Use These Household Items as Exercise Equipment at Home
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Use These Household Items as Exercise Equipment at Home

|Mar 17, 2023

Workouts at home are a convenient alternative since they allow you to complete the entire routine without leaving the comfort of your house. Furthermore, buying expensive workout equipment is unnecessary. In fact, you probably already have several things lying around the house that could serve as makeshift home fitness equipment tools. You only need to exercise your imagination in an innovative way.

These home equipment can be one of the best home gym ideas for you, as you can achieve the best workout without professional equipment.

Household Items Can Be Used as Exercise Equipment

1. Broomstick

The broomstick you once used solely for sweeping the floor can now be used in the same manner as a barbell. If you're away from your barbells for an extended period of time, your dedication to proper form can be maintained with something as basic as this garage exercise equipment.

A plastic broomstick cannot replace a 45-pound steel masterpiece but can stand in for many other motions. As a result, your at-home workouts will seem more like sessions at the gym.

Although you won't be able to load a lot of weight onto a broomstick, you can still practice your form and the motions you'll use with a barbell.

Broomstick - exercise equipment

What to do?

You can do a lower back squat with the help of a broomstick; however, before perfecting your back squat form, you should evaluate the broomstick's durability. To perform a low bar back squat, you must pin the bar to your back with such force that it may break a weak broomstick.

However, caution is advised if you intend to apply significant force to a stronger broomstick.

2. Stairs

An excellent cardiovascular workout can be achieved without expensive exercise equipment by simply using your house structures. The stairs can be simple and unassuming cardio equipment. Whether you have a few or more flights of stairs at your home, you can use them for a timely or random run. In addition, stair climbing can replicate the same cardiovascular exercise effect as desk exercise equipment.

Stair - exercise equipment

What to do?

You don't have to run up or down stairs at top speed to reap the benefits. Simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator once a day, making multiple journeys to and from the car after grocery shopping, or taking a five-minute walking break from a home office are all easy ways to increase your step count and lead a healthier lifestyle.

3. Chair

Folding chairs are not a piece of convenient exercise equipment just because of their portability but also because of the sturdy steel construction from which most are manufactured.

What to do?

Start by sitting on the chair with your hands at your sides and fingers wrapped over the edge of the seat to conduct a triceps dip. Straighten your legs so that your hips and ankles are in a line. Raise your chest up and out in front of the chair by about two inches.

Then lower yourself until your elbows create a 90-degree angle, and then slowly return to the starting position for one rep. The number of repetitions you do is up to you.

Office Chairs

4. Backpack

Backpacks are now accessible to a broader audience than only preteens and teenagers.

So if you're wondering about what to use as weights at home, fitness equipment such as weighted vests can be effectively simulated using backpacks.

As the name suggests, you can wear them on your back, turn them around and front-load them. If you like to front-load your weights when you hit the gym, you may do so more efficiently by adopting this reverse-turtle stance.

Make sure the straps are pulled tight regardless of how you wear the backpack. Although some bouncing can be beneficial for your stabilizing muscles, you should avoid chafing when performing high-intensity exercises like backpack burpees.

Like a kitchen pot, a backpack's load can be adjusted to suit the user.

Backpack - exercise equipment

What to do?

You can carry the backpack across your chest instead of across your back as you do lunges or the run. If you do this, be careful not to allow yourself to stoop forward or hyperextend backward as a result.

5. Disposable Plates

Paper plates were around long before glider discs; they're undoubtedly as good exercise equipment as these glides. If you're doing your workout on a carpet or another smooth surface and want to challenge your muscles more during regular bodyweight exercises, all you need are a few paper plates.

Disposable Plates - exercise equipment

What to do?

To increase the difficulty of your lunges, try doing them with your front foot resting on a paper plate. Because the paper plate lessens the friction between your foot and the floor, you may perform a lunge without actually stepping forward into the movement.

6. Detergent Bottles

Regular kettlebell exercises are excellent for cardiovascular health and muscle development. While hardly everyone owns a kettlebell, most of us have something equally weighty and with a good-sized grip: a bottle of detergent.

Using everyday household items and workout equipment is a popular trend in recent years, and more and more people are searching for what to use as weights at home.

What to do?

There is a wide variety of kettlebell workouts available, but squats and lunges are good places to start. You might also attempt overhead presses if you want to build up your shoulder muscle or hip swings and windmills if you want to strengthen your joints.

It would be best if you practice with smaller, lighter bottles (like 1-liter ones) before moving on to the larger, heavier (3-liter or more) bottles used for laundry detergent.

7. Toilet Paper

Planks are another excellent multi purpose exercise; however, they can get boring after a while. If you have spare toilet paper rolls at home, you can use them as exercise equipment to construct makeshift planks.

Toilet Paper - exercise equipment

What to do?

Stack three or four rolls of toilet paper on top of each other. Put the toilet paper on your right as you enter the plank position. Take the rolls in your right hand and stack them on your left. Then, using only your left hand, take them apart and stack them on your right. Continue doing this while you're in a plank position.

Ending Note

You should never give up achieving your dream body, as you can do a great workout without spending money on gym memberships or fancy exercise equipment.

Your home can quickly transform into a gym with the help of creative thinking and the usage of everyday materials. Therefore, we have enlisted some household fitness equipment that can serve as the best small home gym ideas. All these household tools above are super convenient to use and will help you in your daily workout regime.

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