are recommended for desktops, or you can go with a small laptop if you prefer. Perhaps you can even employ a monitor arm to suspend your screen and free up some tabletop real estate.

Minimalist Masterpiece

5. Classic Arcade Heaven

There was a time when having a computer in the home was not the most common phenomenon. Back then, a monitor was as far from flat as it gets. This was the era of the gaming arcade, which was a time when gamers would meet in droves to see who the king of the hill in various titles was.

Even if you weren’t around to experience that time, the retro aesthetic is undeniably eye-catching. You can get vintage arcade posters for a dime a dozen, complete with whatever mounting mechanism is most friendly to your walls.

Should you be able to afford it, throw an arcade cabinet in the room, whether it works or not. There are even miniature ones available cheaply that you could place on one side of your desk.

Other retro gaming memorabilia needs to be present too, and can include gaming magazines, old consoles, cartridges, etc.

Of course, this was a time when neon was also the order of the day, so feel free to break out those brightly lit signs. Remember all that stuff about mild-colored furniture? How about you absolutely throw that out the window here? All that matters is that you have a sweet desk and a comfortable ergonomic chair to wrap the visual package up.

Classic Arcade Heaven

6. Superhero Sanctuary

Who doesn't love a good superhero title? While the less said about Superman 64, the better, there are stellar franchises, such as Injustice from NetherRealm and the Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady.

Once you keep your mind on those classics, why wouldn't you want to feel that kind of superhero aura all around you? This aesthetic is going to require some bold colors. As you think about iconic characters in your dream gaming room setup such as Superman, Thor, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and the like, red, blue, and yellow immediately stick out.

You can achieve this spread with lighting or textures. Added flair will also be needed, and can come in the form of superhero logos, legendary comic book clippings, or easy-to-identify memorabilia. If you are going to be using RGB lighting, you also have the option of configuring it to flash in the same kind of colors that you're using for your design.

Superhero Sanctuary

7. Jungle Oasis

Some people are quite in love with nature, and if you happen to be one of them, it's time to bring the outside indoors. Real plants can be used if you prefer not to depend on artificial ones, but you must remember to confirm what their sunlight and hydration needs may be. You don't want to find out that you can't meet them the hard way.

Imagine ending up with more brown shades than you bargained for when you wanted greenery to dominate.

Speaking of green, different tones will be used to cement the aesthetic in your dream gaming room setup. You can have the wall painted, or you can use some wallpaper for a more textured visual. All of this can be complemented by hanging a few vine-like structures.

Of course, you need to complete the earthy look with some shades of brown. If you have a stand-up desk, for example, a natural wooden finish would be perfect. Throw in a few animal figurines, and the job is done.

Jungle Oasis

8. Horror Hideaway

The cool thing about this kind of venture is that there is something for everyone. Some people like a good jump scare, so they may enjoy the survival horror feel of a Resident Evil or Silent Hill title. Don't be afraid to make things as spooky as possible by going all in with a dark approach.

Typically, black, purple, and deep shades of red tend to be used to create that chilling vibe. Once combined well, you will soon start to see why that is. As far as lighting goes, you're going to want to keep it to a minimum.

Think Halloween decorations for your perfect dream gaming room as you put your design together, though you do want to stick to purely artificial elements. Try some gothic paintings, skulls, ghouls, cobwebs, or even a pair of red glow-in-the-dark eyes. If you have RGB lighting, it can complement the feeling too, with a slow pattern that gives off an ominous glow in a complimenting color.

Now, when you jump into the latest horror title, you'll feel as helpless as every Alien: Isolation player who comes face-to-face with a xenomorph.

Horror Hideaway

9. Artist’s Alley

If you happen to be an artistic person, then you may enjoy the idea of using your own creations to bring your perfect dream gaming room to life. Not only can it be a space for your finished products, but there can be one or more work-in-progress areas as well.

Maybe you are a painter, and if so, you can have a corner for your canvas, paint supplies, etc. You are probably even a singer or one who plays an instrument, which means you can have a dedicated area that's only for blessing the eardrums of everyone who can hear you.

Don't worry if you're the kind of person who simply prefers to appreciate art, because the idea still works. Get a couple of your favorite paintings, or that beautiful keyboard you're so proud to have as a part of your collection. Make whatever appeals to you a part of your backdrop!

Artist’s Alley

10. Streamer’s Studio

This may not be what you expected for the final point, but maybe you don't need to consider anything but the purpose of the space you’re designing. Who knows? Maybe you're a content creator who provides inspiring on-demand videos or hilarious live streams.

Whatever the case is, you can set up your space and build a dream gaming room to make it conducive to this. A source of white light to make your camera feed clear is non-negotiable. Other elements may include a boom arm, microphone, headphones, double monitor setup, controllers, a stream deck, and whatever other necessities there may be.

Streamer’s Studio

Tips for Choosing and Implementing a Theme

1. Think About a Visual That Appeals to You

Considering what you are going to be modeling and building a dream gaming room after is always a great start. Regardless of all the ideas that you’re reading, if you don't feel like it, you don't have to be influenced by a video game. The point is to find something that motivates you and gets your creative juices flowing.

2. Consider Your Budget

No one needs to tell you this, but if you can't afford it, you can't use it. It's easy to get carried away, but your budget exists for a reason. Start with a number, and as different elements pop into your mind, verify their affordability and proceed with caution.

3. Ergonomics Are Essential

A good adjustable standing desk is going to be your centerpiece, whether a keyboard tray is included or not. The table will be complemented by an ergonomic chair, which provides comfort when the seated segment of your sit-stand sessions comes around.

Tips for Choosing and Implementing a Theme

What Will Your Choice Be?

You're armed with so much information right now that you can probably get your theme off the ground with your eyes closed. Sure, the ideas here are inspirational, and you can use them if you so desire. However, if you want to get a little more creative, feel free to see what kind of designs you can come up with!

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