RGB Gaming Desk Setup Guide for Gamers
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RGB Gaming Desk Setup Guide for Gamers

|Mar 9, 2023

An excellent and fun way to enhance the look of your gaming setup is to add RGB lighting. When you use it intelligently in a manner that’s consistent with your PC build and gaming room, the results can be exceptional. Although you can go ahead and buy many different RGB products, merely slapping them on your gaming desk doesn’t necessarily end up decently. For that reason, we’ve made this guide to provide you with inspiration, also tips for your ultimate gaming desk setup and some essential pointers regarding your RGB gaming setup’s lighting.

What Is RGB Lighting?

RGB refers to red, green, and blue. RGB products use these three hues to produce over 16 million different color combinations. However, not every color is possible, and others are hard to reproduce. RGB lighting sees plenty of use in the gaming scene in the form of customizable LEDs.

What Is RGB Lighting

RGB Ecosystems

Brands use different software to manage their lighting, and there isn’t a way yet to synchronize them. You could fiddle with every program your RGB products bring, but it can get rather tedious after a while. Sticking with a brand with a developed ecosystem that covers many bases can make your life easier.

Some great brands that do so are ASUS Aura Sync and Corsair iCue. ASUS has an incredible amount of RGB computer setup parts for gamers RGB gaming setup, and the Aura Sync is compatible with plenty of third-party brands. It’s an excellent ecosystem to build on as long as your motherboard is compatible with this software.

The Corsair iCue ecosystem lies in the impressive amount of Corsair peripherals it manages. This makes them a great choice when picking out your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

RGB Ecosystems

RGB Peripherals and Ambient Lighting

Your computer case and its components are only a small part of your RGB gaming setup. Many people even place their computers under their desks, hiding them from view. Everything that’s on top of your corner gaming desk and around it is always on sight, so getting appropriate RGB peripherals and ambient lighting products can improve your RGB desk setup by a long shot.

RGB Peripherals and Ambient Lighting


Regarding peripherals, some mechanical keyboards can mount a show on their own with the customization their backlit RGB keys provide. There are also mouse pads and desk mats nowadays that offer RGB lighting and come in many sizes.

Speakers, headphones, and headphone stands as well have some brands that offer models with RGB lighting. Headphones by themselves have a large number of options to choose from. Headphone stands might be stretching it a little, but ASUS offers some models that even have a wireless charging station for cordless headphones for your RGB gaming setup.

Smart Lighting

As for ambient lighting, the most popular options are smart lighting products. A great product you can synchronize with your PC is the Philips Hue Light Sync. It gives you lighting that reacts and changes according to the game you’re playing, but it doesn’t limit itself to that. With their software, you can customize plenty of lighting features.

Other smart lighting products like NZXT HUE and LIFX offer competing features and are great on their own. Pick the one you prefer the most, as they all can improve your RGB computer setup.

Smart Lighting

LED Strips

It’s probably the simplest way to add up some lighting to your RGB desk setup. You can put these strips on most surfaces. They come at different price points, which also feature different characteristics that may prove more useful than others. Some are rigid, while others are flexible. There are also single-color models for simple setups.


It’s a top-rated product that provides splendid lighting in the form of triangular wall light panels. You can effortlessly link them up to create the layout you want and sync them with smart devices, illuminating your room neatly.


RGB Computer Lighting

There are countless computer parts with RGB features you can buy. Some of these products are more noticeable on the overall appearance of your rig than others. It’s a good thing to focus on the RGB lighting on parts like the computer case, as it’s the foundation of every gaming setup.

Computer Case

Purchasing RGB computer components may end up being a waste if you buy a computer case that doesn’t even have a side window. Usually, clean and straightforward computer cases tend to be the better option regarding RGB desk setup.

White and black can go with many different lighting hues and generally look good in every gaming room. Some cases incorporate their own lighting components, so you need to watch out for that.

Computer Case

Case Fans

RGB case fans have been the norm for a while. Lately, they come with their own control hub, as most gaming computer builds comfortably fit over 10 case fans. It’s probably the part that garners the most attention on your RGB gaming setup.

CPU Cooling

Whether it’s a water-cooled or an air-cooled solution, they both have plenty of RGB options available. The biggest difference between these products is the size. Air coolers occupy considerably more space than water coolers. Some water coolers also have a display that can show any image you want using PC software.

Important Things to Consider

Important Things to Consider

If you’re looking to replace your desk, best standing desks are an excellent option for gaming setups as they provide plenty of benefits, and you can adjust them with ease. A good choice would be the black standing desk from Autonomous, as it’s strong, sturdy, and has some color options that go well with most rooms. Black desk setups can blend with many color schemes and palettes, making them a great choice to start regardless of your RGB computer setup components.

Personalized gaming desk setup

It’s essential to stick to a palette and work with that onwards. Try to pick colors that can accent your general base design. If you want to improve your RGB desk setup coordination, put a wallpaper on your pc that either matches or contrasts nicely with the rest of your room. You can also find inspiration from other people’s gaming desk ideas.

Even if RGB is becoming a trend for gaming setups, having every single one of your components with that lighting can be slightly tasteless. Don’t be unreasonable and practice moderation when you’re purchasing these components. After all, setups that only have a little RGB lighting can still be quite attractive.

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