Buying a Refurbished Computer: Things to Know
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Buying a Refurbished Computer: Things to Know

|May 12, 2023

Preloved electronics, especially refurbished computers, have a dubious reputation, making many people count them as good for nothing. But the truth is when you buy a refurbished desktop computer for work or a PC gaming setup, you are saving hundreds of dollars and getting a chance to design your gaming PC setup with a customized selection of PC gaming accessories. This means you will only be paying money for the features you need.

Also, the term refurbished computer has nothing defective or damaged about it. Still, looking at the definition, a refurbished computer tower has been rebuilt with the same or different components, resold after use, or transformed to become a faster and better version of itself.

That being said, it is important to note certain factors when shopping for a refurbished desktop or a streaming PC. Below is a guide on how to pick out the best-refurbished computer for you. So let’s read on!

Things to Know When Buying a Refurbished Computer

Getting a good deal on an all-in-one refurbished computer is like scoring a jackpot. And as opposed to the common belief, just because you are getting a device for less money doesn't mean you need to compromise on features and quality. Here are some factors to keep in mind when buying a refurbished computer.

Online Reviews

Online reviews, whether for a newer or refurbished model, are the most honest reflection of a product. People speaking with their real experience can help you gain insights about whether you should buy a product. Go through the reviews of any used or refurbished products you're contemplating buying before deciding. Analyze the reviews for trends in the computer's positive and bad aspects. Focus on the comments about the warranty, service plan, features, and specifications a model offers.

Online Reviews of refurbished computer

Know What You Need

The big benefit of buying a refurbished model is getting exactly what you want. For example, an older refurbished model will do the job perfectly if you need a computer for work, emailing, report making, and simple work-related tasks. On the other hand, for gaming and programming, a refurbished model that offers faster processing speed, greater RAM, and bigger memory is recommended. For gaming, computer models with a compatible graphics card are important too.

Service Plan

Many people prefer buying a new model because of the perks and benefits like repair, maintenance and service plan that comes along. Sometimes refurbished computers also come with a short-lived service plan that is better than not having any. Look for what type of repairs and costs are covered in the service plan offered by your seller.

Service Plan of refurbished computer

Return Policy

No matter how many myths are clarified about a refurbished Pc, the fact that some risk is still involved cannot be negated. Hence knowing that your refurbished device comes with a possibility of return even for a limited number of days can provide peace of mind. Most of the refurbished PCs come under the 30 days return plan. 


Another crucial factor to take into account when choosing a second hand gaming PC is storage size. Especially for a refurbished gaming pc, you need to pay close attention to the storage it offers. It's possible to get an external hard drive to store some of your games, but it's sometimes simpler to have your favorites installed on your computer to access them whenever you want. Generally, a 1 TB of storage space for a refurbished computer is sufficient for storing several games and programs and running smoothly.


If you want to ensure that a computer has undergone a thorough repair and testing process, look for certified refurbished computers rather than merely used or pre-owned.


RAM substantially impacts the gameplay, performance, and smoothness of the gaming experience on a computer. The higher the RAM, the faster your games will be. Look for a minimum of 16GB RAM in a refurbished model.

RAM of refurbished computer


People opt for a refurbished computer because of the constant worry about how much is a PC. Hence, the cost is one of the most important deciding factors for a refurbished computer setup. The best way to find the most cost-suitable option is to list the features you need.

Then compare several models offering those features and pick the one that fits your budget perfectly. Research the original price of any refurbished or used laptop before accepting a bargain price. A good deal often entails savings of 40% to 65% off the computer's initial price.


If your refurbished computer saved you hundreds of bucks but isn't compatible with any of the devices you plan to use, what's the use? Most people upgrade their gaming or work setups because they need to use the latest technology and gaming setup accessories. Look for the compatibility offered by a refurbished computer by visiting the computer accessories store and determining whether your refurbished model is suitable for modern-world gaming or streaming. 


Just because you are buying a refurbished device, don't let the seller fool you and not give any warranty or guarantee. It is important not to purchase without some policy that guarantees to repair or replace broken parts, whether you purchase it from the manufacturer or the retailer. A warranty valid for at least six months is a good beginning, but one or two years is far superior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refurbished computer?

A refurbished computer or device has been cleaned and upgraded to be sold again. Most refurbished computers are used, or if not, their components have been changed or repaired.

Are refurbished computers safe?

Yes, if a refurbished model is cleaned and fully reset, it is safe to use. Look for the certification to discover the cleaning and upgrade process a refurbished model has undergone.

Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished computer?

A refurbished computer, as opposed to the popular opinion, is a good idea to buy because, with the right check, you can get a product with high performance for a certainly low cost compared to a brand new computer.

How long do refurbished computers last?

For low-cost refurbished models, you can expect them to last for around 2-3 years. For a better and a bit pricier one, they can last as long as 10 years too.

Are refurbished computers worth it?

With the price you must pay for them, a refurbished computer is a good decision to spend on budget and get the desired features in a device.

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