What Is Negative Tilt? Top Keyboard Trays to Support
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What Is Negative Tilt? Top Keyboard Trays to Support

|Feb 18, 2023

Those cute little retractable legs your keyboard had when you were a kid. Well, they weren't there just for fun. Those legs would raise your keyboard from one end so you could better view the keys farther from your eye in the neutral position.

While this positive height raise seemed all easy, it creates a build-up of tension in your wrists which is often why keyboard users develop issues like carpal tunnel syndrome later in life. This is because the positive tilt (upward tilt of your wrists) you feel in this direction has many dark sides in the long run. Even if you don't feel any pressure or strain in the early days or even early years, soon you will be complaining about your wrist hurting and your fingers undergoing lots of cramps.

But don't worry; we are here to fix it for you. If you have been working with a positive tilt for a while now, immediately stop and bring your keyboard to the neutral position. Then the next step would be to bring it to a negative tilt position.

As confusing as this sounds, a negative tilt keyboard is right for you. But since you cannot have a built-in negative tilt trough in most keyboards, several negative tilt keyboard trays address this issue. This article will cover some ergonomic keyboard trays that are useful as ergonomic office desk accessories.

What is Keyboard Tilt?

Rather than working in the same flat condition, tilting your keyboard upward or downward comes under the negative and positive tilt. To make your keyboard tilt, the keyboard is raised at the bottom or the top, depending on the tilting action you are trying to achieve. The tilt is practiced to attain the natural posture of wrists while typing, preventing any build-up from strain in the wrists.

Keyboard tilt has several benefits, mainly including the prevention of strain build-up, a common cause of carpal tunnel in over 8 million people worldwide. But what type of keyboard tilt is better for you, and what is the best computer desk with keyboard tray to encourage natural posture? Here is all you need to know.

What is Keyboard Tilt?

Positive vs. Negative Tilt Trough

You get a positive tilt when the keyboard is lifted upwards from the back end. This is mainly used by typists who have to have access to all keys. The positive tilt creates a better view angle, but your wrists are under flexion as they are raised from the neutral position to reach all the keys.

On the other hand, negative tilt in a keyboard is when the keyboard is lifted from the bottom or the top of the keyboard is lowered with the help of a slanted keyboard tray for desk. This type of working angle creates an angle of flexion closest to the natural posture of wrists and arms. A negative tilt keyboard is an ergonomically approved way of working. Still, it is essential to maintain the right angle when it comes to negative tilt so that your wrists aren't tired by being in a lowered angle.

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Best Keyboard Trays for Ergonomic Working Position

The ideal working position on a keyboard is when your arms are raised slightly upward from the keyboard. While some people practice it with the help of a standing desk, an office chair with tilt, or a wrist pad, keyboard trays are also a great solution to offer a permanent tilt solution.

Since keyboard tilt is a huge ergonomic factor for office workers, coders, programmers, and gamers, and if you have worked on a keyboard for a long time, then the best ideal working position is the negative tilt angle. But a keyboard tray can help you achieve the perfect angle for simple keyboards with no negative tilt design. Below are our top picks for ergonomic keyboard trays.

1. Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 Under-Desk Keyboard Tray

The Uncaged Ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray offers height and tilt features. It also offers a 360 degrees swivel action, and the keyboard tray slides in and out easily thanks to the smooth gliding action. One of the best features of this keyboard tray is that it tilts your keyboards while the mouse remains in the neutral working position.

Keyboard panel18.5” x 8.75”
Mouse pad‎7” x 8.75”
Rail length (mounts to your desk)16”
MaterialHigh strength steel + Compact board
Warranty3 months

2. Mount-It! Clamp-On Keyboard Drawer: Sliding

Clamp the Mount-It! keyboard tray under the desk to attain an ergonomic working position. This keyboard tray does not damage your desk as it requires no drilling action. Along with giving an ergonomic working angle, it also efficiently minimizes clutter on your desk by freeing up space.

Platform dimensions    27" L x 11" D
Overall product dimensions33" L x 5.4 H x 11" D
Warranty10 years

3. Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Keyboard Tray

Do you want to type while standing? Use this Uncaged Ergonomic keyboard stand to lift keyboards to elbow height and type with a neutral or negative tilt. The tilting panels let you work with a negative tilt, and you can quickly switch to a positive or neutral tilt as you get tired. The large seven-by-seven mouse pad can be mounted on the left or right side, and this keyboard tray is easily detachable and portable.

Panel size 18” x 11”
Keyboard tray outside width19.4”
Height range0” - 18”
Mouse pad size7” x 7”
Warranty3 months

4. Uncaged Ergonomics KT2 and Sit Stand Keyboard Tray

Need help finding the perfect corner desk with keyboard tray solution? Well, the Uncaged Ergonomics is the best multi-purpose keyboard tray for office workers as well as gamers. The keyboard tray has a height range of 10 inches, so it works with standing desks too. It also offers a swivel action, a slide-in and out movement, and an adjustable tilt.

Keyboard panel18.5” W x 8.75” D
Mouse pad7” W x 8.75” D
Rail length (mounts to your desk)19.1” x 5.25”
MaterialHigh strength steel + Compact board
Warranty3 months

5. Mount-It! Keyboard and Mouse Platform

When not in use, this Mount-It! adjustable tray that saves space can be slid under your desk. It not only provides a separate platform for your keyboard and mouse but also keeps them dirt free.

Tray dimensions25" L x 10" W
Track dimensions‎14.1" L x 6" W
Height range5.5"
Warranty10 years

While minimizing clutter and freeing up space on your desk, the keyboard tray helps keep up a neutral working posture as you place your peripherals lower and nearer to your body. Enjoy optimal wrist positioning and keep a healthier working stance all day.

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