Best High Back Ergonomic Chairs in 2024 for Office Workers
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Best High Back Ergonomic Chairs in 2024 for Office Workers

|Feb 12, 2024

With so many people now working from home, having a good high back ergonomic chair is more important than ever. Even for those that worked a desk job before the world went on lockdown, you now have to try and replicate that at home. People tend to be shocked at just how difficult the transition is. Thinking that it's no big deal is understandable, but working from home instead of the office comes with a lot more challenges than you realize. One of these challenges comes in the form of comfort. If you thought you were going to be doing your work from the bed or couch, think again. 

To actually get a productive day out of yourself, you're going to need to be set up at a desk. While the desk that you're using is one thing, the chair is just as important. If you were working an office job, then you know how painful 40 to 50 hour weeks and not getting much of a chance to stand up maybe. If you didn't work a desk job, then you're in for an awful realization.  You're putting a bad curve on your back, your shoulders get hunched, you end up with sore legs, and so much more when you have to sit for the majority of the day.

Ergonomic office chairs help to combat this. Tall back office chairs help to prevent it. Therefore, we're going to be talking about the top high back executive office chairs so that you can work from home without worrying about being in pain. 

Best High Back Ergonomic Chairs for Proper Posture

1. ErgoChair Pro

Do you think you need more support on your neck or shoulders while working? Are you experiencing lower and upper back pain after a few hours of sitting in front of your computer? The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro can help you address those issues!

This high-back ergonomic office chair has been designed to reduce the stress placed on your muscles, keep the spine in a natural alignment, and improve your posture.

However, the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro promises to be more than just a traditional office chair. It has been designed to become an extension of your body. This furniture piece has a flexible frame that seamlessly adapts to your silhouette as you move throughout the day, providing superior comfort and promoting physical health.

With this chair, you can customize your setup based on your unique needs. Each of its features is adjustable and has been engineered to support every part of your body.

Plus, you don't have to worry about your office's appearance. While its design focuses on providing comfort and prioritizes functionality, this chair is still visually appealing. Actually, you can choose from six color options to make sure it fits your style.

ErgoChair 2

Do you want to know if the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is the high-back ergonomic chair you need? Below is more information about it!

Key Features

  • 300-lbs support
  • Smooth recline with five lockable positions
  • Durable and 100% earth-friendly materials
  • Breathable woven mesh back
  • 18" - 20" seat height range
  • Five caster wheels
  • Adjustable office chair accessories (armrest, backrest, and headrest) 

What we love

Is the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro really worth buying? Well, this seating solution offers many benefits to users, whether they're people who work for hours or individuals who often participate in long gaming sessions. These are the most important:

  • The ErgoChair Pro has been ergonomically designed to adapt to your body's natural movements and silhouette, promoting better posture and relieving discomfort in key areas, such as your upper back.
  • Since this chair's structure is wrapped in ultra-breathable woven mesh, air will flow across your body while you're seated, which will reduce sweating for a first-class experience.
  • With the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro, you can fight fatigue and maintain high energy levels throughout the day, as it allows you to recline and stretch without placing stress on your back and other body parts, such as your legs and thighs.
  • This chair is backed by a two-year warranty, which shows the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

ErgoChair Pro has been ergonomically designed to adapt to your body's natural movements and silhouette

What to consider

Overall, the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is an excellent option. However, it comes with some disadvantages, including the following:

  • This chair requires assembly. However, the process is straightforward.

2. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Still looking for the best high-back ergonomic office chair? Herman Miller offers a great option that could become the perfect addition to your traditional or home office setup.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has been designed to offer optimal comfort for hours. Plus, this seating solution has a modern and sophisticated look that will complement any space or style. However, purchasing this high-back ergonomic desk chair requires a significant investment, as its price is too high. Check out the following information for more details.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Key Features 

  • Breathable Pellicle mesh backrest
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Noiseless casters
  • Comfortable mesh seat
  • Advanced office chair lumbar support system

What we love

Interested in purchasing the Herman Miller Aeron Chair? Review its pros to determine if it's the option you need:

  • Thanks to its breathable materials, this chair's seat and backrest can regulate temperature.
  • Since its design is cutting-edge, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair will look great in any office setting.
  • It has an advanced lumbar support system that will help you maintain a healthy posture and relieve back pain.
  • This chair features a strong frame that will last for years.
  • It's backed by the brand's comprehensive 12-year warranty. 

What to consider

If you want to make a smart decision when choosing a high-back ergonomic chair, you should also consider its cons. In this case, these are:

  • Its price is extremely high, starting at $1,000.
  • This chair doesn't include headrests.

3. HBADA P5 Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

What should the best high-back ergonomic office chair have? HBADA, a recognized brand in the industry, considered almost every detail when manufacturing this seating solution.

The HBADA P5 Ergonomic Office Chair was designed to offer optimal comfort and help relieve the pain you may feel in your back after sitting for hours.

This chair is highly adjustable, which means it can be adapted to offer support to different body types. Plus, this seating solution has a modern design that will add visual appeal to your office.

No one likes to feel like their clothes are soaked with sweat after sitting for a few hours. Fortunately, this chair addresses that issue and promotes airflow to keep your body cool all the time.

HBADA has carefully selected all the materials used to manufacture this chair, so you can be sure it'll be a high-quality option that will last for years.

The Hbada high back ergonomic chair is another one that is very affordable, considering the quality. It is an office chair with adjustable armrest, and most notable, an adjustable headrest already installed on the chair.

Are you looking for more information about the HBADA P5 Ergonomic Office Chair? That's what you can find below!


Hbada Office Chair

Key Features

  • 300-lbs support
  • Steel structure
  • 3D lumbar support mechanism
  • Adjustable cushion depth
  • Retractable footrest

What we love

The HBADA P5 Ergonomic Office Chair has become one of the best options for those looking for a seating solution thanks to all the benefits it offers, which include the following:

  • You can adjust the lumbar support system to set the ideal position for your body, which will help you relieve fatigue after a long day of work.
  • This chair can help you correct your posture to improve your spine health and relieve high back pain.
  • The backrest is made of breathable materials that minimize sweating and keep your body cool for maximum comfort throughout the day.
  • You can adjust the armrests up or down and sideways according to your physical needs.
  • HBADA offers a three-year warranty and processes claims in the most hassle-free way to ensure customer satisfaction.

What to consider

While the HBADA P5 Ergonomic Office Chair may be an excellent high-back ergonomic desk chair, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

  • There's only one color option available for this chair.

4. ErgoChair Curve

Autonomous has become a leading brand in the office furniture world thanks to its functional, beautiful, and durable products, which include multiple seating solutions. One of its latest innovative models is the ErgoChair Curve.

Designed to adapt to your body as you move throughout the day, this chair provides maximum comfort, helping you improve your posture and relieve the pressure that sitting for hours places on your spine. Plus, it'll never lose its shape!

The ErgoChair Curve is inspired by the soothing ripples of water, so you'll hardly find a more comfortable option than this one. Actually, you'll feel like you're floating in the ocean if you use it!

Since Autonomous chose a premium selection of soft, contoured molded foam and polyester mesh to cover the chair's solid structure, your body will stay cool all the time. That means you won't sweat even if you spend hours and hours working or playing your favorite video games.

ErgoChair Curve

Do you want to know if the Autonomous ErgoChair Curve is the best high-back ergonomic chair for you? Find more information about this innovative model below!

Key Features 

  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • Robust nylon structure that will last for years
  • Reclining backrest
  • Added lumbar support pad
  • 300-lbs support

Autonomous ErgoChair Curve is the best high-back ergonomic chair

What we love

If you use the Autonomous ErgoChair Curve, you'll enjoy several benefits, especially when it comes to relieving physical fatigue, maintaining good posture, and reducing discomfort in your back. These are some of them:

  • You can customize several components, including the seat's height and the chair's ergonomic features, such as the armrests or lumbar support. They're all fully adjustable.
  • The ErgoChair Curve has been designed to provide long-term stability and withstand regular wear and tear.
  • Autonomous' warranty covers all manufacturing defects that may occur within two years from the delivery date.
  • This chair is eligible for the brand's discounts and bulk order program.
  • The ErgoChair Curve comes with a headrest that will help you maintain better posture to reduce pain in your neck, shoulders, and high back.

The ErgoChair Curve comes with a headrest that will help you maintain better posture

What to consider

While this high-back ergonomic chair is an excellent seating option and is available at a good price, it comes with some drawbacks, including the following:

  • Shipping can take more than five business days, depending on your location.
  • This chair is only available in two colors, which are black and gray.

5. Nouhaus Ergo3D

If you're still looking for the best high-back ergonomic office chair, don't worry! There's one more option you can consider: the Nouhaus Ergo3D.

The brand behind the Nouhaus Ergo3D promised to build a chair that goes beyond ergonomics, creating a design that adapts to users' bodies to help them maintain a healthy posture.

This chair has a unique "Just-For-Me'' lumbar support system that hugs your back into perfect alignment, which can reduce pressure on your muscles and reduce pain. The Nouhaus Ergo3D is so comfortable that you'll forget you're working!

Besides an ergonomic design, this chair has other features that were specifically added to improve comfort, including armrests and an adjustable office chair headrest attachment.

Additionally, it features XL blade wheels, a solid aluminum wheelbase, and a sturdy frame that will prevent it from breaking after just a few uses. This chair will last for years!

If you've been thinking about buying a high-back ergonomic chair, the Nouhaus Ergo3D could be a good option. Find more details about the office chair with adjustable armrest below!

best high-back ergonomic office chair

Key Features

  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • XL blade wheels
  • 5-point ADC12 aluminum wheelbase
  • 2D adjustable headrest
  • Class-4 heavy-duty hydraulic gas lift

What we love

Are you wondering if the Nouhaus Ergo3D is the best high-back ergonomic office chair you can buy? Take a look at its advantages before making a decision:

  • The Nouhaus Ergo3D comes with 4D adjustable armrests, meaning you can customize them and set different positions for maximum comfort.
  • This chair's backrest is covered with breathable mesh, which promotes airflow to minimize sweating.
  • The brand that designed this chair offers a three-year base warranty.
  • This chair features a 2D adjustable headrest with ErgoTilt that will keep your neck in a comfortable and healthy position.
  • The Nouhaus Ergo3D is available in several colors, including brilliant blue, dark burgundy, silver gray, and black coffee.

What to consider

Although the Nouhaus Ergo3D is an excellent high-back ergonomic chair, it has some disadvantages that you should consider to ensure you're making the right decision, including the following:

  • This chair is heavier than other options.
  • It doesn't include footrests.

Buying a high-back ergonomic chair: Nouhaus Ergo3D

How We Pick

To choose the best high-back ergonomic office chair, it's important to assess your needs. That's the very first step.

Ideally, you should define what you need based on your working habits, whether you're experiencing intense high back pain every time you sit at your desk, or if you have to switch to a standing position during the day.

After assessing your needs, you can start reviewing different chair options to choose the right one. These are the factors you should focus on to know if a seating solution can help you prevent or reduce high back pain:

  • Whether the chair has been designed to promote postural health
  • Whether the chair has ergonomic features, such as armrests
  • If the chair comes with a headrest or neck support pad
  • Whether you can comfortably switch between sitting and standing during the day
  • If the chair's backrest has breathable materials
  • Whether the chair's overall design can help you reduce pressure or stress on your back muscles

Final Thoughts: Which Chair Is Suitable for You?

Each seating solution has been designed to address different issues and has unique features. Therefore, you should assess your needs to choose a high-back ergonomic chair that is right for you.

However, most of the options included in this list can be excellent choices. The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro stands out because of its ergonomic features and reasonable price.

If you want an ergonomic chair specifically designed to relieve back pain, the Autonomous ErgoChair Curve may be a better ergonomic chair for back pain option. Both alternatives offer amazing benefits and can become the perfect office addition to take care of your physical health!

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Things You Must Consider Before Buying a High Back Chair

You’ve already decided that a tall high back chair is ideal for you. Now, you’ve got to figure out what you should know before buying it. Though the products we listed here are sure to be of great value, it’s important to know why these were the top 20 options.

Neck Support

Most chairs don’t offer neck support, even with a headrest. In a sense, you’re resting your head, which also protects the neck and keeps it in an appropriate position.

Neck Support

However, some chairs do offer neck support with a special indent for your neck. They may look a bit odd, but they’re sure to protect your neck and relieve neck pain. Chairs that have headrests that curve with your neck are highly adjustable. In a sense, they’re perfect for different tasks, especially if you find yourself slouching throughout the day.

Usually, it’s essential to choose a headrest with a neck curvature. However, you must ensure that it has a height adjustment feature so that it hits at the right spot on the neck. Otherwise, it’s sure to make you even more uncomfortable than you already are!

Head Support

Adjustability is also important for the head support feature. If the headrest is stationary, it might not fit your head or makes it uncomfortable to use.

Head Support

You may also want to think about the padding on the headrest. This can make it more comfortable to use for long periods. However, it may backfire on you because they aren’t as breathable. Choose a mesh style for the best office chair for long hours results. They’re often flexible to support your head and allow for more airflow to prevent you from getting sweaty.

Back Height

It’s important to consider how high the backrest is. Remember: there are different styles of high back chairs, and they’re not all the same. If you want one to support your back entirely with the neck and head, consider your options carefully.

A good way to figure out your optimal back height is to measure yourself from the base of the neck to the tailbone. This tells you how tall your back is. Then, search for high back chairs that are within that range.

Back Height

However, if you get a measurement of 23 inches (for example), you don’t want to go over that if you’re using a headrest. This indicates your chair back is too high, and the headrest isn’t likely to do much good. We recommend choosing a back height of about 22 inches for the best results.


1. What Is a High Back Chair?

High back ergonomic office chairs are sometimes called “executive chairs.” Generally, they have backrests that extend farther up to the upper back. Many newer models also contain a headrest and a neck rest.

Usually, these chairs provide more support to the lower back with lumbar features. However, the goal is to protect the upper back and shoulders by leaning back and feeling the support. Often, they are more adjustable than a mid-back office chair or low-back chair.

What Is a High Back Chair?

A high back ergonomic chair is typically the right choice for people who sit for long periods and aren’t mobile while they’re seated. For example, if you often sit and type, you’re in one position for the duration. However, those who often have to turn and twist to answer phones and perform other tasks might not like the high back office chair.

Those who suffer from back pain and must sit most of the day should consider tall back office chairs. Make sure they have height adjustments and lumbar support for the best comfort!

2. Why Choose a High Back Ergonomic Chair?

In most cases, a high back chair looks different than a mid-back version. The high back ergonomic chair is easily noticed because it includes a headrest, making it a bit taller than others.

Usually, the best high back ergonomic office chair provides more support to the upper back, shoulders, and neck than other options. Compared to other chairs, these are also easier to adjust and have more choices for that, too.

If you usually sit down for long periods, you need this type of chair. On top of that, they are great for anyone who suffers from back pain.

Since there’s a headrest included, you can relax the neck and reduce pain in that area. Plus, you’re less likely to slouch because your body is fully supported.

3. How You Plan to Use the Chair

In most cases, you should think about how you might use the chair. If you type a lot, you’re sitting upright. However, you may still want to take breaks throughout the day. With a headrest and neck support, you can do this from your chair. That way, you get to rest your body without having to go sit elsewhere.

How You Plan to Use the Chair

Those who often talk on the phone during their workday may also appreciate a high back chair with appropriate neck/head support. You can lean back and still have good posture.

The Wrap Up

Opting to invest in an ergonomic chair, whether you're going for a high back or not, is a monumental decision, especially so if you're working from home now. 

Without a proper high back ergonomic office chair, you're going to find that your back and sides begin to hurt a lot more. If you ignore this and power through, you're going to be causing serious long-term harm to your body. 

Being unable to stand for long periods of time, poor posture, and terrible lower back pains are only the beginning of your worries. 

Spending just a little bit of extra cash on a good chair is going to save you from that world of hurt. 

Even if you're concerned about the pain, a good sitting posture prevents you from destroying your posture. Getting a proper chair is worth it for that, alone. 

We hope you've found our top list helpful, especially suitable high back ergonomic office chair. While we'd argue that the Autonomous chairs are leagues above the rest, there is a very wide market out there, so don't be afraid to do some shopping for yourself.

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