How to Arrange Furniture in Different Office Rooms | A Brief Guide
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How to Arrange Furniture in Different Office Rooms | A Brief Guide

|Jan 3, 2024

The layout and furniture arrangement can vary from one office room to another, as each workspace has unique requirements and purposes. Arranging furniture is an art form that can help you transform the workplace and boost employees' productivity. It also impacts the well-being of professionals while leaving a lasting impression on the visitors. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will go over the most common types of rooms in a workplace and what you should consider when arranging furniture to get the best out of the space. 

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What Are the Most Common Types of Rooms in a Workplace?

A professional workplace layout may vary from one office workspace to the other. However, there are a few common types of rooms across most offices, some of which include the following: 


A reception is an office room with an open space layout. It may have a U-shaped workstation where the receptionist sits to answer important phone calls, take care of small administrative tasks, and greet and guide the guests. 

When it comes to the different office areas, a reception is one of the most important spaces in a workplace setting. It is the first room that you enter as you walk into an office building. 

Business owners should consider arranging the furniture in a way that ensures a clear view and leaves a good impression on the guests or clients visiting the place.

Reception - Office room

Conference Room/Meeting Room

Most workplaces have conference rooms, which is one of the most important office areas, for many reasons, including the following: 

  • It is an office room where you can conduct meetings, discuss projects, and set new milestones.
  • A conference room is an office workspace where professionals can get together to celebrate their milestones.
  • In some situations, a company may use the conference room to meet with potential clients and close new deals. 

A conference room may be large or small, depending on the needs of the workplace. Business owners should consider investing money into creating a space that improves productivity and caters to the needs of their employees.

Conference Room/Meeting Room - Office room

An Executive Office

In most offices, there is a chain of command where those in managerial positions sit at the top of the hierarchy chart. These professionals have extensive experience and skills, acting as team leaders or managers, helping steer the employees toward achieving the goals of the organization. 

Some professionals, especially those in client-facing roles, require executive offices where they can get inspiration from and meet with their clients, other managers, and guests. 

Arrange the furniture in an executive office workspace in a way that makes it easier for the manager to interact with others while also exuding a prestigious look. 

Open Workspaces

New offices and startups are fully embracing the open area concept, where innovative workstations replace traditional cubicles. These types of workspaces offer many benefits, including better communication and teamwork. 

However, there are certain drawbacks to open office areas, such as a lot of noise stimulation. It can adversely affect the employees' mood and productivity. 

Arranging furniture and investing in the latest office designs can help avoid the disadvantages of open office workspaces.

Open Workspaces

Lounge Area/Fun Zones

Although a lounge area is not so common in workplaces, there are spaces where professionals can take a break, grab a beverage, and interact with their colleagues before returning to their office room. 

Some offices may have a cafeteria where professionals from different departments have their lunches. On the other hand, startups are investing in lounges, as research has found that they contribute positively towards work productivity. 

Employees can relax in these lounge areas or fun zones while carrying out some light tasks to end the workday on a good note. 

Napping Spots

Some workplaces have open office building rooms for employees where they can take a quick power nap. According to SleepFoundation, there are several benefits of getting a short 15 to 20 minutes sleep during break time at work, some of which include the following: 

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved health heart
  • Increased alertness
  • Better memory
  • Improved performance 

The napping office room could either be the lounge area or a separate space for employees to take a nap. It's essential to invest in equipment and furniture that helps employees get that extra 20 minutes of rest so that they're able to remain productive throughout the workday.

Napping Spots - Office room

Top Tips to Help You Arrange Furniture in an Office Room

Since there are different types of office areas, each having its own purpose, we will go over some tips to help you arrange the furniture in some of the common workspaces. It can help you achieve a productive layout while ensuring pleasing aesthetics. 

Here are some of the tips that you should follow to help you arrange furniture across different office building rooms: 

Determine the Purpose of an Office Workspace

Since there are different types of office building rooms, it's crucial to determine the purpose of each workspace to help you take the necessary steps in arranging the furniture. 

Here are some of the things you should consider according to the different rooms in an office: 

Reception Area

This is one of the most important spaces in an office. It's crucial to ensure a minimalistic design that does not feel overwhelming, as you want the area to give a warm, welcoming feeling to the employees and guests walking in.

A U-shaped table with an ergonomic office chair in the center of the room or right next to the entrance is an excellent spot for the receptionist to sit. Make sure there are a couple of sofas in the waiting area for the guests or potential clients. 

We highly recommend checking out our guide on Feng Shui office layout with a window to help you create a reception area that feels welcoming and stands out with the different natural elements.

Top Tips to Help You Arrange Furniture in an Office Room

Meeting Room

Investing in a good office room setup for meetings is a great way to keep the stakeholders engaged. 

There are different types of conferences, which may require multiple office building rooms. Determine the purpose of each room to help you arrange the furniture accordingly. 

A good layout includes a U-shaped desk in the center of the meeting room with cabinets and drawers on one side and the important equipment (projector, speakers, monitors, and office accessories) on the opposite.

Executive Office Room

Those in managerial positions may want to consider designing their workspace according to their work style and needs. 

A large wooden desk with an executive office chair can be the main focal point, with all the other elements, such as decor, wall features, and gadgets taking the backstage. 

Open Workspace

An open office workspace is an excellent way for different teams to collaborate to achieve the company's goals. These areas should have ergonomic chairs and standing office desks while providing options for privacy and stand-up meetings. 

Female professionals may want to read our guide on office decor for women to help them personalize their workspace and bring a touch of femininity to the work environment. This can provide a sense of inclusivity and keep them motivated throughout the workday.

Determine the Purpose of an Office Workspace

Lounge Area/Common Room/Cafeteria

A lounge or a shared room can have multiple purposes, such as eating, drinking, and relaxing, among other things. It should have a comfortable office room setup that helps the professionals relax and provides them with a space that encourages casual meetings. 

Such office areas should have enough natural light, sofas, standing desks, vending machines, and elegant decor, among other things. 

Napping Zones

Office areas with napping zones should be spaces where employees can take a quick nap. The room should have dim lighting with sleeping pods, sofas, and beanbags. Some workspaces also allow for light music that aids in falling asleep. 

Focus on the Ergonomics

Whether you're considering investing in a large sofa or a standing desk, it's important to consider ergonomics in every aspect of the office workspace. Ergonomic computer chairs allow professionals to work comfortably for long hours without feeling tired. 

A desk should have a surface area that is large enough to accommodate an employee's gadgets, monitors, accessories, and belongings. This allows them to reach out for what they want without throwing a spanner in their workflow. 

Natural light in an office room improves workers' satisfaction and productivity. It can keep the employees motivated and feeling fresh throughout the day. 

Offices should also invest in advanced lighting solutions that emit natural light, allowing professionals to finish their work without straining their eyes during the evenings or late nights.

Focus on the Ergonomics

Consider the Traffic Flow

Some office areas may have more employees than other spaces. It's essential to consider the traffic flow to help you arrange the furniture in the best way possible. 

The reception area, for example, can get crowded, and a couple of seating solutions next to the wall can help reduce congestion. 

With so many professionals in one single space, meeting rooms can feel cramped. It's crucial to keep the decor and design elements to the minimum, as it can prevent the workspace from feeling overwhelming. 

Although a U-shaped table can take up a lot of space, it can accommodate many professionals, which is better than having multiple desks in a conference room. 

There are other things you can do to avoid congestion, such as arranging chairs, installing projectors on the ceiling, and hanging shelves or cabinets for storing equipment and accessories.

Consider the Traffic Flow

Aesthetics Is Important

As we've mentioned earlier, every office room has a purpose. Once you've determined what to use the space for, you can work on maintaining a single theme to ensure cohesiveness. 

Figure out the color scheme, furniture style, and decorative elements to improve the employees' productivity and well-being. 

You also need to focus on the branding elements, especially in the reception area, to let the visitors know what type of business they're walking into. This is a great way to strategically incorporate the company colors and logos throughout the office areas.

Aesthetics Is Important

Utilize Storage Efficiently

Most office building rooms have large cabinets and drawers to store files and other essential documents. Although these are important, they can take up a lot of space and adversely impact the aesthetics of an office room. 

We highly recommend using the spaces under and above the workstations for drawers for efficient space utilization. It can help minimize clutter and eliminate the need for bulky and outdated cabinets.

Utilize Storage Efficiently

Let Natural Light Flow

An office room with natural light can set the mood right for the workday. Make sure you arrange the furniture in a way that does not block sunlight from flowing into the office. Keep large cabinets or workstations away from the windows. 

Offices areas for lounging purposes should provide a clear view of the outside world to promote a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Let Natural Light Flow

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Final Thoughts

Furniture arrangements can help you achieve a purposeful design for every office room in the organization. It helps set first impressions about the company and transforms discussions, meetings, and how you get your tasks done. 

Take the time to research the different layouts and what you can do to transform the office space. Once you've figured out where the furniture goes, you can reach out to Autonomous for massive price savings and other fantastic benefits on bulk purchases!

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