Five Reasons to Invest In an L-Shaped Reception Desk
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Five Reasons to Invest In an L-Shaped Reception Desk

|Feb 21, 2023

Every office space must have a welcome area since that is where the brand or service will be highlighted. Every area of your workplace, including your office reception desk, should help your business deliver the right message if you want to make a fantastic first impression. 

Although first impressions are important in the corporate world, we often ignore what we want our customers to perceive when they walk through the door. Professionalism is the obvious response, but there are additional things that can help set your company apart from the competition and could be decisive when making a sale. 

Choosing the right L-shaped reception desk is a fantastic way of sending the correct message, and in the following article, you will learn how to pick the best for you. 

Five Reasons to Invest In an L-Shaped Reception Desk

1. Spacious Area

The spaciousness of an L-shaped desk is one of its finest features. Keeping track of your work supplies and documents takes time and effort. This causes you to constantly move things around because you never know where to place them. 

The L-shape is perfect because it allows you to arrange your stuff as you choose. All possible devices, such as a printer and an additional computer screen, will comfortably fit in an L-shaped desk. Moreover, they won't take up room elsewhere in your office once they have their own location. 

2. Vast Storage

An L-shaped desk can be arranged in various ways. This allows you to add all the storage you need to it. Using a cabinet is perfect if you want to avoid taking up room under your desk. Additionally, you can put shelves from a buffet on top of your desk. 

Shelves with open and closed storage compartments are one of the most common storage types on these desks. They are available in a range of designs that can perfectly complement the layout of your desk. 

Vast Storage of l shaped reception desk

3. Wide Variety

When you hear "L-shaped desk," a specific image might pop up in your head, but they come in various designs for you to pick the one that better suits your aesthetic! In order to design the ideal workspace, you can combine and match the workstations, storage units, and worktables. 

4. Great Ergonomics

Although your dining room table may work as a surface for working and relaxing, there are better places to do it. A homemade office environment can negatively impact your health more than you realize. On the other hand, an ergonomic workstation can change your life in ways you can't imagine. 

Experts in ergonomic workstation design always try to find the most comfortable position for their products. Thanks to these ergonomic features, you can move comfortably and conveniently without overextending your forearms. 

Do you feel neck and back discomfort at work from sitting down the entire day? A standing desk can fix this. Thanks to their ergonomic design, you can adjust your position at various points during the day. 

5. Cost Effective

The cost-effectiveness of an L-shaped standing desk may surprise you. The efficacy, comfort, and space it offers over other traditional rectangular desk alternatives make it worth the additional cost you might have to pay. 

An L-shaped desk offers impressive long-term mobility and durability. Moreover, it maximizes your home office and corner space vertically and horizontally. An L-shaped desk is a purchase that will last for many years!

Cost Effective l shaped reception desk

Top 20 Best L-Shaped Reception Desks

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

You will have plenty of room in the Autonomous Desk Expanse, which will give you maximum comfort and creativity when working or playing. Additionally, you will have everything you need close to you. 

This amazing L-shape stand-up desk features a 400-pound weight capability and a triple motor to remove any noise it can create when altering its height. Thanks to its sturdy steel structure and modular pieces, it can fit in every corner of any space you can imagine. 

Top dimensionFull: 77”L x 64”W x 1”H
Large Top: 77”L x 29”W x 1”H
Small Top: 29”L x 35”W x 1”H
Frame dimension27.5”W x 42” - 71”L
Height rangeWith top: 29.4" - 48"
Without top: 28.4" - 47"
MaterialsTop: Warp-proof MDF wood
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White, Black
Frame: White, Black
Weight capacity400 lbs
Warranty5 years for frame
1 year for top

2. EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA 60" L-shaped Standing Desk: Left-handed

After spending a long time studying, working, playing a game, or watching a movie, this ergonomic electric reception L desk allows you to go from sitting to standing, lowering your risk of back discomfort, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other physical ailments. It has a twin motor rising mechanism that provides a quick, smooth, and silent switch from sitting to standing. In addition, its four configurable memory presets can easily accommodate your family's demands. 

Dimension61.02”L x 43.7”W x 29.53” - 48.03”H
Height adjustment29.9” - 48.4”
MaterialsP2PB/ABS/Carbon Steel
ColorsCarbon Fiber Black
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty5 years

3. Techni Mobili L-Shape Desk with Hutch and Storage

If you're looking for a quick yet stylish solution, this Techni Mobili L-shaped desk will be ideal for you, regardless of whether you are working on a large task or a hectic to-do list. This reception L desk is made of wood panels with a laminated top, making it ideal for corner areas or creating a statement in your business or home office. The integrated hutch of this corner reception desk has two vertical shelves and two top open shelves that are great for displaying decorative items or keeping books and paperwork. 

Dimension59''L x 59''W x 50''H
MaterialEngineered wood finish in vintage color and powder-coated steel
ColorWhite, Walnut
Weight capacity88 lbs
Warranty5 years

4. Techni Mobili L-Shaped Industrial Desk with Storage

This modern L-shaped reception desk has a laminated top with a gray woodgrain finish and is made of sturdy hardwood panels. It has an L-shaped work surface so you can quickly work on tasks or documents on one side while using the other for your laptop or PC. The desk has two drawers for holding your office accessories, two open storage spaces, and a sizable lockable cabinet for keeping your private documents safe yet easily accessible when needed.

DimensionL-shaped: 59''L x 59''W x 35.3''H
Straight: 118''L x 23''W x 35.3''H
MaterialRich engineered wood, scratch-resistant steel frame
Weight capacity88 lbs
Warranty5 years

5. EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA L-shaped Desk: Carbon Fiber Surface

The Z-shaped legs of this carbon fiber desk are extremely sturdy. This gaming desk's black carbon fiber surface is smooth and streamlined, providing ample room for your daily gaming or work needs. The desk has two cable grommets and a space-saving integrated power strip holder as part of an integrated cable management system, which organizes the tangled mess of wires you may have laying around. 

Dimension61.06”L x 43.85”W x 30.07”H
MaterialsP2 MDF, steel, ABS
Weight capacity500 lbs
IncludedMouse pad
Warranty5 years

6. Skyline Decor L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk

This corner reception desk can support anything you put on top of it. Skyline Decor's corner-hugging furniture saves you valuable space in your living room, bedroom, or den by eliminating the need for ample floor space. Moreover, dual monitors can be easily plugged into the corner connection, giving you a wide workspace for creating reports, data analysis, or finishing big projects on time. 

Dimension71.5"W x 50.75"D x 29" - 36.5"H
MaterialParticleboard Steel, MDF
ColorBlack, White
Weight capacity175 lbs
Warranty1 month

7. Techni Mobili Computer Desk

The Techni Mobili Computer Desk has two storage drawers and an open CPU compartment with a shelf that can be moved up, down, or removed entirely. Both the CPU compartment and the slide-out accessory shelf include rear cable holes for better cable management.

Dimension59''L x 55''W x 30''H
MaterialMDF panels with a moisture laminate veneer, powder-coated steel
Weight capacityTabletop: 100 lbs
Drawer: 22 lbs
Warranty5 years

8. Trio Supply House Indo L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

You can design the ideal workplace setting with the Trio L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves. This desk's tight fit in a corner will maximize your home office space. The spacious desktop surface has enough area for your laptop or monitor, documents, and other office items. Your binders and books will fit perfectly on the two open shelves on the side of the desk.

Dimension53.54”W x 49.6”D x 28.35”H
MaterialsMDF, composite wood
ColorsWhite, Black
Warranty1 month

9. FM FURNITURE Antlia Desk: L-Shaped

In order to adjust to the work-from-home modalities, we must search for a cozy and practical setting to carry out our tasks effectively. The Antlia L-Shaped Desk offers a distinctive, contemporary, and practical appearance. This corner reception desk will become your new favorite workplace item because it was made to fit any area in your house! You can also keep all your work supplies in its spacious storage areas.

Dimension45.9"L x 59.7"W x 30.2"H x 78.5 lbs
ColorsDark Brown, Light Gray
Warranty1 year

10. Trio Supply House L-Shaped Desk: File Cabinet and Storage

This is another modern L-shaped reception desk you can consider. This contemporary Trio L-Shaped Computer Desk has a roomy, boomerang-shaped desktop with an integrated locking storage cabinet and a hanging file cabinet.

Dimension59”W x 55”D x 30”H
MaterialsMDF, Steel
Weight capacityMax 100 lbs
Warranty1 month

11. Techni Mobili L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk

This L-shaped front desk has the elegant curves of a chromed steel frame. You can enjoy a slide-out keyboard shelf with a safety stop and a roomy work area. Thanks to its replaceable long and short sides and adaptable L-shaped design, it can be customized to your needs. 

Dimension51"L x 51"W x 29"H
MaterialTempered glass top, powder-coated frame and floor glides
Weight capacityRectangular desktop panels: 66 lbs
Curved corner panel: 33 lbs
Warranty5 years

12. FM FURNITURE Raleigh L-Shaped Desk

The Raleigh L-Shaped Desk is extremely spacious and features many storage options. It has a sliding shelf for keyboards that allows you to hide your keyboard without taking up room on the main surface. In addition, it has an open shelf to protect the CPU.

Dimension47.2"L x 41.3"W x 30.4"H x 94 lbs
MaterialsEngineered wood
ColorsSmoky Oak, Light Oak, Black Wengue
Weight capacityMax 100 lbs
Warranty1 year

13. Techni Mobili Rotating Multi-positional Modern Desk

You will get all the space you need to do any job from this Modern Rotating Workstation. It features a side table with casters and a distinctive design. If you want to place it in a corner, shape the table into an L. Then, you can close or extend it to fit your space.

Dimension51''L x 23.5''W x 30''H
MaterialMDF panels, moisture-resistant PVC laminate surface, powder-coated steel legs
Feature3 customizable desk positions, 2 drawers, fully reversible 360 degrees
Weight capacityUp to 85 lbs
Warranty5 years

14. Trio Supply House Functional L-Shape Office Desk with Storage

The long and short sides of this modern Trio L-Shaped Computer Desk are reversible to suit your dominant hand, and it features a roomy tabletop that can be set up however you want. Additionally, it is made of a scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame and heavy-duty engineered wood panels.

Dimension59.5”W x 59.5”D x29.5”H
MaterialsParticle Board
Weight capacityDrawer: 11 lbs
Shelf: 10 - 11 lbs
Desktop: 110 lbs
Warranty1 month

15. FM FURNITURE Dallas L-Shaped Home Office Desk

This small L-shaped desk has a large load capacity, more than enough storage, and a thick panel for extra stability. There is enough space for your legs to ensure maximum comfort and easy access to your paperwork, documents, laptops, and gaming consoles. Two open shelves are also included to keep books or other items you need close to you. Due to its corner-friendly form, this L-shaped front desk is a stylish and useful addition to your home office.

Dimension45.9"L x 59.7"W x 30.2"H x 78.5 lbs
ColorsLight Oak, Smokey Oak, Light Gray, Black Wengue
Warranty1 year

16. Trio Supply House L-Shape Desk with Hutch and Storage

The Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk with Hutch is the ideal option for your home office, regardless of whether you are working on your significant task or a hectic to-do list. This modern L-shaped reception desk is made of oak panels with a laminated top and is ideal for corner locations or as a statement piece in your workplace or home office. Its integrated hutch has three vertical shelves and two top open shelves that are great for displaying decorative items or keeping books and paperwork. 

Dimensions59”W x 59”D x 50”H
MaterialParticle Board + Iron Tube
ColorWalnut, White
Weight capacityDrawer: 11 lbs
Shelf: 33 lbs
Top: 88 lbs
Warranty1 month

17. Techni Mobili L-Shaped Glass Top Computer Desk

This black tempered glass computer desk is the pinnacle of workplace elegance because of its smooth and cool design. Anyone walking into the workplace will be immediately impressed by it and the calm professionalism it gives to the room. Its basic yet practical design can be arranged to your preferences. Moreover, it provides ample space for placing additional equipment.

Dimension61.75''L x 45.25''W x 29.5''H
MaterialGlass desktop, powder-coated steel legs
Weight capacityRectangular desktop panels: 66 lbs
Curved corner panel: 33 lbs
Warranty5 years

18. Trio Supply House Moore L-Shaped Desk with 5-Tier Shelves

With its flawless fusion of form and function, this corner reception desk gives your room plenty of storage and a contemporary look. This piece can be used in many contexts because of its sleek finish and simple lines. Additionally, it has five open shelves to fulfill all of your storage needs. In order to enhance productivity, try setting up this desk in your home office to give the space a chic yet practical appearance.

Dimensions39.6”W x 31.6”D x 44.5”H x 62.7 lbs
MaterialDurable CARB grade composite wood
ColorFrench Oak, French Black
Warranty1 month

19. FM FURNITURE Fresno Computer Desk

The Fresno L-shaped computer desk offers generous space and a simple design to fit in any location. This computer desk is an elegant and modern L-shaped reception desk ideal for corners. It has numerous open shelf layers for convenient space-saving storage or décor and twin tabletop surfaces to keep your workstation uncluttered.

Dimensions51.7"L x 47.2"W x 43.3"H x 94.2 lbs
ColorSmoky Oak, Light Gray, Black Wengue
Warranty1 year

20. Trio Supply House L-Shaped Computer Desk: Keyboard Tray

This desk's long and short sides are reversible to suit any position you wish, making it the perfect L-shaped desk for left-handed people. Moreover, the modern Trio L-Shaped Computer Desk features a roomy desktop that can be arranged to fit any space you want. It has a slide-out keyboard shelf with a safety stop, a reversible safety stop, and a raised corner accessory shelf. It is such a good L-shaped reception desk you can consider.

Dimensions67”W x 57”D x 33”H
MaterialMDF, Steel
Weight capacity30 - 50 lbs
Warranty1 month

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect L-shaped desk for your reception can be tedious, but it is crucial, as it will be the first thing your clients will see. Hopefully, after going through this comprehensive guide of corner desks, you have chosen one that perfectly suits your business. Nevertheless, you can always choose a custom L-shaped desk.

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