No RGB Gaming Setups: Is It Time to Move on?
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No RGB Gaming Setups: Is It Time to Move on?

|May 7, 2024

In the PC gaming and custom-made setup communities, the acronym “RGB” has come to stand for vibrant, eye-catching light and colorful displays.

However, setups that embrace a more subdued and minimalistic design are becoming increasingly popular. Rather than displaying dazzling multicolored lights, these non-RGB PC solutions value practicality, simplicity, and elegance. Let's look at the reasons why more enthusiasts are choosing no RGB gaming setup and how you can get one for yourself.

Why You Should Reconsider RGB Lights?

There are a lot of benefits to using RGB in your gaming gear; however, some users do notice a few drawbacks, such as:


Professional gamers may find RGB lighting distracting. Practicing in the optimal setting improves performance, which is crucial for high-intensity gaming. To avoid eye strain, professional gamers prefer a space with low lighting and no RGB. They care more about the functionality and efficiency of their minimal gaming setup than how cool it looks.

Eye Strain

When working in low light, the patterns and brightness of RGB might lead to eye strain, which could result in fatigue and poor gaming performance. To avoid these problems, it is best to run long streams in a well-lit non-RGB gaming setup.

Eye Strain


Generally speaking, RGB components cost more than their non-illuminated counterparts. The extra expense of RGB can put it out of reach for some people. Any savings you make here can be used to purchase higher-performing parts, such as a faster CPU or graphics card.

Compatibility Issues

Sometimes, the RGB lights on certain gaming furniture won’t work with a certain motherboard, and then everything becomes jumbled. This major problem gets in the way of the intended experience that RGB is trying to deliver.

Effects on the Environment

Environmental damage from RGB lighting is increasing just as the globe is becoming green. Despite the lack of significance of its impact, it is responsible. For example, it is important to dispose of LED lights correctly since they contain lead and mercury, both of which are toxic.

Why You Should Reconsider RGB Lights?

The Appeal of No RGB Setup

1. Elegance and Simplicity

Often, no-RGB gaming setups display an elegant and refined style. These arrangements radiate refinement and maturity via their use of simple forms, muted tones, and uncluttered accents.

2. Reduced Distraction

Although red, green, and blue lighting is aesthetically appealing, it can be a distraction during lengthy periods of work or intensive gaming. Without the distraction of RGB settings, non-RGB pro gaming setups allow for a more concentrated and immersive experience.

Reduced Distraction

3. Timelessness

The beauty of non-RGB gaming setups is that unlike fleeting trends; they will never go out of style. Even if tastes change with time, they won't feel outdated. For individuals who prioritize long-lasting design, their durability is a major selling point.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Workspaces with non-RGB settings are popular among professionals because they provide a relaxing effect. Less bright lighting can be easier on the eyes and enhance productivity and efficiency.

5. Customization Potential

Lighting effects are not necessary for non-RGB setups. Instead, gamers can focus on making their systems unique by using the best gaming desk accessories, clever cable management, and modern gaming equipment for PCs.

The Appeal of No RGB Setup

4 Great Alternatives to RGB Lighting

While RGB lighting is certainly a popular option for gaming rigs, players do have other options:

LED Strips

LED strips are a great way to improve the lighting of a gaming setup. They are a common substitute for RGB lights. You can think of them as flexible diffuser strips that have LEDs attached at regular intervals. With a controller, you can program them to produce different patterns, colors, and effects.

Ambient Lighting

Diffuser lights can easily illuminate a dimly lit room, enhancing the radiance of your gaming rig. Light bulbs and lamps accomplish this. To make their no RGB gaming setup stand out and give the illusion of depth in their camera views, professional streamers and YouTubers utilize ambient lighting.

UV Lighting

UV light can achieve a one-of-a-kind effect by highlighting certain hues and textures. Gamers create an eye-catching look by combining white equipment with UV glow light, which highlights their no RGB gaming PC and accessories.

Neon Lighting

The automotive sector is a big fan of neon lights. If you fill a bendable glass tube with neon gas, you can make it shine in any shape or pattern you can imagine. For visual emphasis, gamers often design unique logos and then put them on the outside of their gear.

4 Great Alternatives to RGB Lighting

How to Come Up With a Great Design for Your Non-RGB Gaming Space?

Creating the ideal aesthetic scheme for your non-RGB gaming setup requires a great deal of imagination and careful consideration of detail. Here are some pointers to help you revamp your gaming area, covering everything from the layout to the lighting and extras.

Select a Suitable Theme of Your Preference

Choose a theme that works for your objectives. Before you even think about putting anything in the room, make a list; you can make a more organized floor layout with this trick. Pinterest and similar sites might also provide theme ideas.

Consider the Natural Architecture of the Room

When choosing furniture for your gaming room, consider the area's natural architecture. Some rooms have features that might guide your furniture choices, such as modern windows or a fireplace. In addition, if you want to keep things simple and avoid RGB lighting, a huge window can serve as your main source of light.

Choose Accurate Additions

If you want your gaming setup to stand out in a room without RGB lighting, you'll have to be creative with the accessories you use. Consequently, make sure to write down all of your favored items, so you have something to choose from. The best non-RGB gaming keyboards, rugs, attractive lighting, a sofa, and a refrigerator to keep beverages cool are all possible additions to a cozy gaming setup.

How to Come Up With a Great Design for Your Non-RGB Gaming Space?

Incorporating these guidelines into your non-RGB gaming setup will allow you to express your personal style while also improving your gaming experience and making it more aesthetically pleasing to play your favorite games.

Ending Note

The popularity of non-RGB PC builds stems from their classic good looks, practicality, and ease of use. These configurations provide an alternative to the RGB trend, highlighting sophistication over excess and functionality over extravagance. They are suitable for both professional and recreational use.

The decision between RGB and non-RGB settings comes down to personal preference. However, the PC community is showing signs of moving towards long-lasting no RGB gaming setup inspirations due to the increasing interest in minimalism.

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