Creative Setup and Layout Ideas for Two Sheds in Backyard
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Creative Setup and Layout Ideas for Two Sheds in Backyard

|Oct 22, 2023

Having two sheds on your property opens the door to possibilities, from modern sheds designed for functionality to unique spaces like an office shed, man shed, shed bar, or even a gym shed. However, before you embark on this exciting venture, it's essential to navigate local regulations, practical considerations, and the aesthetics of your backyard.

This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the intriguing realm of setting up two sheds in the backyard, offering diverse ideas and information to help you make informed decisions.

Can You Have Two Sheds on Your Property?

Having two sheds on your property is possible, but it's important to consider local regulations, practicality, and aesthetic aspects before proceeding. Here's a comprehensive overview to help you understand some considerations when setting up 2 sheds in the backyard.

1. Local Regulations

The first step is to research your local zoning laws and building codes. Different municipalities have varying rules about the number of structures allowed on a property, setback requirements, shed sizes, and aesthetics. Some areas might require a permit for each shed, while others may have restrictions on their total square footage. Checking with your local building department will help you understand the regulations that apply to your specific location.

Local Regulations - 2 sheds in backyard

2. Practical Considerations

Assessing the practicality of having two sheds is essential. Consider the available space in your backyard and whether having multiple sheds will impede movement or obstruct the view. Evaluate the purpose of each shed—will they both serve storage purposes or will one be used as a workspace? Ensuring easy access and a logical layout is crucial.

3. Design and Aesthetics

Having two sheds in the backyards can enhance or disrupt your backyard's visual appeal. Consider the overall aesthetic of your property and how the sheds will fit into the landscape. Matching their design, color, and materials with your home's architecture and the existing shed can create a harmonious look.

Design and Aesthetics

4. Functionality

Determine the primary functions of each shed. One could be used for gardening tools and equipment, while the other might serve as a workshop or studio space. Proper organization and division of storage will ensure that both sheds are being used efficiently.

5. Maintenance

Having two sheds in the backyard means double the maintenance. Regular upkeep, such as painting, roof inspections, and repairs, will be necessary for both structures. Be prepared for the increased maintenance workload that comes with having two sheds in the backyard.

6. Budget

Building or purchasing a second shed will incur additional costs, including construction materials, permits, and potential landscaping adjustments. Make sure your budget accommodates these expenses.

Ideas for Arranging Two Sheds in a Backyard Space

Arranging two sheds in a backyard offers ample organization and utilization potential. Here are five creative ideas to consider, each designed to optimize your outdoor area:

1. Dual-Function Sheds

Utilize one modern shed for traditional storage and transform the second into a functional space. For instance, use the first shed to house gardening tools, lawnmowers, and seasonal equipment. Convert the second shed into a cozy outdoor retreat, such as a home office, craft studio, or mini gym. This approach maximizes utility while maintaining an organized backyard appearance.

Dual-Function Sheds

2. Mirror-Image Symmetry

Create an aesthetically pleasing layout by placing the sheds symmetrically on either side of your yard. This design imparts a balanced and visually appealing look. You can use both sheds for storage purposes or designate one for gardening and the other for woodworking or other hobbies. This arrangement not only optimizes space but also enhances the overall look of your backyard.

3. Corner Nooks

Position the two sheds in opposite corners of your backyard to free up central space for other outdoor activities. One shed can be dedicated to garden tools and equipment, while the other can store larger items like bicycles, kayaks, or lawnmowers. This configuration provides easy access to all areas of your yard and keeps the focus on the open space in the middle.

4. Storage and Greenhouse Combo

Combine practicality with greenery by setting up one shed as a storage unit and the other as a greenhouse. The storage shed accommodates tools and supplies, while the greenhouse shed nurtures plants and seedlings. This arrangement harmonizes functionality and aesthetics, enhancing your backyard's versatility.

Storage and Greenhouse Combo

5. Tiered Storage Solutions

Optimize vertical space by placing one shed on a raised platform or creating a small terrace. This elevated shed can be used for less frequently accessed items or as a potting shed. The other shed, at ground level, can house everyday tools and equipment. This arrangement adds depth to your backyard and provides a unique storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permits for both sheds?

In many cases, you'll likely need permits for both sheds, especially if they exceed certain size limits. Check with your local building department to understand the permit requirements.

How far should I space the two sheds apart?

Spacing between sheds depends on local regulations and the sheds' sizes. Generally, leave enough space to access both sheds and perform maintenance tasks comfortably.

Can one shed serve as a workshop?

One shed can be converted into a workshop, while the other serves as storage. Customize the workshop shed with appropriate storage solutions and workbenches.

What materials are best for sheds in backyard setups?

Common shed materials include wood, metal, and resin. Choose materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and match the aesthetics of your home.

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How do I ensure proper ventilation in the sheds?

Proper ventilation prevents moisture buildup. Install windows or vents in both sheds to allow air circulation, which helps preserve the condition of items stored inside.

What about security for two sheds?

Install sturdy locks on both sheds to secure your belongings. Consider motion-sensor lighting to deter potential intruders.

How can I maintain the sheds effectively?

Regularly inspect the sheds for signs of wear, damage, or pests. Perform necessary repairs promptly and apply protective coatings to extend their lifespan.

Can I connect the sheds with a covered space?

You can create a covered space between the sheds, serving as a sheltered outdoor area. This provides additional utility and enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Should I match the shed designs to my home's architecture?

Matching shed designs to your home's architecture can create a cohesive look. However, contrast can also be visually appealing, so choose an option that suits your taste and complements your home.

Should I match the shed designs to my home's architecture?


In wrapping up our exploration of fitting two sheds in your backyard, it's clear that this undertaking holds great potential. You can create a harmonious outdoor space by balancing practicality and aesthetics and keeping local regulations in mind.

From functional dual-use sheds to balanced layouts and clever ideas like a man cave shed, your backyard can become a haven of organization and charm. Each shed can be customized to fit your needs for work or play. With proper ventilation, security measures, and regular maintenance, your investment is set to last.

So, with guidelines and your imagination in tow, the story of two sheds in your backyard takes shape. It's a story of not just structures but of your personal touch, your interests, and your outdoor design aspirations. As you take on this project, let your backyard reflect your ingenuity, turning a simple outdoor area into a practical and delightful space.

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