Top Small Game Room Ideas to Elevate Your Gaming Experience
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Top Small Game Room Ideas to Elevate Your Gaming Experience

|Mar 14, 2023

A gaming room is a place of escape for avid gamers. It is a way to detox and hit the refresh button in their lives, and frankly, the number of people involved in gaming increased substantially over the past two years because what else would one be doing being quarantined in their homes for months? Part of the reason being gaming is a stress killer and a way to relax, and a controlled amount of gaming can do a lot more good than any harm.

Hence it is important to have some fun activity to refresh your mind, and gaming is one of the most common hobbies. But when practiced in an unhealthy way, gaming can be damaging. It can lead to stress mental health issues, and prolonged gaming can also cause physical stress, thus leading to poor posture and back problems. Hence it is important to have a proper set of gaming furniture and small gaming room ideas that work for even the tiniest of spaces.

This article will cover some of the best small room gaming setups and highlight the must-have best gaming setup accessories for maximum experience.

What Does It Take to Build a Small Gaming Room Setup?

A gaming room setup does not need to be something flawless. You can make the best setup out of what you have. All you need is some space and the dedication to transform it into a gaming space you like.

If we talk about the cost of a typical gaming room setup, the average figure is around $3,000 with the necessary equipment and devices. However, this cost can be much less if you have a setup and just need room to organize it.

Hence, do not be overwhelmed by the cost and focus on what you need the most in your gaming room setup. Start with a simple idea that establishes the base of a gaming room setup. Later, you can always upgrade your setup to an improved form.

What Does It Take to Build a Small Gaming Room Setup?

What Does You Need for a Small Space Gaming Setup?

A Floating Gaming Setup

A floating gaming platform will suffice the space you need, especially true and ideal for a gaming setup that has to be made in a small room. Make sure to choose any corner wall that has the least interaction and does not have any furniture. You can then measure the free space and get a readymade gaming platform. The benefits of a floating platform are that it saves space and is also very cheap.

A Floating small gaming room ideas

Seating Space

Here is one of the interesting small gaming room ideas for you. Consider including a seating area in your video gaming room design, so you have a place to entertain guests. If you choose a comfortable couch, it can also serve as a bed when you're too sleepy to make it to your bedroom. Blue is a popular choice since it is a soothing color. To make the place more appealing, add a splash of color.

Gaming Essentials

The top need for a small room PC setup, whether for gaming or work to perform well, is to pair it with the right gaming accessories. Since gaming is a whole experience, you can win or break the situation with the right kind of accessories. Here are some suggestions for gaming.

Gaming essentials in small gaming room ideas


A speaker is just another gaming setup essential since the audio experience plays a vital role in creating an overall vibe. People prefer gaming headsets or speakers, and both provide one of a kind experience. A big speaker setup such as a futuristic Bluetooth speaker or RGB Bluetooth speaker can be a good choice if you have an entire small room dedicated to gaming.

These speakers are specially made to enhance the special gaming sound effects and capture every sound played in the game. For people with more of a limited space means a corner gaming setup, noise-canceling headphones are the right choice.

Speakers in small gaming room ideas


The small gaming room idea is also affected greatly by the choice and type of lighting you have installed. Many people prefer darker themes when it comes to gaming. Hence they are more likely to opt for dim lights. But even though darker themes are ideal, the lighting should be enough to avoid any eye strain and similar eye issues.

Hence, setting up a desk lamp or task lamp is the right solution for small gaming. We recommend the RGB Color Corner Floor Lamp due to its versatility and ability to furnish a gaming setup with the right vibe.

Lighting in small gaming room ideas

Gaming Chair

Next comes the perfect gaming chair. People who play games often suffer from back pain, poor posture and similar health issues. A gaming chair is specially designed to sit for hours and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Thankfully, modern gaming chairs are just plain about ergonomics. They are also designed to keep aesthetics in mind.

The Karnox gaming chair bluish-grey gaming chair is made of PU leather to keep the body under maximum support. The 4D armrest ensures no stress, slouching or any kind of shrugging in the shoulders. The chair is also made up of an aluminum base; hence you can rely on its strength and durability. Another similar and unique gaming chair is the Vertagear gaming chair series which are also popular for their durability and reliability.

Gaming Chair in small gaming room ideas

Gaming Desk

For PC Gamers, a proper gaming desk for your small gaming room ideas is highly important. Gaming desks are different from ordinary desks because they should have enough surface area for all the gaming accessories to reside easily. Gaming desks also should have enough space for free movement of the mouse and a way to manage the huge clutter of cables emerging from the screens.

We recommend the compact gaming desk by Benzara due to its storage options and wide surface area. This gaming desk also has an elevated monitor shelf to play while standing.

Although if you want to top for a more ergonomic option, the SmartDesk Pro is also a suitable choice. Ideal for both work and gaming, this desk setup will provide you with enough space for a multi-monitor setup.

Gaming Desk

Monitor Setup

custom gaming pc build provides you the best gaming experience, but it is towards the pricier option. Gaming monitors also come in your budget, and if you want a multi-screen setup, it is wide to get screens that are compatible with each other and don't cost you an arm and a leg each. The Pixio monitor gaming screens are ideal and affordable for a multi-screen gaming setup. They also have an edge-to-edge IPS display so that you won't compromise on the display's quality.

However, one thing to remember, when you are using a multi-monitor screen, make sure your desk has enough space and weight capacity to bear the load. Using a monitor arm to mount the screens at a safe, ergonomic level is wise.

Monitor Setup


Top 10 Cool Small Gaming Room Ideas (2023)

Gaming is a passion for so many kids and adults around the globe. Many kids outgrow their love for gaming, while others love playing games even in adulthood. However, not everyone is blessed enough to have a dedicated gaming room without distractions.

Not to worry, as we have pinned down 10 outstanding small game room ideas that can elevate your gaming experience to the next level. Most of the ideas below are pocket-friendly and can create a small gaming setup you will always remember.

1. Design a Multi-Purpose Room

Not everyone is privileged enough to have spare rooms that can be customized for the activities of their choice. Moreover, dedicating an entire room to a gaming setup might be foolish, given that it is your only space for other tasks.

Hence, it is also recommended to identify other uses for your gaming room. For example, what if your gaming room has space for a bed? This can allow you to use the room as your bedroom as well. Another example can be using the room as a study room since it already has a desk for your monitors.

2. Keep it Simple

In an effective gaming room setup, minimalism is the key to a more functional room. Refrain from stashing furniture and all unnecessary equipment in the room. Overfilling the room will only make it less comfortable and claustrophobic.

The best practice is only to include the most vital equipment and furniture for a small gaming room setup. This includes a desk, chair, and equipment for your setup. Keeping the room simple will give you a comfortable space to play.

Keep it Simple - Small game room ideas

3. Install Blackout Blinds

A gaming room is supposed to be relatively darker than other rooms. Installing blackout blinds can greatly help achieve this. These blinds will stop the glare on sunny days from reaching your screen. Another cheap alternative to blackout blinds is putting up dark-colored curtains that can block the outside sunlight and give you a similar result.

4. Choose Wireless Speakers

Given that you have a small gaming room setup, there might not be much room for cables and cords. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on speakers. Many high-quality wireless speakers are available on the market that can give you the same immersive gaming experience without crowding your room with hanging cables and cords.

Choose Wireless Speakers

5. Customize the Desk

The surface area of your gaming desk plays a very significant role in a small gaming room setup. The more space you have, the better. However, with limited room space, you have to be careful while choosing the size of your desk.

Generally, it is best to have a gaming room desk enough to accommodate it easily in the room while it has enough space for you and any other accessories you decide to put in your room.

Personalized gaming desk setup

6. Invest in Storage Organizers

A small room calls for creativity when it comes to storage. Fortunately, there are many great storage options available online that can accommodate a lot of supplies and can be easily installed in your room, taking up minimal space.

7. Choose a Theme for Your Room

Make things interesting and appealing by choosing a dedicated color theme and scheme for your small gaming room setup. The theme for the room might be an inspiration from a game you have always loved, or it might be just a personal preference.

Whatever theme you choose, remember to match the equipment, console, and furniture in your room to match the style. Doing this will elevate the aura of your gaming room to the next level.

Choose a Theme for Your Room

8. Get an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

People spend hours sitting in front of their gaming setups, which increases lower back pain and spine problems. To avoid all these, invest in an ergonomic gaming chair that offers you premium comfort while playing. The chair should properly support your back, neck, and arm so you can play easily.

9. Utilize Room Corners

A tiny small gaming room setup does not need to be in the center of the room. Make the most of the available space and utilize the room corners to your best benefit. If you have enough space in the corner of the room, consider getting a curved gaming desk that can fit that space. Moreover, you can also install l-shaped storage drawers to fill up unused corner space.

Utilize Room Corners

10. Use Mirrors

Lastly, it is possible to have your room cramped even after how hard you try to keep it simple and spacious. In this case, invest in large mirrors and place them strategically to create an illusion of space. This will help your room look spacious and make it feel less cramped. Moreover, it will also act as a light reflector.

Sum Up

Many people confuse gaming room ideas for a small space with an entire room dedicated to gaming. Since it is not practically possible for each home to have its private gaming room, hence a small dedicated space will do the job right. Having their own gaming space is both refreshing and rewarding, and thus you need a few tips to ensure the space you have chosen is dressed well to create the perfect gaming setup.

There you have it, our top small game room ideas to transform your gaming experience to the next level. One general recommendation is to take accurate measurements of your room before purchasing any furniture and equipment to ensure it fits your room perfectly. Overall, there is so much more you can do to make your simple small room into a mighty gaming setup.

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