Top Adjustable Desk Extension For Standing To Buy
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Top Adjustable Desk Extension For Standing To Buy

|Feb 17, 2022

Your workstation can only be truly complete once it has all of the right gadgets and accessories. Popular desk extension for standing alternatives is available and makes your work more effective. Based on your needs, you can find several desk extensions for standing attachments that are affordable and don’t take much time when being installed: desk converter, monitor arms, laptop holders, keyboard, and mouse trays.   

List of Desk Extensions for Standing

1. Dual Elevated Workstation by Mount-It!

Dual Elevated Workstation by Mount-It!

Standing or sitting at your desk can be easily switched between with this Dual Monitor Stand Up Workstation. Besides accommodating your mouse and keyboard, you can also connect a second monitor to it. You can increase energy by alternating postures using this desk extender for standing, combating sedentary work, and reducing sedentary living.

Your standing desk adjustable desk extension will remain stable if it has a steady mechanism to support your devices. The electric standing desktop extender base will ensure stability for your entire assembly. Standing up is a breeze with the spring arm system. The arms can be raised or lowered to a maximum of 26.4%.

Alternatively, you can swivel and adjust the height on the best standing desk extender or switch between portrait and landscape modes. If your monitors are 19" or lower, set the VESA pattern at 75 mm x 75 mm or 100 mm x 100 mm for two monitors. If your monitors have laptops, add them together. 

2. Standing Desk Converter by Mount-It!

Standing Desk Converter by Mount-It!

Making your desk extension for standing more ergonomic and functional is easy with this desk converter. The program encourages movement throughout the day to improve the health of the neck, back, and shoulders. With the gas spring handles, users can adjust the height in seconds.

The monitor can be adjusted to fit your needs with the height-adjustable base on this standing desk converter. It's very easy to use dual monitors on this 37.4-inch-wide laptop desk riser. The riser for a monitor even has a tray underneath that can hold a keyboard and mouse on a spacious keyboard tray. There are pads on the bottom of the dual monitor standing desk converter to protect your existing desktop from scratches.

3. Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

Organize your workspace to work more ergonomically. An adjustable monitor riser for the desk comes with ample space for your laptop and accessories, as well as a monitor riser that permits you to tilt and rotate your screen fully.

Sitting down can be followed by standing up within seconds. Your existing desk or workspace can save you hundreds of dollars. Your entire workstation can be raised or lowered with ease thanks to easy-to-use controls and a powerful motor on this motorized standing desk converter.

This VESA-compatible computer riser monitor stand can support monitors up to 32 inches. You free up more workspace and improve ergonomics by tilting the screen 45 degrees and rotating 360 degrees. 

4. Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It!

Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It! desk extension for standing

Mount your mouse and keyboard underneath your desk to free up space and improve ergonomics. You can tuck this space-saving adjustable tray underneath your desk, if you are not using it. With the help of an adjustable keyboard and mouse stand, you can attain a neutral posture while working.

You can find the perfect wrist placement and maintain a healthy work posture by adjusting the 5.5" height, 25 degrees up/down tilt, and 180 degrees left/right swivel. You utilize a mouse and keyboard of any size alongside plenty of room to spare. Its gel wrist pad performs comfortably for long periods.

Keeping your tray tucked away will maximize your space. Installation is quick and easy with all the included hardware. It easily mounts under your desk with its 14-inch length.

5. Under Desk Computer Mount by Mount-It!

Under Desk Computer Mount by Mount-It!

The adjustable frame of this desk extension for standing accommodates a variety of CPU towers, making it easy to secure your computer tower under your desk. Put your CPU tower to good use and secure your monitors by mounting them to your walls or under your desk using this CPU under the desk mount for easier access to it. The nylon handle allows you to move your PC tower forwards and backward by 12.9 inches.

You can access the rear ports thanks to the full-swivel feature. Secures your computer with a special screw head that prevents theft. This case fits a variety of brands and sizes of computers. You can regulate the width from 3.5 to 8 inches and the height from 11 to 20 inches.

6. Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

The laptop desk stands and monitor mount is as advertised here exactly. Using the stand, you will enjoy comfortable, efficient work and less back and neck pain. Set your display height and viewing angle to your optimal viewing distance and height with an adjustable monitor and laptop.

Mounting options for your displays include C-clamps and grommets made from high-grade steel and aluminum. You can use it on tables up to four feet long and 1 inch thick. Your display can be swiveled 180 degrees left and right, plus rotated 360 degrees full circle 360°.

As the highest range of movement, it offers 90° forward-back tilt and 180° left and right swiveling. It has a cable management system to keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free. Laptop trays have perforated holes to promote proper ventilation and prevent overheating.

7. The Alcove Riser Converter from FlexiSpot

The Alcove Riser Converter from FlexiSpot

You can't go wrong with the FlexiSpot’s new Alcove Riser Converter if you're in quest of a standing desk converter that won't break the bank. You can mount a dual monitor setup on the large desktop area, and a keyboard and mouse can be attached to the lower tier.

Additionally, you may mount a monitor to the integrated grommet to save space. The FlexiSpot desk extension for standing can be raised or lowered 15 inches higher using a gas springs system. As an additional feature, it can hold up to 33 pounds.

8. Seville Classics AirLift Workstation

Seville Classics airLift Workstation desk extension for standing

Space is a premium in a small office, so Seville Classics AirLIFT Workstation fits into smaller spaces. Standing desk converters that rise horizontally, as opposed to some that rise diagonally (which takes up more desk space), this one rises only horizontally.

The surface lowers or rises using a gas spring mechanism. Despite its compact design, the airLIFT Workstations have two tiers, which provide more than enough room for a large monitor with office accessories, a keyboard, and a mouse. The airLIFT Workstation itself weighs 32 pounds, and it supports upto 33 pounds.

9. Lift Laptop Riser from Fluidstance

Lift Laptop riser from Fluidstance

You can declutter your desk extension for standing area with this FluidStance Riser for Laptops with an integrated whiteboard if you keep many sticky notes around. You can make notes right on the laptop riser with the integrated whiteboard surface and the included whiteboard marker and eraser.

A whiteboard marker is attached to the riser so that you won't lose it. It eliminates the need for paper and pens. Additionally, since the riser is tilted, it is at an ergonomic angle (9 inches backward and 6.25 inches forward). Your laptop will stay in place without sliding around with a sturdy base. The lightweight and easy-to-handle nature of the riser also makes it suitable for use in environments such as a kitchen, garage, etc.


Above are the best 9 options in the market today. With this list, getting desk extensions for standing is no longer difficult for you to deploy and practice. Now, let's pick the best one for your needs and shop for it with us!

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