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20 Functional DIY Studio Desk Plans and Ideas
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20 Functional DIY Studio Desk Plans and Ideas

|Dec 27, 2023

Studio desks are ideal for many people. However, you can also use them for other things, such as computers, laptops, and printers. Buying one from the store might not be possible right now, but you could create your own DIY studio desk. It doesn’t have to be difficult, though most people aren’t sure where to start. 

Overall, you need something sturdy enough to put many items, and it must also be unique and fit your requirements. Knowing you need a high-quality studio desk is the first step. Then, you should check out these studio desk ideas to help you create something spectacular.

Inspiring DIY Studio Desk Plans and Ideas

1. Budget Studio Desk (Less Than $100)

Sometimes, you simply can’t buy an expensive studio desk, but you can put together a budget-friendly one! Get yourself any type of desk you find for cheap. There are tons of videos you could watch online, and the tutorials will likely give you plenty of information. 

In most cases, you probably have an old desk somewhere. Just transform it into your studio desk by adding a keyboard, monitor, and speakers.

2. DIY Music Studio Desk

We realize you’re looking for music studio desk ideas, and this is a great thing. You can make an affordable desk yourself. Simply find some wood that’s no longer needed and repurpose it into the desk. You may need to get some wood filler, wood stain, wood glue, cordless drills, drill bits, screws, measuring tapes, and sandpaper. 

Overall, you can craft anything you want if you put your mind to it. However, it does require you to have a few tools. Otherwise, you must pay for them separately, which can raise the cost.

DIY Music Studio Desk - DIY studio desk

3. Studio Desk Made of Pallet Wood

Everyone wants a DIY standing desk. If you know someone with wooden pallets they no longer need, ask if you can have them. Many times, they’ll give them away or charge a small amount. 

Then, you can go to Autonomous and purchase a standing desk frame. Simply attach the wood pallets to the desk, making sure there are no holes. Clearly, you’ll need a few supplies, such as table saws, trim routers, brad nails (and nail gun), wood screws, and wood glue. 

4. DIY Output Platform Studio Desk

Choosing an output platform desk is ideal for your music studio, but it also works for gamers. Create a customized table with various storage spaces and room for the PC. You can also turn it into a standing desk with an Autonomous frame. If or when you have the money, you could purchase a complete standing desk to meet your needs. 

5. Ultimate DIY Home Studio Desk

Are you interested in various home studio desk ideas? Create the ultimate DIY desk for your needs. 

You’ll require something long enough to hold the keyboard, monitors, and other equipment. Likewise, you can set up speakers that either sit on the floor or raise higher to be within earshot. Don’t forget to choose a comfortable chair so that you may easily work or stand up when needed. 

Generally, your desk won’t hold everything. For example, the amps and other equipment might be on the floor. Still, you’ll have a setup where everything is within easy reach!

Ultimate DIY Home Studio Desk

6. DIY Audio Mixing Desk

Audio mixing is crucial in many situations. You can build your own desk with ease. Though you might repurpose an old desk, you may need to make adjustments and modifications. For example, you could add a pull-out tray for the keyboard. 

Overall, you’ll probably need a saw, trim router, measuring tape, clamps, sandpaper, wood glue, drills and bits, screws, and more. Then, you’ll have to think of where to place everything. Don’t forget to use the valuable floor space around you for amps, guitars, and other items!

DIY Audio Mixing Desk

7. Best Budget Home Studio (Production)

If you often focus on production in your home music studio, you will need a comfortable space to work in. Overall, a DIY computer desk is ideal. 

Make sure the top you choose is wide enough for the monitors, keyboard, and other things you might require. Though you may not need a microphone, you’ll be focused on lighting, comfortable chairs, and the ability to sit or stand while you work. It might also be nice to add some photos or things on the wall and have a place for your headphones. 

8. Recording Studio Design

Are you a woodworker? If so, you probably have leftover wood scraps and planks lying around. You could definitely put them to use by making a stylish studio desk! Think of creating intricate designs and putting in a curve where you’ll sit to make it easier to lean in and really look at the monitors. 

If you have the space, it’s wise to make it large enough to hold multiple monitors, speakers, and anything else you might need while you work. Plus, you can add cabinets at the bottom, which offers more storage space. 

9. DIY Music Studio Desk Workstation

Having a music studio in your home is ideal because you have many things to do and don’t want to go elsewhere to work. However, most desks don’t have appropriate trays. 

Therefore, you should focus on creating a DIY studio desk with keyboard tray to make your life easier. Overall, it will probably have two tiers. The first is for the monitors, small keyboards, and other equipment. Your second lower tier is for the larger keyboard. You may also add in slide-out trays for a mouse and other items as needed.

DIY Music Studio Desk Workstation

10. DIY Music Production Desk

There are so many ideas and designs available for a music studio desk, which is great because no two people work alike. However, it also makes it hard to choose, and they’re often expensive. 

Still, you can design your own music studio desk! Think of one you absolutely love and recreate it at home. Whether you’re a woodworker or not, you will probably come up with something that you’ll love. This will help when it’s time to go to work! 

11. Make Your Own Studio Desk

Many musicians are all about the arts, and woodworking is part of that. You can hone those skills by creating a studio desk for yourself. However, you might need to watch a few tutorials to understand how certain tools work. Likewise, you may have to invest in various supplies, such as plywood, power drills, screws, glue, sandpaper, brad nailers, and the like. 

Think about what you need from your studio desk. Does it need to be long enough to hold a large keyboard? Will you need a monitor stand to easily sit and work? Do you require extra storage space for speakers and other equipment? 

12. Build Your Recording Studio Desk

Do you have a station desk already? Turn it into a recording studio desk with ease. It will likely have built-in sections, so you can make minor modifications to meet your needs. Alternatively, you might build sections yourself and attach them to the desk you got from the side of the road. The options are limitless! Can you imagine it? You could create it for yourself!

Build Your Recording Studio Desk

13. DIY Recording Studio Desk

You can create a beautiful look with a customized studio desk. Ideally, you don’t have to spend much to make it work for you. Check online for unwanted desks in your area and offer to pick up the one you like. 

Once you get the desk home, you can upgrade it with a second tier, fold-out keyboard trays, and even add another section to the side for your large keyboard. Then, don’t forget about using the best desk accessories to complete the look! 

14. Studio Desk for Keyboard Playing

What happens if you don’t have a computer? You might simply play the keyboard for your own personal enjoyment or to create music with it. In this case, you may want a wide desk to hold the musical instrument and the other equipment. Likewise, it can be great to install a storage compartment under the desk to keep the speakers and everything else.

Studio Desk for Keyboard Playing

15. How to Build a Studio Desk

If you know how to woodwork, building a studio desk is easy. However, you may need to watch tutorials online to learn how to create a desk plan and follow it. 

Once you have an idea in mind, it’s wise to draw it out and include measurements. This will help you determine if it will fit in the space and work for your needs. 

You’ll need to get the supplies, such as the wood/plywood, drills, bits, sandpaper, stain or spray paint, and all the rest. Some people might have to buy those things because they don’t already have them. However, consider asking friends or family members if you can borrow/use their materials to save money! 

Then, you’ll start building the desk design you’ve already drawn out. It might take time, so don’t get discouraged. Just remember how good you’ll feel when it’s done!

16. Studio Desk for Less Than $350

Let’s say that you have absolutely no tools or wood scraps you can use. This is often what people encounter. You could still build a studio desk, and it can be under $350 for the whole project. 

Focus on the plywood first. This is what you’ll use as the top. You also need a strong frame, which you can build yourself or buy. Then, consider the other materials, such as polyurethane, wood glue, filler, screws, trim, drills, and trim routers. Many companies allow you to rent or borrow tools, so you will save money on that! 

You’ll need to have a design in mind, but that’s often the easy part. Overall, you know what you require and how you work. Create something beautiful that fits your style, and make it happen!

Studio Desk for Less Than $350

17. Reclaimed Wood Studio Desk

What happens if you have no budget at all? Can you create a wood studio desk for your home? Yes! You’re probably wondering how, and the answer is reclaimed wood. 

Think of who you know. Are they getting rid of a wooden desk? Do they have old wood they’re throwing away? Ask if you can have it. Most people want to be as eco-friendly as possible, so they’ll probably give it to you at no cost! 

Once you have the wood, you can sand it down and build the desk. You may have to rent or borrow power tools and nails, but it’s possible to find those things cheaply or for free if you look hard enough. 

18. Cheap DIY Bedroom Studio Desk

A bedroom is often a very small space, so it’s usually hard to put a studio desk in there. However, it is possible. You’ll need to measure the dimensions of the space and know where you wish to place the desk. It’s also wise to think about any other equipment that might be on the floor. 

Once you have the measurements, buy the plywood and cut it to size. You’ll also need a few other tools, and you should focus on desk cable management so that you don’t have wires going everywhere.

Cheap DIY Bedroom Studio Desk

19. White Studio Desk

Have you ever checked out IKEA furniture? It has so many interesting ideas, but you might not have the money to buy it yourself. Though it is affordable, you can always use the brand as inspiration to create your own white studio desk. This color is ideal because it helps you focus and ensures that you’re more productive when you sit (or stand) and work. 

Don’t forget about the accessories! Get some funky wallpaper to draw the eyes away periodically, and think about buying some drawers, monitor stands, wrist rests, keyboards, and speaker stands.

White Studio Desk

20. DIY Customized Recording Studio Desk

If you’re like many people, you don’t care for the studio desks on the market. They might appear all the same, which doesn’t fit your style. Overall, the best thing you can do is create your own DIY studio desk.

In the design phase, simply think of what you want or like. You may have a concave feature where you sit, sections or tiers that are oddly shaped, and legs that don’t just go straight up and down. 


There are countless studio desk plans out there, and we’ve talked about some of the more popular ideas. Now, it’s your turn to choose something that fits your requirements and needs. 

Consider what you can do, the tools and materials you have, what you’ll need to buy, and all the rest. Then, design something amazing! Are you interested in a home standing desk? Autonomous has many options!

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