How to Relieve Wrist Pain From Mouse
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How to Relieve Wrist Pain From Mouse

|Feb 9, 2022

Wrist pain from mouse is more common than you think. Statistics say that at least 1.8 million workers suffer repetitive strain injuries (RSI) every year. Furthermore, 600,000 of these workers take time off to receive treatment for their condition. Hence, we can say that hand pain from mouse usage affects your physical and psychological well being.

Like wrist pain from typing, distinct factors can cause wrist pain from the mouse. Some of these can be related to RSI or other conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also be due to an improper posture. If you'd like to treat your wrist pain when using mouse, first it is important to find the source of the problem. Then, you can start thinking about possible solutions.

For today’s article, we’ll be exploring the different variables that can cause wrist pain from mouse and some of the most effective solutions to the problem.

What Causes Wrist Pain from Mouse?

What Causes Wrist Pain from Mouse?

For starters, your mouse is a risk factor but not the direct cause of the pain. Studies have demonstrated that we tend to use our mouse more than the keyboard, which means that the risk of pain and discomfort is elevated.

Using your mouse implies stationary positions and repetitive movements. After a while, this motion can lead to discomfort, and eventually, it’ll start feeling painful. In worse cases, these movements can cause Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders.

If your palm hurts from mouse usage, you should also consider the existence of the following conditions:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – It happens when your swollen tendons start compressing a nerve in your wrist. It is painful, and in severe cases, it may need surgery.
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome – Instead of being caused by swollen tendons in your wrists, it is instead caused by swollen tendons in your elbow.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis has different origins, but ultimately, the symptoms are quite similar: stiffness, pain and swelling in the joints.

If you think that you may be dealing with one of these conditions, we highly recommend you to visit a physician to receive proper treatment.

With that being said, there are ways you can take into account to relieve wrist pain from mouse and work comfortably as you did in the past.

How Do You Relieve Wrist Pain from a Mouse?

How Do You Relieve Wrist Pain from a Mouse?

There are different ways to stop or at least feel relief if your palm hurts from mouse usage. Assessing these solutions and improving your work conditions will positively affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

Replace your current mouse with an ergonomic alternative

Replace your current mouse with an ergonomic alternative

Sometimes, your mouse can be responsible for your pain and discomfort. If you suspect that's the case, you may consider replacing it with an ergonomic option. Here's the difference between each option:

  • Regular mouses are flat, but they force you to perform twists and often require more strength to be used.
  • Ergonomic mouses are lightweight and allow you to position your hand neutrally. They fit your hand’s size and are fairly easy to grip.

There are different ergonomic mouses available in the market. You can choose the option you think is most suitable for you.

Use a mouse wrist pad

Use a mouse wrist pad

Mouse wrist pads or ergonomic wrist rests allow you to use your mouse continuously while keeping your wrist supported and comfortable at all times. These items can be an excellent addition to your workstation if you tend to spend prolonged periods sitting at your desk.

Some of the best options include the Deltahub Carpio, which fits most hands and glides with your mouse easily. Furthermore, its compact size makes it perfect for carrying it around, allowing you to feel comfortable regardless of where you decide to work.

Mouse pads with wrist rests are quite affordable and an excellent way to start investing in your wellbeing. We also recommend you consider one of the best wrist rests for your keyboard. This way, your wrists can be fully supported when using either of the two resources.

Hand and wrist exercises

Hand and wrist exercises

You can also occasionally perform hand and wrist exercises during your work sessions to relieve some tension. Once you get back to work, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Practice the proper desk posture

Practice the proper desk posture

The way we sit while we’re working also has an effect on how certain parts of our body feel afterward, including our hands. Thus, learning how to sit properly is a key consideration if you want to relieve wrist pain from mouse.

  • Place your mouse as near to your keyboard as possible. This will reduce the effort you make to reach it when you stop typing and move your arm to use it. If necessary, replace your keyboard with a reduced version, such as a 60% or 50% keyboard.
  • Sit in your chair appropriately. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed and align your forearms with your desk, forming a 90º angle regarding the floor. If possible, try to adjust your chair’s armrests to match your desk’s height.
  • Adjust your chair and try to sit as straight as possible. Lean your back against the backrest, and ensure that your legs form a 90º angle regarding the floor.

Take breaks

Remember to take breaks after a few minutes of working to prevent feeling exhausted too quickly. Society has told us that we must work continuously in order to be efficient. This behavior can affect you mentally and physically.

If you often forget to take breaks from work, try setting up work session times and breaks. You can help yourself with a timer that rings once the work session is over and the break starts, and so on.


Wrist pain from mouse is a common problem, and like everything in this life, it can be solved. You may have to make some small but meaningful changes in your lifestyle, which can seem like a lot of effort at first. However, once you start seeing how much you have improved, you’ll feel motivated to keep up with them. Not only will you feel more vigorous, but you will also improve your productivity and efficiency.

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