The Best Affordable Office Chairs to Keep Your Home Office Comfortable
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The Best Affordable Office Chairs to Keep Your Home Office Comfortable

|Mar 9, 2024

Setting up a home office is harder than it looks. You have to start by designating a space to set up your desk, chair, and other items. Unfortunately, this process can take time, not to mention that it can become expensive. 

When you set up a home office, you open the door to a more productive space where you can get work done. Today, we’ll talk about one of the staples of your setup: the office chair

The best ergonomic chair will give you the comfort you didn’t know you needed. You can have the best desk on the market, but if you don’t have a great chair to sit on, you’ll risk having a lot of pain as the day goes on. 

What if you’re on a budget? Don’t worry! Here, you’ll discover the best affordable office chair you can get in 2024. Contrary to popular belief, you can still create an amazing and productive workstation with a minimal budget. All it takes is a bit of creativity and knowing where to look. 

What Should You Consider When Buying a Budget Office Chair?

There are a few things to consider when buying your next chair. It’s not worth it to buy the “best affordable office chair” if it doesn’t adapt to your needs. 

Some factors you must keep in mind include: 

  • Ergonomics
  • Adjustability
  • Price/Budget
  • Mobility
  • Space at home
  • Amount of time spent sitting
  • Accessories
  • Color/design

A budget ergonomic chair can check all of these boxes for you, but you must know where to look. Some companies focus on offering a lot of features but sacrifice the material’s quality. Others do it the other way around.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Budget Office Chair?

The solution is to find a middle-ground option that allows you to feel comfortable while sitting.

If you’re building a home office from scratch, you’ll also spend on a desk and accessories, so a cheap office chair is necessary so that you don’t exceed your budget.

Space is another crucial aspect of choosing a cheap office chair. If you don’t have a lot of room to set up your office, you must go for a small office chair.

Some manufacturers offer a folding office chair model, which is perfect for those with tight areas to work in. Other people prefer getting an ergonomic stool, which is considerably smaller than a regular chair and still provides health benefits.

In the end, you should go for what feels right.

Best Affordable Office Chair for Home Offices

Discover Our Top Picks for the Best Affordable Office Chair for Home Offices

Here’s a list of the best budget chairs you can get in 2024. In this case, we have eight products that will cover most needs. Whether you’re going for a chair with a cushion seat or a deluxe product with dozens of features, there’s something for you. 

How We Picked and Tested Each Chair

We tested each chair thoroughly based on its features, comfort, materials, and most importantly, price.

You can rest assured that each of these is a budget ergonomic chair you won’t regret buying. In other words, your decision should be based on what these chairs offer.

Who Is This Review for?

Our review is suited for anyone looking to buy the best affordable office chair the market has to offer. However, we tailored the content to home office enthusiasts who want to revamp their setup with high-quality products.

If you’re someone looking for a cheap and comfortable office chair to get into their home office, you have come to the right place! 

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Core

If you’re not willing to spend too much on the ErgoChair Curve, the “Core” is the second-best budget office chair to get. It comes with everything you’ll need for your home office and slightly more.

Even though it may not have such a stylish design compared to its big brother, it will still look great in most office settings.


The ErgoChair Core offers the basics of what Autonomous has in office chairs, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Even though this is a toned-down version of the ErgoChair Curve, it’s still fully customizable, ensuring your body can adapt to it easily.

You’ll still enjoy a high-quality, breathable mesh back and a contoured foam seat, ensuring you can sit for many hours without feeling any pain. Thanks to its lumbar support pad, your body will get the treatment it deserves while you’re working.

ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Core

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon291 reviews

It comes at an excellent price for what it offers.Its design isn’t too special compared to the ErgoChair Curve.
It’s fully customizable.It’s only available in two colors.
It comes with one year of warranty.
It supports up to 250 lbs.

2. Flash Furniture Kelista Ergonomic LeatherSoft/Mesh Swivel Mid-Back Task Office Chair

Flash Furniture has given us an amazing mid-range option for those who have a tight budget. The company’s focus with this product was ample airflow and mobility, and you’ll notice that as soon as you sit on this chair.


You can expect this chair to have the basic adjustability features you’ll need on an ergonomic chair, including a transparent mesh back, built-in lumbar support, and more.

What makes this product unique is that it comes with wheels, ensuring you can move around and swivel without any issues. If you need to move around your room, this chair may be a great option to consider.

The chair offers up to 250 lbs in weight capacity, which is the standard in products at this price range. If you don’t want anything too fancy for your home office, this is a great alternative to go for.

Flash Furniture Kelista Ergonomic Mid-Back Task Office Chair

Flash Furniture Kelista Ergonomic Mid-Back Task Office Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon63 reviews

It’s one of the most affordable items on the list.It doesn’t offer a unique design.
It offers the essentials you need for comfort.It’s only available in one color.

3. Articulate Office Chair by Modway

Modway’s Articulate Office Chair offers one of the most unique designs on the list. Not only is it an affordable product, but it also comes with plenty of adjustability features you’ll enjoy.


Even though the Office Chair from Modway focuses on design, it still does a great job of offering a comfortable sitting experience for the price.

This affordable office chair comes with a breathable mesh back, a sponge seat covered with a mesh fabric, and even pneumatic height adjustment for your comfort.

We recommend this chair if you’re looking for more color/design options for your chair without having to sacrifice your budget. Even though you have to spend quite some time with the assembly, it’s not too hard to do it.

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon4 reviews

It’s available in many colors.It may not be as durable as other options on the list.
It has a great price.
It offers full adjustability.

4. Autonomous ErgoChair Curve

The ErgoChair Curve offers the most premium experience for a budget chair. If you’re still looking for an adjustable chair that feels like the most expensive thing in your room, this might just be the perfect option. 


You can set up the ErgoChair Curve to fit your body easily. This chair focuses on optimal back/lumbar support, so you can expect it to provide excellent comfort even if you’re working long hours.

Some of the other features you can adjust include:

  • Armrests
  • Height
  • Seat pan
  • Back recline

Don’t worry about breathability; the Curve comes with a breathable mesh back that’ll make you feel cool throughout the day. Moreover, the chair’s contoured foam seat ensures you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

Overall, the ErgoChair Curve offers some of the most value you will see in a chair at this price range.

ErgoChair Curve

ErgoChair Curve

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon25 reviews

It’s fully adjustable.It only comes in two colors.
It comes with a two-year warranty.It’s the most expensive option among the affordable products.
It offers up to 300lbs in support.

5. Elliana 360 Degree Swivel Task Chair with Ergonomic Design

We’ll take a detour from the traditional office chairs to give you a more “minimalistic” product.

Even though this task chair has a similar price to other office chairs on the list, it does a great job of offering comfort.


This chair isn’t known for its features, as it’s as basic as chairs can get. You can use the pneumatic lever to adjust the height, and you can also use the wheels to move around.

Other than that, you can’t do much with this chair, so I only recommend it if you’re not planning on working too many hours a day or if you don’t want to prioritize lumbar support.

Elliana 360 Degree Swivel Task Chair

Elliana 360 Degree Swivel Task Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon8369 reviews

It has a great design.It’s not as adjustable as other options on the list.
It offers up to 250 lbs in weight support.

6. La-Z-Boy Arcadian Bonded Leather Executive Chair

Do you want a luxurious chair? The La-Z-Boy Arcadian is a great product to begin with!

It offers the benefits of a leather executive chair at a lower price point. You’ll feel like the CEO of your company, even if you’re in a small space at home.


The most impressive feature of this chair is its materials. It’s made from faux leather that still offers a genuine feel.

Although there’s not much to adjust in this chair, it’s still ergonomic. Each part of this product is considerably padded, which means you can easily sit for plenty of hours without feeling fatigued.

Moreover, the chair offers a 10-year warranty and up to 275 lbs in weight support, which isn’t something you’ll see in most of the other chairs.

If you’re looking for this specific type of chair at an affordable price, it may not get better than this.

La-Z-Boy Arcadian Bonded Leather Executive Chair

La-Z-Boy Arcadian Bonded Leather Executive Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon2275 reviews

It has a unique design.It’s not as adjustable as other options on the list.
It feels comfortable.
It has an impressive warranty period.

7. Branch Task Chair

Branch’s Task Chair takes everything back to basics like the ErgoChair Core, and it has a similar price too.

If you’re looking for something simple that offers enough comfort for long sitting sessions, the Task Chair will do the job.


The Task Chair was designed for comfort at a lower price point. This cheap desk chair is made from double-woven nylon mesh, high-density foam, and impact-resistant polymer.

In other words, you will feel light while working, ensuring those productivity levels get to their highest point.

Of course, you can adjust this chair in most of its areas, including its tilt, height, armrest height, and lumbar support.

Thanks to the chair’s five years of warranty, you can ensure you’re covered for a while. We recommend this chair to those looking for an overall great sitting option.

Branch Task Chair

Branch Task Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon228 reviews

It offers full adjustability.It’s only available in one color.
It’s made of comfortable and breathable materials.

8. Assure Office Chair

Last but not least, we have the Assure Office Chair, which is among the most expensive products on this list but still offers a unique design that will support your body for years to come.


The Assure Chair was made with comfort and adjustability in mind. You can easily adapt the chair to your needs by adjusting its arm height, seat height, and more.

Moreover, the chair was made from premium materials that make it feel luxurious, even at its lower price point.

Even though it’s still “basic” compared to premium standards, you can expect the chair to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Assure Office Chair

Assure Office Chair

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon29 reviews

It’s made of premium materials.There may be other chairs that offer more value for the price.
It fits most home office environments.It’s only available in one color.

How to Pick the Best Budget Office Chair

Which one of these options is better for you? It’s hard to say. Everything depends on what your needs are and how much you’re willing to spend. 

Each one of these products can be considered a “cheap and comfortable office chair.” What’s left for you is to evaluate the features they offer so that you understand which one adapts to your space and needs.

If you’re looking for the best budget office chair on the list, the two Autonomous chairs will do the job. They offer an amazing price without sacrificing quality.

However, if you’re willing to explore more options with your next cheap desk chair, you can consider the other six products mentioned. 

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a small-space comfortable chair or want to aim higher and get a luxury office chair, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to evaluate.

The best budget office chairs aren’t the ones that have the lowest price but rather the ones that give you the most features for what you’re paying.

These eight options we mentioned do an excellent job of introducing you to ergonomics, allowing you to set up the perfect home office. Remember, if you want to go for the ultimate solution, don’t hesitate to go for Autonomous products!

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