My 2024 Gaming Room Makeover with Autonomous
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My 2024 Gaming Room Makeover with Autonomous

|May 8, 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by your gaming room makeover? Fear not, my dear friend. I've come to the rescue!

From replacing your old furniture pieces to changing the decor, a gaming room transformation may require a lot of work. Fortunately, I can save you time and headaches by helping you optimize this process and achieve remarkable results.

If you're looking for gaming room ideas, DIY recommendations, or tips for budget-friendly makeovers, you'll find valuable information here. Read on!

Autonomous Products That Helped Me Rebuild and Remake My Gaming Room

After hours and hours of hard work, I’ve finally rebuilt my gaming room! Honestly, I thought a makeover would be too overwhelming and expensive, but the truth is that I managed to stick to my budget, maximize space, and create a functional but attractive design with products from just a single brand: Autonomous.

Do you want to learn how to make your gaming room look better? Are you looking for some gaming setup inspiration? Check out how Autonomous helped me with this makeover.

1. SmartDesk Core

When trying to create the ideal game room design for my home, I thought about changing my conventional table for a stand-up desk, and it was one of the best decisions I've made.

Available for around $400, the SmartDesk Core is a well-built desk designed to encourage users to sit and stand throughout the day, which can greatly benefit health.

As the perfect blend of innovation and ergonomics, the SmartDesk Core offers everything I need for my long gaming sessions. With this furniture piece, I created a versatile space that helps me stay focused during my adventures, adjusts to my physical needs for greater comfort, and motivates me to be active.

SmartDesk Core - gaming room makeover

What I Liked the Most About This Product

Although I chose the SmartDesk Core for its features, design, and price, I soon discovered that this furniture piece offers other benefits for a gaming room makeover, including the following:

  • Quiet operation: This desk has a motor-supported system, but it's so quiet that it doesn't disturb me during my gaming sessions.
  • User-friendly design: The SmartDesk Core is so easy to use. I just need to find the intuitive controls to adjust certain components.
  • Anti-collision technology: I can't just stop moving when I'm playing my favorite video games, especially when I get an adrenaline rush. However, I know that I’ll be completely safe if I use the SmartDesk Core because it’ll prevent possible crashes or falls.

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

It's no secret that choosing an ergonomic chair is essential for a gaming room makeover. Whether you have to buy a new one for the first time or want to replace the existing one, it's crucial to pick an option that suits your moves.

That’s what I had in mind when looking for the perfect chair for my new gaming room. But what truly makes the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro special?

By incorporating this chair into my gaming room, I was adding other benefits, such as lumbar support that adapts perfectly to my spine's natural curve, a completely customizable seat to meet my needs, and a furniture piece with a design that elevates my setup to new heights.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro - gaming room makeover

What I Liked the Most About This Product 

The ErgoChair Pro earned a special place in my heart, becoming what I believe is a gamer's dream throne. Here's why I love this product:

  • Lumbar support: With this chair’s lumbar cushion, I can definitely say goodbye to back pain! It provides a new level of comfort and promotes good posture, protecting my body even during intense battles.
  • Sleek appearance: One of the most important factors for a gaming room transformation is the design. That's why I chose this chair. It has a simple but elegant look that pairs perfectly with my gaming room's modern style.
  • Customizable comfort: With multiple adjustable options (height, seat, tilt, headrest, armrest, and backrest), the ErgoChair Pro allows me to tailor my seating experience to my needs. I know I’ll no longer feel physical pain during gaming marathons with my friends.

3. Autonomous Light Bar

Lighting can completely transform a space, and a gaming room is no exception. Therefore, I incorporated an interesting product from Autonomous that will keep my new adventure station well-lit.

The Autonomous Light Bar provides functional lighting and has a modest design that can fit any space. However, it's customizable enough to fit your specific needs.

This sleek lamp boasts four temperatures and five brightness levels, setting the perfect mood for immersive, productive, and enjoyable gameplay.

Autonomous Light Bar

What I Liked the Most About This Product

I love RGB gaming lights because they feature many colors that are ideal for personalizing spaces with unique and fun designs.

However, I found myself struggling to read my notes during an important online adventure, so I decided to add a practical desk lamp to my game room design plans.

After spending a few hours evaluating different products, I chose the Autonomous Light Bar because of the following:

  • Customization: Although it doesn't feature vibrant colors, the Light Bar offers several light temperatures and brightness levels. When I need to calm down, I create a relaxing setting with a soft light. If I need an energy boost, I set intense light levels.
  • Complete lighting: The SmartDesk Core provides a large surface area, so I needed a lamp that could cover every inch, and that's exactly what the Light Bar does. Its design is extra-wide and offers glow across the whole tabletop, delivering a 200% wider and larger light compared to similar products.
  • Flickerless light: With the Light Bar, there's no glare! It won't cause visual interference with electronic devices, including the monitor, which helps me stay focused when battling my opponents.

4. Honeycomb Lights

The best gaming desk ideas feature this lamp, and I totally agree with all the people who have chosen this option. Autonomous' honeycomb light solution is just amazing!

Since it has a modular design, this lamp adds a modern touch to spaces and perfectly fits gaming furniture. Plus, it has six tiles that can be controlled separately to create unique patterns.

I used the Autonomous Honeycomb Touch Lamp to create a futuristic gaming room and a backlit setup. The result was fantastic. After a few days, I got bored and wanted to completely change my station. Guess what? I could switch colors in just seconds.

Honeycomb Lights

What I Liked the Most About This Product

If you're wondering how to make your gaming room look better, this lamp is one of the best products you can buy. Here's why I loved it:

  • Customization: I can choose from 13 fixed colors to create unique designs and reinvent my space countless times. It's amazing!
  • Touch-sensor activation: With a simple touch, I can change colors and layouts, so this lamp fits my gaming room's style and adds a unique touch.
  • Other features: What else can a lamp have? Honestly, I was impressed by the number of features it has. From timing functions to dynamic modes, Autonomous' honeycomb lights are packed with everything I may need.

5. Under-Desk Cable Management Net

While my small home office used to be quite messy all the time, I started paying more attention to its appearance after I made the first changes. An exceptional gaming room transformation must be functional in the long term, don't you think?

That’s why I bought an Autonomous under-desk cable management net. It’s definitely one of the best gaming desk accessories I’ve ever purchased.

Although it isn't specifically designed for gamers, this product is ideal for gaming enthusiasts who use multiple devices and often have a mess of cables on their desks.

When determining the best game room design for my home, I thought about storage solutions and chose this one because it’s easy to install, cheap, and functional.

Under-Desk Cable Management Net

What I Liked the Most About This Product

These are the reasons why I bought this under-desk cable management net:

  • Price: Although it costs around $40, Autonomous always offers discounts, so I ended up paying only $25.
  • Size: This net isn't too big but provides enough storage space, so it's perfect for small gaming room ideas.
  • Easy access: Every time I need to grab something, I just have to stretch my arm and pick that object. This net keeps all my belongings and tools within reach.

6. Mount-It! Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Another addition to my new gaming room was this arm monitor. I bought this item because I wanted to maximize my desktop space for two screens, and I was impressed!

This monitor arm is fully adjustable and has two USB-A ports that I can use to transfer data or charge my devices. In addition, it's so easy to install!

What I Liked the Most About This Product

Do you want to know why I chose this arm monitor for my gaming room transformation? Find the reasons below:

  • Adjustability: This monitor arm can be adjusted in many ways (tilt, screen rotation, height, and swivel).
  • Compatibility: I can use this monitor arm with 17” to 32” monitors.
  • Warranty: This monitor arm comes with a 1-year warranty for defects and other issues.

7. Mount-It! Under-Desk Keyboard Tray

Since it didn’t take up too much space and was available at a great price, I also purchased this keyboard tray through the Autonomous website.

This tray has a plate I can conveniently slide in and out whenever I need to use my keyboard. The thing that I love the most about this product is that it can be installed in just two minutes, so I can easily change it for my net.

What I Liked the Most About This Product

If you're curious about why I bought the Mount-It! keyboard tray, below are the reasons behind my decision:

  • Posture improvement: By using this tray, I can maintain a neutral posture to protect my spine and relieve physical discomfort.
  • Size: This tray has enough space for the keyboard and a mouse.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with most of the keyboards you can find on the market.

8. Pixio PX257 Prime Monitor

For my gaming room transformation, I also added a second monitor. Do you remember I mentioned that I bought a dual arm because of that?

Well, Autonomous offers a great and affordable option that allows me to immerse myself in the game and enjoy a first-class experience.

What I Liked the Most About This Product

This monitor is available at an incredible price and is packed with features every gamer would like to have. These are the benefits that this device offers:

  • Technology: This monitor is equipped with IPS technology that provides more realistic and vibrant images, vivid colors, and smoother transitions.
  • Refresh rate: Since it has a 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor can draw up to 144 frames per second.
  • Built-in features: This monitor has built-in features for a complete gaming experience, such as speakers.

9. Under Desk Bike

Most gaming room ideas for DIY enthusiasts focus on aesthetic and structural changes, but what if I want to incorporate an addition to improve my health?

A standing desk is a great alternative. As I mentioned before, I bought one. However, I needed something more. That's why I added this under-desk bike to my cart.

Honestly, the price is too high. It was the biggest investment I made for my gaming room makeover. However, I think this purchase is worth it because I want to exercise more often.

What I Liked the Most About This Product

These are the reasons why I chose this under-desk exercise bike:

  • Assembly: This item can be assembled in minutes without special equipment or tools.
  • Usage: Besides being easy to use, this under-desk bike is energy-efficient and quiet.

10. Magnetic Desk Organizer

When drafting my game room design plans, I was a little worried because I didn't know where to store all my accessories, belongings, and devices. However, I found the solution on the Autonomous website.

I had already purchased the net organizer, so I didn't want to add a tray to my cart. Therefore, I thought that a product that provided storage over the desk would be the best option. That's how I found this magnetic organizer.

What I Liked the Most About This Product

Autonomous offers different organizers, but why did I choose this one for my gaming room makeover? Below are the main reasons:

  • Maximized space: With this organizer, I can use the space on my desk efficiently. The organizer keeps everything within easy reach. Plus, although it’s right on the side of my monitor, it frees up valuable desktop space for my additional gaming gear.
  • Sleek and stylish: This product keeps my gaming setup looking clean and organized without sacrificing aesthetics. It has an elegant and modern design that fits any style.
  • Durability: This organizer is made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials that won't be damaged easily but will last for years.

Final Thoughts

For an exceptional gaming room makeover, you need the right equipment, furniture, and ornaments. Luckily, I've saved you a lot of time by searching for these items myself!

Whether you're looking for inspiration or recommendations, all the products I purchased at Autonomous could be ideal for your new gaming station.

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