Enjoy Savings with Nike Employee Discounts on Autonomous

Enjoy Savings with Nike Employee Discounts on Autonomous

|Mar 9, 2024

Welcome to a world of exclusive benefits and substantial savings as we delve into the realm of employee discount programs, with a particular focus on Nike. In this article, we explore how Nike employees can elevate their workspace at a fraction of the cost through the Bulk Order Program at Autonomous. From ergonomic office equipment to stand-up desks and more, discover how this program empowers individuals to enhance their work environment. Join us on a journey where employee discounts become a gateway to a more comfortable and productive workspace, making every workday a step towards professional well-being.

The state-of-the-art solutions offered by Autonomous will transform your workspace and reshape productivity. We understand how important a comfortable and functional work environment is to your health and productivity! We are thrilled to offer all Nike employees a special gateway where they can save a ton of money.

Explore a World of Exclusive Discounts

As a Nike employee, you'll experience a unique journey of style and savings, as well as the added delight of exclusive discounts. In addition to taking advantage of the employee discounts available on a variety of Nike merchandise, you can modernize your workstation with Autonomous’'s ergonomic solutions. This amazing two-fold offer extends beyond the walls of your workplace, enabling you to update your work environment while incorporating Nike's legendary quality and style into your daily life. Explore the newest shoe trends, immerse yourself in the world of discounted Nike clothing, and use specially-priced accessories to complement your active lifestyle. Every day is a step toward both personal excellence and workspace efficiency, thanks to this synergy of style and savings that guarantees your professional well-being carries over into your daily life. With the benefits of both Autonomous and Nike employee discounts, you can enhance both your work and leisure experiences and take a more comprehensive approach to your well-earned benefits.

Exclusive Discounts for Nike Employees

Autonomous Bulk Order Program, specially curated for Nike employees to enhance their office spaces with ease and affordability. As part of this exclusive program, Nike employees can enjoy up to 25% OFF on a wide range of office essentials, ensuring that they can create the perfect workspace tailored to their needs while maximizing savings through their Nike employee discount.

Explore a World of Exclusive Discounts

Expert Assistance with Office Layout Optimization

Not only does the wholesale office furniture program at Autonomous offer significant discounts, but it also provides complimentary assistance with designing optimized office layouts. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping Nike employees make informed decisions about their office furniture and layout, ensuring that every space is functional, ergonomic, and conducive to productivity.

Expert Assistance with Office Layout Optimization

Always in Stock

One of the key advantages of the Bulk Order Program is the assurance that essential office items are always in stock. Nike employees can shop with confidence, knowing that they can easily access the furniture and accessories they need to outfit their workspace without any delays or shortages.

Flexible Shipping Options for Your Convenience

Additionally, the program offers flexible shipping options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of Nike employees. Whether they require expedited delivery or prefer to schedule shipments according to their convenience, our flexible shipping solutions ensure a seamless and stress-free shopping experience.

Autonomous bulk order

Top Products at Autonomous

Autonomous SmartDesk Core

The SmartDesk Core offers a simple yet effective solution for creating ergonomic workspaces at Nike. Its adjustable height feature allows employees to easily transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting better posture and reducing discomfort during long hours of work. By providing a customizable and comfortable workstation, the SmartDesk Core can help Nike employees stay focused and productive throughout the day.

Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

The SmartDesk Pro takes workplace ergonomics to the next level with its advanced features and sleek design. Its programmable height presets and spacious work surface offer maximum flexibility and functionality, catering to the diverse needs of Nike employees. With the ability to customize their desk setup to suit their preferences, employees can optimize their work environment for increased productivity and creativity.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

It is designed to provide superior support and comfort for Nike employees, especially those who spend long hours seated at their desks. Its adjustable lumbar support, reclining mechanism, and breathable mesh material ensure proper posture and reduce the risk of fatigue or strain. By promoting ergonomic seating, the ErgoChair Pro helps Nike employees maintain focus and concentration, leading to enhanced productivity and well-being.

Autonomous ErgoChair Curve

With its stylish design and ergonomic features, the ErgoChair Curve is an ideal choice for Nike employees seeking both comfort and aesthetics in their office furniture. Its curved backrest and responsive tilt mechanism offer optimal support and flexibility, while the sleek silhouette adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. By combining form and function, the ErgoChair Curve can inspire creativity and collaboration among Nike team members, ultimately boosting productivity and morale.

Each of these Autonomous products is tailored to meet the specific needs of Nike employees, providing ergonomic comfort, functionality, and style to enhance the workplace environment. By investing in quality furniture like standing desks and ergonomic chairs, Nike can create a workspace that promotes employee well-being and productivity, ultimately driving success and innovation within the company.


The Autonomous Bulk Order Program offers Nike employees unparalleled discounts, expert assistance with office layout optimization, reliable availability of essential items, and flexible shipping options. With these benefits combined with their Nike employee discount, Nike employees can effortlessly transform their workspace into a functional and inspiring environment that enhances productivity and well-being.

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