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Indoor Cycle By OVICX Review
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Indoor Cycle By OVICX Review

|Nov 16, 2021

Regardless of your motivation, it is an excellent way to lose weight at home to invest in a stationary exercise bike. These bikes come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Anyone looking for a lower impact yet high-intensity cardio exercise should consider purchasing this type of home gym equipment. In 2020, OVICX will release the Q200, an indoor cycling bike. Despite its lack of commercial-grade construction, this bike appears to have the same construction as that of a light commercial motorcycle. This bike offers the necessary training conditions for any spin workout, although it is somewhat different from other spin bikes. Read this OVICX Q200 spin bike review to know more.

What is the OVICX Indoor Cycle?

What is the OVICX Indoor Cycle

It is similar to the Flywheel Home Exercise Bike in that it has a body that’s fully sealed – just like the OVICX XCycle Q200 Magnetic Stationary indoor cycling bike. Most of the moving parts of this toy are concealed, making it safe around children at home, as discovered in this OVICX Q200 spin bike review.   

There is a micro-adjustable feature that makes it suitable for anyone irrespective of their weight, body size and height. Integrated LCD monitors track exercise progress, while the handle has multi grip panels that accommodate varying workout methods, postures and speeds. Cycling bikes are strong and well built; they are ideal for exercising at home, toning down muscles, aiding weight loss goals, improving your heart and lungs too. They are an upgrade to standing desk exercise equipment.

AccessoriesDevice holder
Drive systemBelt
Resistance typeManual magnetic
MonitorsSpeed, time, distance, calories, goals, pulse
SeatFour-way adjustable
Supported weight265 lbs
Flywheel weight35lbs
Total weight82 lbs

Frame build

Frame build in OVICX Q200 spin bike review

The full steel frame measures around 3.7" square and is coated with an anti rust paint. The drive and flywheel are made out of tough ABS plastic. Overall, these improvements allow the bike to support a weight of 120 kgs or 265 lbs. A robust design and rubber levellers make the base more durable and fully adjustable.

The bike was not too heavy after you are done assembling it, and its super heavy weight of 37.2 kg or 82 lbs gives the bike even more stability. Approximately 40.6 in. long, 22.4 in. wide, and 51.6 in. high, this bike is compact. It should have a height of 8' and a dimension of 3'4" long by 1'9" wide measured in our OVICX bike review.


Pedals in OVICX Q200 spin bike review

This bicycle is equipped with a pedal set made of aluminium alloy with anti-skid toe cages and adjustable safety straps. Your foot will not slip, regardless of where you are riding during vigorous workouts, personal health and wellness.   

You can use standard gym shoes and different foot sizes as described in this OVICX spin bike review with self-levelling pedals. Nevertheless, they are not intended for use with specific spin shoes. Because their threads are compatible with SPD pedals, they can be swapped out. 



A cushioned and vinyl-covered seat is included with the OVICX Magnetic Stationary Spin Bike. You can ask  for a different seat or use a gel one to improve the saddle's comfortability. In our indoor cycling bike review, we found that the cycle has a standard mechanism.

You could adjust the seat horizontally (fore/aft) and upward or downward in a vertical way. When someone changes the adjustments, users can quickly know and readjust them back to their original positions.

It has a vertical adjustment range of 33.1'' - 40.6'', and a horizontal adjustment range that comprises 17 different positions. Hence, this bike can be used by multiple individuals between the heights of 4'8" and 6'2". 


The bike's handlebar is ergonomically designed using a rubber foam coating that improves grip. Several grips on the handlebar that make it easier to hold onto the handle as you exercise. It also includes HR sensors for tracking your heart rate when you grasp the device. There are eight calibrated vertical positions between 47.2'' and 51.6'' high where you can adjust the handlebars vertically.

Magnetic resistance

Magnetic resistance

The OVICX Magnetic Stationary Spin Bike is a belt drive system that transforms wellness challenge ideas. The weighted flywheel weighs 35 lbs./15.8 kg, and the shaft has a 3 piece crankset, a solid crank arm and a Poly -V bell powered by pulleys. With these features, it is possible to operate the bike at any time of day with smooth and quiet operation without invading other people's privacy.  

Most magnetic spin bike reviews show no limit to what settings can be selected on the OVICX Spin Bike when it comes to magnetic resistance. By contacting the flywheel's surface with magnetic brake pads without directly touching it, electromagnetic fields are generated, which results in resistance. So, when the resistance is generated, there is no friction, and no parts wear out. 



Another advantage is that the drive does not require maintenance. Our indoor exercise bike review found that it’s unnecessary to adjust or lubricate any internal part of the shrouds. It may take a while for the belt to be replaced if the belt needs to be replaced. It is possible to exercise in reverse with the bidirectional drive for greater muscle diversification and toning. 

The magnetic brake pad is a good distance from the flywheel and determines how intense the resistance can be. It’s controlled by a tesnio knob that adjusts either left or right to adjust the intensity of the resistance. 

With varying resistance levels, you could strengthen your body with suitable challenges that positively affect their results. This bike keeps its smooth, quiet, and vibration-free operation even when operating at higher resistance levels.

Additionally, this tension control also serves as an emergency brake. It brings the flywheel to a full stop when you push down on the pedals. Since they are connected and fixed, the pedals and flywheels simultaneously rotate and are unable to coast.


No noise or wobbling will be made when riding it, so you can ride it as much as you like every day. For adjusting the seat and handlebar, it is helpful to have markings on both. Besides its many customizable features, it has an infinite magnetic resistance system and a saddle. The OVICX customer service team offers a 3-year warranty on this spinning bike. Considering its price tag, it looks modern and beautiful, performs well, rides smoothly and quietly, and is safe and stable.

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