Making the Most of the Lunar New Year Sale: When Is It and What to Expect
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Making the Most of the Lunar New Year Sale: When Is It and What to Expect

|Feb 5, 2024

The January sales are well-known around the world- as people flock to the high street and their favorite online websites to benefit from a plethora of New Year deals and discounts. What people don’t realize is you can also find super savings following the Lunar New Year. 

If you haven’t heard, the Chinese New Year Sale, which follows the Lunar calendar, is a hotbed for fantastic deals- if you know where to look. Although not all retailers celebrate, several great online companies slash prices as the moon begins a new year of cycles. 

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Lunar New Year specials and sales- including when they start, where to shop, and some tips for getting the most out of your buyer experience. We have also included some ideas on how to incorporate the Chinese New Year celebration into your working environment. 

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When Is the Lunar New Year 2024?

February 10th is the official beginning of the new lunar year. That said, the Chinese celebration of this major event lasts much longer than traditional New Year festivities, so the Lunar New Year period lasts longer.  

In 2024, the celebrations begin on the night of February 9th and last until February 24th. This year will bring the start of the year of the dragon- an extra special year in the Chinese calendar.

When Is the Lunar New Year 2024?

When Does the Lunar New Year Sale Season Start?

Exact start dates for Lunar New Year sales vary between companies. Some offer savings from late January- especially those offering early bird deals to members- and others wait until the week before.  

Many companies begin their sales on the first day of the celebrations- in this case, February 9th, which falls on a Friday. 

To find out specific kick-off dates for your favorite retailers, check their websites for announcements.

lunar new year dragon hunt

Why Shop Online During the Lunar New Year Sale Season?

The Chinese New Year is a major celebration all around the world, and with so many major online retailers having Chinese origin, it is a huge time for e-commerce. Despite being a much smaller event for shoppers than the main New Year sales, lunar sales are every bit as beneficial for the purse strings.  

In some cases, you can get even better deals online when the Chinese New Year comes- since retailers may have surplus stock leftover from Boxing Day and big January sales.  

Here are a few other reasons to shop online during Lunar New Year Sales. 

  • The number of online businesses involved in the Chinese New Year sale season increases every year.
  • You will find a lot of special deals in the tech sector during this time.
  • Some companies offer different discounts on different products during this sale, providing more variety for buyers.
  • Shopping online lets you look further afield and search for deals from far more companies than you could do shopping in person. 
  • Free postage is regularly part of the promotion.
  • The product range is often tailored to be relevant to the celebration, which can bring prices down on niche items that usually cost a lot more.

Why Shop Online During the Lunar New Year Sale Season?

Online Shopping Tips for Making the Most of Lunar New Year Sales

  • Start looking early. Many companies roll their classic New Year sales into the Lunar New Year season, so waiting could mean missing out on hot deals.
  • Compare deals from similar companies to find the best one. It is easy to jump at the first get saving- but there could be more out there. 
  • That said, don’t wait too long- some savings are fleeting! Stock clearance sales see stock vanish quickly, so be careful not to miss out. 
  • Check out companies with a Chinese background- they are likely to have the most relevant sales and the best special edition products.
  • Sign up for marketing emails from the brands you love- you could earn early bird deals and exclusive savings! Plus, you won’t miss out on the kick-off events.

Online Shopping Tips for Making the Most of Lunar New Year Sales

Which Websites Offer a Lunar New Year Sale: Best Deals to Explore

There are plenty of online retailers getting involved in the Lunar New Year sales in 2024. All product genres are included- from fashion and accessories to software programs. Whatever you are looking for, the chances are you will find at least one of the leading brands offering some exciting deals. 

We have picked 10 companies with great Chinese New Year deals for office wear and tech accessories. If you work from home and want to upgrade your workspace- or if you run a commercial office and want to save money on some much-needed improvements- these brands could be worth watching.  

Hoping to find an office chair for sale that can make long hours at the desk more comfortable? Hunting for great deals on your gaming setup? Is it time to update your employees’ work laptops, and you want the best savings? Our list has something for you.  

1. Autonomous

Autonomous is a leading office furniture and accessories company specializing in ergonomic modern design and function. It goes beyond the usual selection of cookie-cutter office wear to provide unique, practical designs that let your personality shine in your workspace.  

Known for its exceptional ergonomic office chair design and its impressive adjustable height desk collection, Autonomous is always about providing top quality at competitive prices. Deals are available all year round, but special savings are coming your way this Lunar New Year.  

Some of the best deals include the iconic Autonomous Desk Eureka and Autonomous Chair Ultra- and a selection of smart office accessories to complete the setup.

Autonomous - lunar new year sale

2. Lenovo

Lenovo is an excellent tech brand known for its high-performance laptops. Luckily for anyone in the market for an upgrade, Lenovo offers discounts on a range of products to celebrate the Lunar New Year.  

Whether you need a new laptop to work from home or are looking for a new suite of laptops for your in-office staff, you can find great savings through Lenovo. There are a few different discount codes advertised on the website, as well as general reductions on the standard prices of great-quality laptops.

3. Xbox

Calling all gamers! Xbox is well-known for dropping mega-deals around the Lunar New Year- usually a couple of weeks in advance. The brand offers savings on hundreds of games- including many popular AAA titles- and several gaming accessories.  

The exact products included in the sale are not announced until the drop, but based on previous years, it can be expected that the mega gaming brand will really outdo itself. There are already great January savings following the other New Year, but more lines will be added as part of the Chinese celebration.

Xbox - lunar new year sale

4. Secretlab

If you are looking for a computer chair for sale for your home office that lends itself to work and play, you should check out the Secretlab Lunar New Year sale. Secretlab sells a few products, but the shining star is undoubtedly the collection of premium gaming chairs. 

They are the perfect blend of gaming comfort and style with ergonomic settings and adjustments- making them an ideal choice for home offices that are used for working and gaming.  

Secretlab has $100 off selected gaming chairs during the Chinese New Year celebration period- with some offers available already for early birds! 

5. Razer

Razer is a top gaming brand known for its PCs, keyboards, ergonomic gaming chairs, and other desk and gaming accessories. Although aimed predominantly at the gamer community, there are many crossovers with modern offices- where similar tech and equipment are relevant. It is also a great place to find products that let you infuse your personality into your home office space. 

In the past, Razer has launched special products to celebrate the Chinese New Year- including a limited-edition phone. There has been no announcement regarding whether the brand plans to do something similar this year, but the New Year discounts are already flooding in. Discounted items include gaming chairs, laptops, and RGB keyboards.

Razer - lunar new year sale

6. Dell

Dell is easily one of the most popular and recognized brands for laptops and desktop monitors. Known worldwide for its high-quality technology and groundbreaking advancements, Dell is a go-to for anyone looking to invest in better work gear.  

There are many deals to take advantage of now and throughout the Lunar New Year period- including bundle savings on desktop sets and gaming PC combos. Many laptop lines have also had prices slashed in stock clearance sales moving into the new year- and some high-performance business laptops have limited-term deals to take advantage of. 

7. Apple

Apple is not big on discounts- but it is a fan of a special edition release to mark an event. This Chinese New Year, you can buy exclusive Year of the Dragon AirPods, a dragon-themed phone case, and Beats Solo3 wireless headphones in red and gold.  

There are also other perks bringing good fortune- including free delivery or in-store pick-up, 24 months interest-free, unlimited repairs coverage, and free Apple TV for three months with any Apple device purchase.

Apple - lunar new year sale

8. ErgoTune

ErgoTune is one of many workplace furniture stores with an ergonomic chair and office desk for sale this Chinese New Year. One of the brand's top-selling chairs has up to $200 off the usual price- depending on the size and material type you chose.  

The sale lasts right up until the end of the Lunar New Year celebration period, so you have time to make the most of these savings. 

9. Amazon

As the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world, you would expect Amazon to be involved in the Lunar New Year sale season. On top of the many discounts offered across a range of product genres, Amazon also has an exclusive selection of Chinese New Year celebration decorations and gifts.  

If you are planning to decorate your office, classroom, or home this Lunar New Year, then Amazon is the place to go. The collection includes banners, lanterns, embroidered gifting envelopes, dragon-themes décor, stickers, and much more. Anyone working in a school can also find great deals on educational children’s books based on the celebration and culture surrounding it.

Amazon - lunar new year sale

10. Harvey Norman

Another potential stop for buyers looking for new laptops this Lunar New Year is Harvey Norman. The retailer has partnered with Acer- another leading PC and laptop brand- to offer exclusive discounts on professional devices to ring in the new lunar year.  

Bring the Chinese New Year to Your Workplace

If you want to celebrate as well as save this Chinese New Year, there are plenty of great ways to do it! Whether you are planning something for the office, your classroom, or at home- all it takes is some decorations, games, and some background understanding of what the lunar celebration is all about.  

Celebrating the Event

Lunar New Year games are a fun way to inject the festive Chinese spirit. You can use them to bring people together in the workplace or classroom to boost team spirit and engagement- not to mention have a bit of fun together. 

Some of the more traditional ideas include mahjong, Hoo Hey How, and Chinese chess- or you could opt for something more active like an office ping-pong tournament. Why not plan an event and partake in some New Year karaoke- or host a Chinese New Year trivia night with prizes for the winners?  

No celebration is complete without Lunar New Year decorations. Since it is the year of the dragon, anything dragon-themed is a good place to start- but try to keep it traditional in style. As mentioned, Amazon has a great selection, but you can also find them from local Chinese markets and craft shops.  

Bringing Prosperity for the Year Ahead

Adopting Lunar New Year colors in the workplace is believed to bring prosperity for the coming year. There are many colors believed to be lucky in Chinese culture, but all have slightly different meanings. Some of the popular choices include red (happiness and good fortune), green (growth, renewal, and positive energy), and gold (wealth and success).  

You don’t have to go over the top, but adding subtle hints in your office color scheme is an understated way to celebrate and set yourself up for a great year.

Bring the Chinese New Year to Your Workplace

Final Thoughts

No matter what you are looking for, retailers are offering fantastic savings this Lunar New Year. Autonomous is the top choice for great deals on excellent quality ergonomic office wear- don’t forget to check it out this sale season!

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