Try These Inspiring Beachy Room Décor Ideas for Your Home
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Try These Inspiring Beachy Room Décor Ideas for Your Home

|Feb 20, 2024

If you want to try something completely different in terms of how you decorate your house, why not go for an awesome beachy room décor? With the right choice of colors, materials, and textures, you can bring a coastal feel to your home. 

However, it’s not always easy to determine what is meant by coastal colors and textures. You may have a very good idea of what kind of beachy room look you are going for, but putting all the pieces together might prove difficult. 

This is why you need to look at some of the great ideas in this article. With the help of Autonomous, you can create the ultimate desk setup in a home office that has a unique coastal vibe. You can even extend your coastal décor to other rooms in your home too. Read on to find out how! 

Color Palette and Textures for Coastal Décor

When it comes to incorporating coastal office décor into your home office, it is all about understanding the unique beachy colors and textures. Once you get that right, you will be able to combine everything into one elaborate mash-up. Here is more on these two concepts:

Color Palette

A coastal home office is immediately identifiable by the unique choice of colors that are used. In most cases, you will find that beachy room décor favors light sandy, and natural tones with a splash of bright colors here and there. 

This means if you are going for an artist desk setup that is inspired by coastal décor, emphasis on natural light is very important because this is what connects your design to the outdoors. When done right, you will end up with a spacious and airy feel in your room.


Texture is equally important when designing coastal office décor. You need to think along the lines of natural materials that will complement the coastal colors you have chosen. This means going for materials such as bamboo, sisal, raffia, jute, and seagrass. These textures will bring out the best of your coastal beachy rooms. Ideas such as this also have the advantage of using durable material.

Color Palette and Textures for Coastal Décor

Coastal Kitchen Ideas

When you are considering the interior décor of your home, one of the areas that has the most attention is the kitchen. These days, it is more than just a place to cook, but a room where the family can meet and enjoy each other's company. 

As such, you need to be very careful how you incorporate your beachy room décor plans into the kitchen. Consider the following ideas: 

1. Brighten It Up

Dull and gloomy do not produce the ultimate beachy room makeover you want for your kitchen. Ideally, you need to add as many bright colors as possible without forgetting to maintain that natural earthy tone. 

When painting your kitchen walls and furniture, go for light blue, pale orange, or sandy colors with a white background. Your kitchen should feel like one of the brightest rooms in the house.

Brighten It Up - beachy room décor

2. Add a Breakfast Nook

These days, most kitchen designs are going for the center island way of building a kitchen. However, if you want something different from what everyone else seems to be doing, installing a kitchen nook may be one of the best beachy room ideas ever. It not only makes your kitchen unique but also gives it a warm and cozy feel. 

3. Add Sailor Stripes

When you think of coastal areas, you think of boats and sailors. As such, you should not be afraid of adding some sailor stripes to some of your kitchen furniture to stay true to that coastal look. 

If you want to be subtle, you can just add a few stripes here and there. The backs of chairs or on table cloths is a great example. However, you can also choose to go all out and add some sailor stripes on your walls. 

4. French Country Vibes

There is something about French-style furniture that just seems perfect for a coastal look. If you want to bring that vibe into your kitchen, you can consider adding some uniquely designed barstools on your kitchen counter. The comfortable upholstery that is common with French seating will add a bit of formality to your kitchen. 

5. Open and Airy

Above all else, you need to keep your kitchen open and airy. If you are hoping to enjoy that beachy feel, you cannot have a small and cramped kitchen. Keep your furniture choices down to the bare essentials so that your kitchen can have a lot of open spaces. If you happen to have some big windows in the room, the extra natural light will be perfect for your coastal colors and textures.

Open and Airy

Coastal Living Room Ideas

Bringing the coastal look to the living room is just as easy as doing it for the kitchen. The colors and textures are still the most important aspects of your beachy room décor. As such, consider the following: 

1. Use Swirly Patterns

Perfect beach home wall décor usually includes the use of a lot of swirly patterns. If painting your walls in that way seems too much, you can use the same idea on your marble floors instead. This can be complemented with some wooden accents on your furniture and neutral-colored walls. You can also add some ornamental lighting fixtures for a striking effect. 

2. Go for the Cottage Feel

If you have ever spent a holiday at a small seaside cottage, you will know how special that feeling can be. With the right choice in textures, colors, and furnishings, you can relive that feeling every day in your living room. 

You can start by combining pearl white walls with deep blue patterned upholstery and furnishings. This will bring you that unique seaside feeling. To that, you can add a mixture of modern furniture and a few traditional rocking chairs.

Go for the Cottage Feel

3. Add Inky Blues

When creating a seaside beachy look, one of the colors you can never escape is blue. You can play around with different shades of this color, but the best choice in many cases is an inky blue shade. Consider hanging some white and blue dip-dyed curtains on your windows. 

4. Maximize the View

Speaking of windows, in coastal room design, the more of them you have, the better it will be for the beachy effect you are going for. This is especially true if you have a great view just outside your house. Large open windows will give you the chance to incorporate that view easily in your beachy room ideas. 

5. Add Dramatic Lighting

While the great views can be enjoyed during the day, you need to find a way to maintain that beachy room makeover vibe at night too. Adding some dramatic lighting to your living room is one way to impress your guests. In this regard, you can consider hanging a huge beaded chandelier in the center of the room so that it will easily draw every eye to it when switched on.

Add Dramatic Lighting

Coastal Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to bringing your beachy room décor ideas to the bedroom, it can get a little tricky. While you may want that open and airy feel, you must remember that the bedroom is a place for relaxing and sleeping. A balance will be needed, so consider the following: 

1. Go for the Boho Style

Boho-style beach home wall décor seems well suited for the bedroom if you want to maintain that coastal look. You can incorporate this style by choosing some elaborate furnishings, carpets, and rugs for your room. Since the bed is usually the centerpiece of the room, you can add some Boho-inspired bed covers or quilts as well. 

2. Use Natural Materials

Regardless of what specific style you go for, all beachy room ideas must predominantly contain a lot of natural materials. In the bedroom, this is easy to do because it is not a room that usually requires a lot of gadgets so you can easily keep the amount of metal and plastic to a minimum. 

Consider adding a wooden bed frame and some wooden closets too. When it comes to the bed covers and curtains, you can maintain that natural look by using natural fabrics, such as cotton. A few bamboo tables and chairs would be great too if you have extra room. 

3. Accent With Pastel Blue

You can use white as the predominant background color of your bedroom desk setup and walls. However, if you want to bring that unique coastal feel to the doom, try adding some pastel blue accents that will mimic the color of a bright blue sky during a perfect beach holiday.

Accent With Pastel Blue - beachy room décor

4. Highlight the Bed Frame

If you have used wood for the bedframe and cotton material for the bed covers, you can arrange your bedroom in a way that will highlight this. One way of doing this is to add striking blue and white upholstery to the bed frame to give that airy coastal vibe. 

5. Keep It Neutral

While bright colors may work well in other parts of the house, that may not be the case for the bedroom. Here, you need to resist the temptation of adding any bright colors such as yellow or orange. These will only serve to distract you when you try to sleep. Instead, go for neutral sandy colors that are great for relaxing while still being true to your beachy room décor.

Keep It Neutral

Coastal Home Office Ideas

Finally, you need to find a way to bring your beachy room décor ideas to your home office. This is a place where you are likely to be spending a lot of time, so simply buying a standing desk is not enough. Consider the following: 

1. Driftwood Desk

With the right choice of material, coastal office décor is not difficult to achieve. Have you ever considered using a driftwood desk? While it may not be easy to find one with a height-adjustment mechanism, such a desk would look great in your coastal office with a few traditional desk accessories arranged on it. 

2. Cane Back Armchair

To go along with your driftwood desk, why not buy a cane-back armchair for your coastal home office? It is an environmentally friendly option that pairs very well with other types of natural materials used in your beachy room design. If you cannot get your hands on one with the advantages of an ergonomic chair, you can simply buy a few extra cushions for additional lumbar support. 

3. Brightly Colored Walls

The office has no problem when it comes to adding some bright beach home wall décor. Feel free to go for bright and stimulating colors, such as pale yellow or orange if you feel like that would be the ideal color choice for your needs.

Brightly Colored Walls

4. Nautical Sailboat Wallpaper

One of the ways to go all-out with your beachy room makeover is to look for appropriately themed wallpaper. This means for a coastal look, consider plastering nautical sailboat wallpaper around the room to give it that final touch.

5. Indoor Plants

One of the best ways to complement your coastal office décor is to add a few indoor plants. This will enhance the natural look you are going for while also making your office a more pleasant place to work. If you are designing the ultimate ergonomic desk setup, look for a few desk plants that would go well with your ideas.

Indoor Plants

Final Thought

Recreating the ultimate beachy room décor in your home is not difficult if you have a furniture supplier able to give you what you need. At Autonomous, you can easily align your productivity desk setup ideas with that coastal home office you are aiming for.

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