What Is A Bungee Office Chair? Pros and Cons
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What Is A Bungee Office Chair? Pros and Cons

Autonomous|Jun 27, 2022

It's time to try something new. Comfort is important, but we also want something that is unique and practical when it comes to seating. This is where a bungee office chair comes into play. This type of chair provides comfortable seating by using bungee cords instead of foam or padding. A tensioned cushion is created in a bungee cord office chair by securely securing the cords to the framework.

What is a Bungee Chair?

What is a Bungee Chair?

A bungee chair is an ergonomically designed piece of office equipment. It is one of several types of office chairs. In a bungee chair, tensioned cord straps or ropes are attached to the outer frame members by bungee cords. The chair has a high cushioning and spring content due to this construction style. The bungee desk chair has gaps between rows of straps that provide airflow, making it considerably more comfortable to sit for extended periods than standard office chairs. 

Bungee chairs are built like any other standard office chair in terms of their frame construction. Steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood are used for the legs, armrests, and structural members. Most often, only the backrest and seat pad of the bungee cord desk chair will feature tensioned bungee cords, giving the office chair its name. The bungee cords attached to the chair can be rounded or flattened, depending on how the chair is designed. Chairs of this particular type had become more popular since the early 2000s when they were relatively rare.

Bungalow chairs come in various shapes and styles, but the most common is a circular one with a bunch of cords that run from one side to the other. The middle of the seat is extremely flexible, and the holes in the seat allow you to breathe more easily, making this bungee office chair with arms ideal for hot weather.

Types of Bungee Office Chair

Types of Bungee Office Chair

Despite their similar construction, a bungee cord office chair can vary in their design, making them suitable for many applications:

  • A few of them are small, making them suitable for children. Children's bungee chairs have a smaller seating area and lower weight capacities than adult-sized bungee chairs.
  • The design of office bungee chairs differs from those used for casual purposes. In addition to providing more body contouring, they encourage proper sitting posture with their taller backrests. Since these chairs are meant to be sat on for hours, they must provide good upper and lower back support. Among the most important components of these chairs are polyester-coated bungee cords with plenty of support and flexibility, as well as plastic or metal leg, handle, and pneumatic lift components.
  • A folding bungee cord reclining ergonomic chair is usually used for outdoor activities, such as barbecues or camping trips. As the chair is foldable, it can be collapsed into a more compact form, so it can easily fit in the trunk of the car when not in use. They can also be easily stored away in your garage or shed, and you can easily set them up when you have guests over.
  • Indoor and outdoor bungee office chairs with adjustable lumbar support provide a more relaxed sitting position, and they're suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Pros and Cons of Bungee Office Chairs

Pros of Bungee Office Chairs

  • Affordable, easy to maintain
  • Low, comfortable height

Cons of Bungee Office Chairs

  • Works better as a standard chair for dorms, and conference rooms
  • Doesn't have a lot of ergonomic adjustments 

Benefits of Using a Bungee Office Chair

Airflow was increased

Airflow was increased

There is an increase in airflow because they are designed with plenty of gaps between cords. By arranging the cords in such a way, air can circulate around the seat and back of the chair, allowing it to be more comfortable to sit for long periods, especially in hot weather. Excellent for garden furniture that is easy to store!


They are especially portable because they are small, lightweight, and easily foldable. It is easy to transport the smaller bungee chairs with a flat back, like the hexagonal one above, in cars so you can take them camping, to a sporting event, or just for relaxing in your yard.

Super comfortable

Super comfortable

Bungee cords that are fixed firmly to frames provide a unique spring cushion. Chords are constructed to conform to the contours of a person's sitting position, ensuring ultimate comfort.


The simplicity of the design makes bungee chairs a more cost-effective seating solution. You can use them for recreational purposes or as portable seating. 

Quirky aesthetic

The bungee ergonomic chair is popular due to its unique structure and design. Spirals or parallel patterns are excellent for creating standout seating, adding to an overall quirky aesthetic whether it's an office chair, a lounge chair, or a sports chair.

Helps posture

Helps posture

Office bungee chairs are specifically designed to allow you to stay upright comfortably while you work for a long time.

Can be colorful

One of the great things about bungee chairs is that the cords do not have to be black. Bungee cords come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, white, and gray.

Are Bungee Chairs Good for Your Back?


Would it be good for your back to sit on bungee office chairs? Definitely! Choosing the appropriate bungee chair can ensure your health, diminish fatigue, and have no backaches. An incorrect selection of bungee chairs can cause more damage than a standard office chair with adjustable arms. Consider testing the chair before purchasing if you have a chronic back issue. In addition to being great for lounging around, bungee chairs are great for using at your desk as you work. There is a problem because the chair is lower in height than a normal office chair.

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