How Many Sheds Can I Have On My Property?
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How Many Sheds Can I Have On My Property?

|Oct 21, 2023

Installing a new shed on your property is the smartest way to adorn your living space with many beneficial features. It can serve various purposes while keeping your property's value intact and increasing it by several folds too. An office shed can be where you work from home and enjoy the peace of a separate home office space. A modern shed can serve as a fully functional guest house or a rental property to generate passive income. A gym shed can be a suitable in-house workout space where you can conduct proper classes and earn money. In simpler terms, there is a lot you can do with a man shed (other than storage) in your backyard.

So if that's the huge benefit of having a shed in your backyard, why not have as many as possible? But the real trouble begins when you start to wonder how many sheds can I have on my property without troubling the local laws. Can I have 2 sheds on my property, or only 1 is allowed?

These questions must be considered before you start your shed-building project on the property. In this article, we will cover all you need to know to answer the question of how many sheds can I have on my property in California or other regions?

How Many Sheds Can I Have in My Backyard?

How many sheds are allowed in a backyard depends on several factors. Most of all, it depends on the zoning laws and regional restrictions the government sets. It also depends on the size of the shed you are planning to build, the space available in your backyard, and the intended use of the shed. If you wish to know how many sheds are suitable for your backyard, keep reading to find out all the variables on which the shed construction and number of sheds depend. Also, if you are wondering if you can live in a shed on your own property, read below to find all the answers!

Understanding the Shed Permit Rules

Sheds are extra structures with the value of living space on a property; hence they have proper permits, rules, and regulations that one must follow to make a shed approved by the local government. For starters, shed construction needs a permit. It comes with certain guidelines to be followed. You will also need an inspection of the property before getting a shed approved for living purposes. For a shed designed for storage needs, the permit rules will vary.

Understanding the Shed Permit Rules

Number of Sheds

There is no fixed rule for the number of sheds you can have on your property globally. Thus you need to consider the local laws set by the country or the city to know the number of sheds allowed in your region. Two factors can help you find the number of sheds that can be built on your property.

The laws governing sheds in Florida differ depending on the jurisdiction. You could have as many sheds as you like in one more rural county but just one in another that is more populous. Before you begin the shed construction, check your local legislation.

Your HOA status - If you reside in a community with an HOA (homeowners association), the HOA manual probably has a rule addressing sheds. To prevent paying fines, refer to that before putting anything on your property. Your HOA handbook will likely specify the maximum number of sheds you may have if you can construct them on your property.

Shed Size

The number of shed bars and structures, as well as the size of individual sheds, depend on the overall size of the yard. Also, the shed size depends on the intended use of the shed in the backyard. For instance, a shed used for storage needs varies greatly from the shed used for other purposes such as living, office space, or a kid's playroom.

The rule of law states that even after completing the construction of the shed, you must have free space in the backyard to move around and proceed with other regular outdoor activities. Consider your shed location after you are certain the sheds you selected will fit. There is no other option except to circumvent the requirements regarding the distance a shed must be from the property borders.

Shed Size - how many sheds can I have on my property

Intended Use

It is possible that out of two sheds, only one requires big construction expenses while the other is a cheaper build. However, both the sheds then equally serve their purpose rightfully. Most people opt for multiple sheds on a property because of the different use they are planning with the shed. So the way you intend to use your shed will also affect the preparations needed in the construction and planning phase.

For instance, a man cave shed with living facilities will require you to adhere to the living law and standards and ask you to get it approved by the inspection team. A shed for living needs must offer facilities for water, electricity, and connections. On the other hand, a storage shed doesn't have to comply with any plumbing or electrical needs and hence costs much cheaper to the property owner.

Condition of the Yard

Other than space, budget, and intended use, another factor that will greatly affect the number of sheds in your backyard is the yard's condition. Building multiple sheds in a sloped yard might be unsafe since the foundations might not be sturdy enough. Soil erosion, which is more likely to occur when it rains, can eventually weaken the shed's foundation, posing a major threat to its ability to support human habitation.

The bottom of a sloping yard is not the best place to build several sheds if you have other plans. The drainage may end up being tampered with. So especially for people living in areas of heavy rain and snow, it becomes even more important to apply for the permit and only build sheds that comply with the firm safety and foundation standards.

Condition of the Yard

Sum Up

The number of sheds you can have on your property largely depends on local regulations, zoning laws, and the size of your land. It's essential to consult with your local authorities and review any applicable guidelines or restrictions before adding multiple sheds. Understanding these regulations will ensure that your property remains in compliance with the law while allowing you to meet your storage or hobby needs effectively.

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