What Gaming Computer Accessories Are Needed for Gaming on a PC?
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What Gaming Computer Accessories Are Needed for Gaming on a PC?

Autonomous|Sep 25, 2022

Gaming on a PC is one of the best ways for people to spend their time, but they might not know what they need to have the perfect experience. There are many different gaming computer accessories for people to choose from, but this list consists of 30 things that you should keep in mind for your following setup.

30 Necessary Gaming Computer Accessories on a PC

1.  Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

Everyone needs gaming furniture when thinking about setting up their gaming area. It is common for people to want something that will pop but still be compact, which is why this black and red gaming desk is a great option. It is perfect for additional computer accessories for gamers to be placed on because they will get the spotlight they deserve. 

2.  Pixio Gaming Screen PXC327

The Pixio monitor is one of the best gaming PC desk accessories people can buy. It comes with a 32” curved glass, giving you an immersive experience for your next battle. Also, it is HDR compatible, so you won’t need to worry about getting an adapter. 

3.  Royal Kludge RK61

Everyone loves having a mechanical keyboard, which is why it is one of the most popular gaming setup accessories people buy. The RK61 is an excellent option because people can Bluetooth it to many different devices, making it great for people who like to game off other pieces of technology. 

4.  Vertagear Gaming Chair SL4000

Gaming setups are not complete without the right chair. That is why the Vertagear gaming chair is great for those who want somewhere comfortable to sit so they can game in style. It comes in seven different colors, so there is one just right for you. 

5.  Lamp Depot Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights

Gaming computer accessories always light up, which is why these honeycomb lights should be placed on the wall behind the computer. It will create the perfect ambiance for every scene in your game while ensuring that there are no glares in front of you. 

6.  Lamp Depot RGB Corner Lamp

Video game accessories like an RGB corner floor lamp are always needed in every gaming room. This one is minimalistic, so you won’t need to worry about it taking up too much space. You will also enjoy the million color combinations that this lamp has to offer. 

7.  Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Regarding gaming PC desk accessories, the Mars Pro speaker is perfect for people who want to add a bit of sci-fi to their setup. It has a dual speaker system with a passive bass radiator, so you should be prepared for some massive sound from that tiny speaker. 

8.  BOULIES Chair Elite Series

Gaming computer accessories will pop if you have an Elite gaming chair that matches your aesthetic. However, it should also be comfortable since you will need it for all your gaming needs. That is why this chair comes in six different colors, so there is always one for all of your needs. 

9.  Stealth 600 Gaming Headset by Turtle Beach

Gaming equipment should always be one of the gaming computer accessories that anyone buys. These headphones by Turtle Beach are perfect because they have 15 hours of battery life, making them great for those who need to voice their opinions online. 

10.  Gaming Accessory Gaming Mouse Bungee by Razer

Gaming Accessory Gaming Mouse Bungee by Razer

Having an aesthetic gaming setup might mean having a few slightly quirky things. Razer always has excellent products, and this mouse will eliminate any cables you need, and it comes with a weighted base. 

11.  Blue Light Shield Glasses by J S Vision

Out of all the video game accessories you might have, these glasses are perfect to help keep your eyes safe from the screen. The frames are durable and high-quality products, ideal for those who might get a little aggressive. 

12.  One-Handed Keyboard K585 by Redragon

One-Handed Keyboard K585 by Redragon

Computer accessories for gamers should include this cool mechanical keyboard with spring-activated keys. People will be happy with the removable wrist-rest section, so they can ensure that it fits the way they want. Also, the keys do light up, which is another bonus of this keyboard. 

13.  PC Gaming Headset Hook Holder by Eurpmask

Gaming PC desk accessories like this headset holder are perfect for those who want a bit of organization. Sometimes, you may wish for a convenient place to rest your headset, but you may not know where to. This built-in solution comes with a cable loop and rubber pads, so you won’t need to worry about anything happening to your new headphones. 

14.  USB Charger Headphone Stand by Cozoo

USB Charger Headphone Stand by Cozoo

Computer accessories for gamers may mean that you need a place to charge your phone and rest your headphones. This stand is perfect for those who want everything in one place because you won’t need to choose where your phone goes when you need to charge it. Just plug it into the stand, and you’re ready to go. 

15.  Logitech G502 SE Hero RGB Gaming Mouse

Gaming computer accessories always include a gaming mouse because they have been specifically made for gamers. You will be happy to know that 11 programmable buttons will help every gamer beat the boss level. 

16.  Noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow

Noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow

Gaming setup accessories may mean that you have something that will provide you with a bit of comfort. These memory foam pillows from Noblechairs are ideal for those who like to rest their head in-between battles. They come in multiple colors, so you will find one that matches your new chair. 

17.  EPOS H3 Pro Hybrid Bluetooth and Wired Gaming Headset

Sometimes, video game accessories should be both wired and Bluetooth. This will give you more options when choosing what mode you want to use. EPOS has created a headset that is an idea for those who can’t decide whether they want a wired headset or a Bluetooth one because it does both. 

18.  Ducky One 3 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

Ducky One 3 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

Many gaming computer accessories come with RGB lighting because they are fun in a room. This mechanical keyboard by Ducky One is no exception. It comes in four fantastic color schemes, which is excellent for those looking for a keyboard that is more than just black. Every person who buys one of these will not be disappointed with the sound of their keyboard. 

19.  OcUK Mega Mat XXL

Gaming PC desk accessories might mean having a mat that takes up a large portion of your space. This is great for those who like to drink with them because they won’t mess up their new surface since there is a mat to protect it. The OcUK mat comes with a rubber base, so there is no way it is moving anywhere. 

20.  Streamplify LIGHT 14” Ring Light

Streamplify LIGHT 14” Ring Light - gaming computer accessories

Video game accessories also include things for streamers ready to post their videos online. This ring light by Streamplify is great for those who want to perfect lighting for their gaming video. No one wants bad lighting because people won’t enjoy watching the screen. This will brighten your face, and it can be collapsed and stored away when you’re done. 

21.  Cable Clip Holder

Gaming computer accessories can also be small and understated, which is what cable clop holders are. These can be found anywhere, but you want to ensure that you buy one that is lightweight and durable. You will be using these frequently, which is why they should have Velcro underneath, so you don’t need to worry about it moving anywhere. 

22.  ENHANCE Clip on Desk Cup Holder

ENHANCE Clip on Desk Cup Holder

Gaming setup accessories like a cup holder might go unnoticed, but they are great for people who like to have a glass of water by themselves. It is easily attached to a desk, chair, or table, so you can have a built-in cup holder beside you. This will help keep your area neat and tidy. 

23.  Bluedee Dynamic RGB Lighting Soundbar

Video game accessories should ensure you have the right sound from your setup. Having this soundbar will help improve your listening experience. It does not matter whether it is the game or the music; you should listen to everything in style. Also, the RGB lights will be a great addition to your desk. 

24.  Samsung Odyssey G5 Series Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G5 Series Monitor

Computer accessories for gamers always include a gaming monitor that will blow people out of the water. This monitor by Samsung is one of the best screens out there, and you will be impressed by how images and games look on it. You will have an experience like no other with it. 

25.  HORI Racing Wheel

Gaming setup accessories are perfect for those who want to feel like they are in the game. People who enjoy racing should get this wheel by HORI because it has a D-pad, a thrust master, and paddle buttons. You will have an authentic racing experience every time you pull it out. Also, it is compatible with the Xbox. 

26.  WD Black 2TB Drive

WD Black 2TB Drive - gaming computer accessories

Video game accessories like this hard drive are perfect for those who need more space. We understand that many different games exist that people should buy, but sometimes, you don’t have enough room. This WD drive will change the experience because people can use it with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. 

27.  Elite Wireless Controller

Gaming computer accessories sometimes include a controller you can use so that you can step away from your keyboard. Sometimes, you need to have those joysticks to get into a game. This controller by Elite is great for people who play open-world games, so they have more control over what is happening around them. 

28.  HyperX QuadCast Gaming Microphone

HyperX QuadCast Gaming Microphone

Gaming PC desk accessories like this gaming microphone are ideal for those who stream or talk to people online. Everyone will be able to hear you with the crystal-clear audio that comes with it. Also, there are four different polar patterns, so you can pick the one you want to use at that moment. If you are a streamer, you need to ensure that every viewer can hear you clearly. 

29.  SmartDevil Small Personal USB Powered Desk Fan

Sometimes, gaming setup accessories include a desk fan. You might get hot during those long gaming sessions, but that doesn’t mean it needs to end there. This USB-powered fan is perfect because it is small enough to sit on your desk but powerful enough to cool you down. Every person will be happy to know that they can pop this on and have a break while watching a cutscene in their game.

30.  Addtam Surge Protector

Gaming computer accessories will use a lot of power, which is why a surge protector might be needed. This is ideal for any setup, but it is usually forgotten about. With this in place, your computer will be protected from any sudden jolt of electricity. If you don’t think this will happen to you, then don’t be too sure because it might. Also, they are inexpensive and ensure that your things are protected. 


There are so many gaming computer accessories to choose from, but you will have a lot of fun creating the setup you want. You should ensure that everything you buy is made of high-quality materials to last a long time. Also, look at the warranty of everything you purchase because sometimes, having something with a longer warranty is better in the long run. 

Either way, everything on this list is excellent for those who want to create the perfect gaming setup.

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