Office Chair With Ottoman Or Reclining Office Chair: Which One Is Better?
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Office Chair With Ottoman Or Reclining Office Chair: Which One Is Better?

Autonomous|Jan 17, 2022

With the advent of office ergonomics and the focus on comfort in the workplace, no chair, size, or type fits all. An ergonomic chair based on ergonomics is the only solution if one wants to fight bad posture, poor sitting habits and physical strain in the workplace. Though a computer ergonomic chair offers full adjustability, they also come in different types.

In this article, we will consider the two types of office chairs. By comparing the office chair with ottoman and reclining office chairs with ottoman, you can pick the ideal choice for you.

What is a Reclining Chair?

What is a Reclining Chair?

reclining ergonomic chair offers the ability to recline back to different angles. Many reclining office chairs are usually made for people who have to spend hours in front of the screen so they can lean back and tilt the seat rest at a safe work angle. Reclining office chairs with a footrest is also common as the added footrest features give more comfort and an overall straight spinal alignment.

The recline feature of a reclining office chair is controlled by a lever or by the pressure exerted by your body. This allows you to sit upright when needed and recline when desired.

Reclining appropriately can help you maintain the natural curve of your spine while also providing relaxation for your back muscles.

Tilt tension can also be adjusted in some options. This will only allow you to recline to a particular point. This can assist you in maintaining the natural bend of your spine when you're reclining. It's also suitable for active sitting. Other than the regal design and exquisite look, here are some other benefits and limitations of a reclining office chair.

Pros of a Reclining Office Chair

Pros of a Reclining Office Chair

Relief for the Back

Since reclining chairs are specifically made to provide you an extra comfort against the back, they relieve the back muscles of any unnecessary pain and pressure. This is because a reclining chair helps you solve the back issue by adjusting the angle and finding the best-suited position for you. 

Improves Posture

If you have been suffering from poor posture and look dead most of the time, then it's time you replace your chair. A reclining chair can fight bad posture, and hence it is specifically recommended for gamers.

Lowers the Pressure on your Hip

If you are searching for the best sitting posture for knee pain, then you might come across a bunch of reclining chairs. Traditional office chairs' harsh surfaces not only strain your back but also put undue pressure on your hips. On the other hand, reclining office chairs allow you to modify your sitting posture to relieve pressure and provide more support for your hips and buttocks.


Many studies prove that if an employee is comfortable, they are likely to be more productive. And with a reclining chair comes a lot of comforts to experience a better energy level. As your body is not under constant agony, you have more mental and physical energy to focus on the tasks.

Cons of a Reclining Office Chair

Cons of a Reclining Office Chair


Who doesn’t love the best office chair with leg rest that offers them the due comfort? Absolutely everyone! And why wouldn't you want to buy a reclining chair that has even more to offer. The biggest limitation is the price. Reclining chairs are large and sturdy construction; hence they are heavy on your pocket.


Reclining chairs are not a thing that can be ignored or unseen. They make a statement in your room or anywhere placed. This is both a plus and a minus. The extra space consumed might be an issue if you have a tiny room. And as they are big, they are likely to be heavy.

What is an Office chair and Ottoman Set?

What is an office chair with ottoman Set?

If you ask someone why reclining chairs are invading the market, the reason will likely be comfort. In a single chair, you get all the elements such as headrest, armrests and footrests. But an office chair with an ottoman is equally great or even better than a reclining chair.

An office chair with an ottoman is a separate and an ottoman set but can be used together. They are just like a reading chair where you have a matching ottoman and can relax at any distance you like. Choosing an office chair with an ottoman over a reclining chair has many benefits.

For starters, when you have to work, the ottoman will never get in the way, and an office chair with an ottoman is by far the ideal choice when you want to rest for a while. An ottoman, after all, provides support for your ankles and feet.

Secondly, they are also equally regal and look even more sophisticated. For example, a leather office chair with an ottoman will give you all the right looks and confidence that you desire in your workplace.

Pros of Office Lounge Chair with Ottoman

Pros of Lounge office Chair with Ottoman


An ottoman, as you see, is a separate piece of furniture that is not fit just for your feet and ankles. With an ottoman, you get extra seating around the coffee table, which is also a comfortable one. So if one pleases to change their sitting scene, then an ottoman provides a unique choice. It also increases diversity in the workplace.

Extra Space

Because of the soft surface, they are ideal for putting your laptop down without fear of scratching it. They're typically a wonderful place to put books and periodicals for employees to read without taking up table space that your employees will need for work. Moreover, some ottomans also feature the hidden storage option, which is a plus point.

Cons of Office Chair with Ottoman

Limited Use

If you have a reclining couch, a reclining sectional, or a reclining recliner, an ottoman may be more of a hindrance than a help. An ottoman is a stationary footrest. An extra ottoman would get in the way of the reclining action, either painfully pushing it out of the way or knocking it over. Reclining furniture already has built-in footrests.

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