Top 10 Harry Potter Office Decor Accessories to Buy – Explore Now!
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Top 10 Harry Potter Office Decor Accessories to Buy – Explore Now!

|Mar 5, 2023

According to an interesting study by ALT Press, every 1 out of 15 people owns at least one Harry Potter book. The fame that J.K Rowling's characters have got is insane. People don't just settle for reading Harry Potter books. They want to make it their lifestyle.

For people madly in love with Harry Potter stories and novels, here are the top 10 best Harry Potter office décor accessories to purchase. These items will allow you to live the life of an employee at Hogwarts to the fullest. These office decor ideas will not only add to your nostalgia, but also provide comfort to improve productivity. So let’s check them out!

What are Harry Potter-Themed Office Decorations?

Harry Potter-themed office decorations can include a diversity of Harry Potter items such as wands, maps, cloaks, cauldrons, and whatnot! There is no definite limit to how varying Harry Potter office décor ideas could be.

Let’s delve into the top 10 Harry Potter office décor ideas to revamp your home and office into a magical world.

Why is Harry Potter Desk Décor Accessories Worth It?

Harry Potter-themed office decorations are made with high-quality materials, offering great functional benefits. It just doesn’t work as a showpiece. Most of the items we will discuss in this post offer great value in terms of application.

All these office accessories are made by trusted companies known for manufacturing high-quality, customizable goods.

Why is Harry Potter Desk Décor Accessories Worth It?

Top 10 Harry Potter Office Décor Accessories

Vintage Key Set

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will remember the winged key from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This professional office decor idea can be implemented easily by using thin vellum sheets and attaching strings.

If you do not wish to create your keys, you can easily order custom designs from the internet and take them to your local key maker to turn them into your house and office keys.

You may explore the internet for various magical key designs to make your job easier. Make sure to design each key differently so you can easily distinguish them.

House Customized Bowls

In addition to your Harry Potter desk, office design ideas can be house-themed bowls. These bowls can be designed in one of your favorite Hogwarts houses, such as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw.

Eating ramen from a customized Harry Potter bowl will allow you to envision sitting in the great hall, munching on your favorite snack.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Basilisk Bookend

Harry Potter fans cannot forget this state-of-the-art ornament. Thankfully, staring into the eyes of the basilisk here wouldn't cause instant death. This carefully crafted ornament is coated with gold, providing a royal and personalized look.

It works great as a paperweight or a showpiece on your office desk or home shelf. This basilisk bookend is easily available on Amazon.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Basilisk Bookend

Hedwig Owl Mug

No one can forget the bellowed Hedwig, Harry’s only loyal pet till the end. Relive the moments with Hedwig by getting a customized Hedwig owl mug.

Sip your coffee or tea with the comfort of being around your pet owl. This mug in your office designs is made of high-quality ceramic that offers a heavy-duty feel.

Wizard Chess Set

The wizard chess set is perfect for an evening with friends when you feel like playing and destroying your opponent's army. These pieces don’t spring to life but surely remind you of the amazing chess scene from the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie.

The chess set is made of premium quality pieces and a smooth marble-like board that elevates the playing experience.

Wizard Chess Set - Harry Potter office decor

Goblet of Fire

One of the best Harry Potter home décor ideas is investing in a goblet of fire. This goblet allows you to show off in front of your friends by boasting about being chosen. Enjoy your drink with this customized, high-quality goblet adorned with imitated gold pieces.

Hogwarts Houses Bookmarks

If you are a bookworm, which of course you are, and if you are a Harry Potter fan, you should get these custom Hogwarts house bookmarks. These desk accessories come in an attractive and sleek wooden box.

Inside the box lies the officially licensed metal bookmarks of each of the four houses of Hogwarts. All these bookmarks throw off a vibrant shine that makes them even more attractive.

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Lumos Light Switch Cover

This Lumos light switch cover is perfect for customizing your switch sockets and panels. These switch covers are made from high-quality metal and brass, which makes them a must-have for your homes and offices.

It comes with two engraved words, "Lumos" and "Nox," for on and off, respectively. Get it now from various stores available on Amazon.

Nine and Three-Quarters Doormat

We all, at one point, have dreamt of being in the magical Hogwarts Express on the way to Hogwarts. What if your office and home greet you when you enter the Hogwarts Express?

Get a customized nine and three-quarters doormat to decorate your homes and office. It is available in a high-quality soft design.

Nine and Three-Quarters Doormat

Harry Potter-Themed Bedding and Covers

The next and final accessory on our list of the best Harry Potter themed office decorations is the unique couch covers and bedding. These vibrant and attractive covers elevate the look of your furniture. It makes them look like they are straight out of the magical world.

In addition, Harry Potter-themed bedding works great for your bed at home. Sleep with the dream of waking up in Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays.

Final Remarks

The Harry Potter office ideas discussed in this post are just a fraction of what is available on the internet. You can buy a wide range of Harry Potter customized items at an affordable price. Make sure to buy your items from a trusted brand. Good luck!

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