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How to Build a $500 Gaming Setup for 2024?
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How to Build a $500 Gaming Setup for 2024?

|Jan 22, 2024

Discover the secrets to building a remarkable 500-dollar gaming setup in 2024 that is both affordable and of high quality. This comprehensive guide will provide you with budget friendly options while guaranteeing optimal performance for an immersive gaming experience. Find the perfect equilibrium between affordability and functionality as we delve into essential components such as a powerful gaming PC, dependable monitor, and necessary peripherals. Explore the realm of cutting edge gaming technology and witness how it is entirely achievable to construct an exceptional 500-dollar full gaming setup without straining your wallet. 

Essential Equipment for Your $500 Gaming Setup

1. Gaming PC around $200: GIGABYTE AORUS C500 Glass

The GIGABYTE AORUS C500 Glass is a superb option for gamers aiming to construct an affordable yet high performance PC gaming setup. With its compatibility for various motherboard sizes, it can accommodate powerful gaming components effectively. Designed with optimized airflow, this case ensures efficient cooling during intense gameplay sessions. It also supports graphics processing units up to 16.5 inches long, making it compatible with top of the line graphics cards. The pre-installed fans and liquid cooling support further enhance its suitability for gaming purposes. Additionally, the full size tempered glass side panel and attractive lighting contribute to creating a visually appealing gaming room decor that many gamers desire. Overall, the GIGABYTE AORUS C500 Glass is an exceptional mid tower case suitable for gaming enthusiasts who seek both power and visual allure in their setups.

2. Gaming Monitor around $150: Pixio PX222 Monitor 

The Pixio PX222 monitor is a great choice for gamers due to its features tailored for an immersive gaming experience. It offers a 1080p resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth gameplay with detailed visuals. The VA panel technology it employs enhances contrast and color vibrancy, resulting in deep black levels and vibrant colors that enhance image quality during gaming sessions. Furthermore, this monitor is designed to minimize tearing and stuttering, contributing to an improved overall gaming experience. While it may lack some advanced features found in higher end gaming monitors, the Pixio PX222 provides excellent value for budget conscious gamers who still want enjoyable gameplay.


3. Gaming Keyboard Mouse Pad Combo: GAMDIAS Herme

The GAMDIAS Hermes E1C 3-in-1 combo gaming keyboard and mouse pad is an excellent choice for gamers due to its impressive features. It utilizes GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches that provide efficient tactile feedback and can withstand up to 50 million key presses, making it robust for long gaming sessions. The keyboard also includes a multi-colored backlit key with adjustable brightness levels, allowing for customizable visuals during gameplay. With ten built in hotkeys, it offers convenient shortcuts designed specifically for gaming. 

As part of the combo, the ergonomic gaming mouse complements the keyboard perfectly. It boasts a maximum DPI of 3200 and incorporates an anti-slip double layered mouse mat, ensuring precise control while reducing slipping discomfort. Although it may not offer advanced features seen in higher end options, the GAMDIAS Hermes E1C 3-in-1 combo provides great value for entry level gamers or those on a budget. Its inclusion of both the keyboard and mouse pad creates a complete gaming setup ideal for casual play or anyone seeking an enjoyable gaming experience without breaking their wallet. 

Other Essential Gadgets and Equipment

Refurbished PC

Explore the cost effective option of a refurbished gaming PC to enhance your 500-dollar gaming setup's performance while staying within budget. Reputable sellers offer refurbished PCs that come with upgraded components, striking a balance between affordability and capability. Choosing a refurbished option may even grant you access to higher tier specifications compared to buying new, enabling you to make the most out of your $500 budget and achieve optimal gaming performance. 

External Hard Drive

To expand your storage capacity for games and multimedia content without going over a $500 budget, selecting a cost effective external hard drive is key. Look for an affordable option that enables you to easily increase your storage space while staying within your financial constraints. Incorporating this external hard drive into your 500-dollar gaming setup provides an efficient solution for storing extra games, software, and media files without compromising the overall budget.

External Hard Drive - 500 dollar gaming setup

Webcam for Streaming

Affordable webcams are key tools for enhancing your streaming experience without going over your financial limits. Opt for webcams that provide High Definition (HD) resolution to guarantee clear and sharp video quality for your audience. Moreover, an adjustable angle feature is essential as it allows you to customize your streaming setup and connect effectively with your viewers.

Gaming Controller

A budget friendly gaming controller stands as a versatile investment for gamers constructing a $500 gaming setup. Despite being affordable, these controllers do not compromise on quality. With ergonomic designs, they provide responsive buttons and user friendly layouts. Additionally, their compatibility with various platforms allows for consistent gameplay across PCs, consoles, and mobile devices without any hassle.

Gaming Controller

RGB Lighting Strips

Designed with affordability in mind, gaming light strips are easy to install and can elevate your gaming ambiance without breaking the bank. With customizable lighting options, you have the freedom to personalize your gaming space with dynamic and vibrant colors. 

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Enhance your gaming comfort without exceeding your budget by considering budget friendly ergonomic gaming chairs. Features like adjustable height, recline options, and lumbar support contribute to an improved gaming experience. By investing in a budget friendly ergonomic gaming chair, you can prioritize optimal comfort while staying within your financial limits. Buy gaming chairs for under $100

Gaming Desk

Prioritize desks with robust construction to ensure long lasting durability for your gaming station. A vital aspect to look out for is effective cable management, which helps keep your gaming area neat and reduces clutter. Budget friendly gaming desks often include added features like cup holders or headphone hooks, offering convenient storage solutions and improving the overall gaming experience.

Gaming Desk


To sum up, building a budget friendly gaming setup of 500$ requires strategic decision making that balances affordability and performance. From selecting a powerful yet economical gaming PC to choosing essential peripherals such as monitors, controllers, and ergonomic chairs, each component contributes to an immersive gaming experience. This guide emphasizes that with careful consideration and smart choices, gamers can create a satisfying gaming environment that meets their needs while also respecting their financial constraints.

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