How to Pick a White Desk with Storage for a Minimalist Home Office
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How to Pick a White Desk with Storage for a Minimalist Home Office

|Mar 2, 2024

The world is currently shifting to a WFH (work-from-home) culture, so it’s harder for employees to find space to thrive. Sometimes, people use a spare room, but others must work outside, in a bedroom, at the kitchen table, or on a couch.

Regardless of the space available, it’s essential to have a dedicated work area to enhance productivity and your mood. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is buy a white desk with storage.

Today, you will learn about the minimalist home office trend, why white desks are most appropriate, and which products are ideal. Let’s dive in!

The Minimalist Home Office Trend

Whether you have a dedicated office, an extra room, or use a corner of the living room or kitchen, you should keep things simple. Many people have turned to the minimalist home office trend and use minimalist principles to prevent burnout and simplify work. Ultimately, you could interfere with your productivity by having:

  • Poor technology (monitors, printer, internet, etc.)
  • A space that doesn’t separate household activities from work
  • Insufficient space for work materials
  • Lack of design elements, such as wall art or house plants
  • Poor lighting
  • Distractions from dual-use rooms (workout facility, laundry, storage room, kitchen, etc.)
  • Excess clutter

The reason you should focus on minimalism in your home office is to remove the distractions and use design principles that will make you feel more comfortable. A white storage desk is one of these things. Ultimately, white space creates calm, and you’ll have everything tucked away and out of sight (though easy to reach).

The Minimalist Home Office Trend

What Should Your Minimalist Home Office Have?

Before you begin adding things to your home office, it’s essential to have a list of must-haves. These are things that apply to everyone, though you might need a few other items, depending on the type of work you do.

Here are the things you should consider: 

Comfortable Office Chair

Most people in an office setting sit most of the day. Though you want a chair that fits your overall décor, you also need it to be comfortable and ergonomically correct. Thinking of chair and desk ergonomics now will help you find something suitable.

Comfortable Office Chair


If you’re stuck working in a room not designed for the job, you will probably have a moveable desk. It’s harder to store folders, books, documents, and cables. Ensure that you have a storage solution to keep your desk tidy and uncluttered.

An Appropriate Desk

There are many approaches here, but an adjustable desk is often the best solution. Studies indicate that sitting for long periods can be detrimental to your health, so it’s wise to stand and sit throughout the day. However, it’s uncomfortable (and also ergonomically incorrect) to lean over a desk while trying to work, so a sit-stand desk can be highly beneficial here.


Choosing the right lighting for your space can affect your productivity and energy levels. If you can, use natural lighting from skylights and windows. Otherwise, buy a bright lamp and ensure that it’s enough to light the entire space.


Many professions have switched to paperless processes, but there might be times when you must fax, print, or scan things. You can get an all-in-one solution that’s inexpensive and unobtrusive.

A Second Monitor

Though some industries don’t require two monitors, you will likely see a difference in productivity if you have a second screen. It should meet your needs and fit well in the space without dominating the entire desk.

A Second Monitor - White desk with storage

Wall Art

Wall art can help you bring some design elements into the home office. If you have a naturally dark room because of dark paint colors or no natural light, you might consider a bright piece. However, if your room is white, you can contrast that with gray or black tones.

White Space

The core of minimalism is to have plenty of white space. This also means having less on the surfaces in your home. You also have to think of how many books, magazines, and papers you have. These can easily distract you and cause you to read them and reduce productivity without knowing it. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a White Desk with Storage for a Minimalist Home Office

When choosing a desk for your minimalist home office, it’s essential to consider these factors: 

1. Layout and Space

The layout and space of your home office will determine the configuration, desk size, and placement to optimize accessibility, lighting, and your workspace.

When thinking of your desk size, make sure you understand why you need it and your available space. A large desk can be beneficial when you have tons of equipment or paperwork, but a smaller desk is suitable for compact areas.

Some say the best of both worlds is to buy an L-shaped standing desk. It’s made up of two smaller desks that fit in the corner. This is often the part of the room you never use, so it’s a win-win for many reasons.

Likewise, L-shaped desks can have separate spaces for tasks, such as meetings and work. If you pair that with standing desk technology, you can reduce how long you sit and promote better posture.

Desk placement is also important. Natural lighting can reduce eye strain, or you can install appropriate lights to boost productivity. Strategic positioning will also promote a better work environment to help you focus and draw inspiration from your surroundings.

Layout and Space - White desk with storage

2. Storage and Functionality

Storage and functionality are essential aspects for choosing a desk in your home office. It must cater to your organization, work requirements, and efficient usage of the area.

Though you want ample space for spreading out paperwork, you also need to consider the accessories you’ll require, such as a second monitor or printer.

Likewise, storage is a huge concern because you want the space to be clutter-free and organized. A white desk with two drawers can help you keep pens and pencils out of the way. You may also consider shelves for your binders or books.

3. Style and Aesthetics

Style and aesthetics contribute to the visual appeal and ambiance of the home office. Therefore, you want a desk that will align with your preferences, such as modern and minimalist.

When choosing your home office furniture, the desk is the central component because it sets the tone of your workspace. Traditional desks can exude elegance, but white can help you relax and create a minimalist design element.

Style and Aesthetics - White desk with storage

4. Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomic support and comfort are also crucial when choosing a suitable desk. You want to maintain your posture, productivity, and well-being while working from home.

An ergonomic desk can ensure you focus and concentrate while reducing physical strain. Likewise, choosing adjustable features, such as lumbar support and height, might help you prevent injuries and discomfort throughout the years.

How Can I Make My White Desk with Storage Look Minimalist?

Minimalism is taking the world by storm. People are now working from home more than ever, so it’s important to have a clean, tidy space to work in. Here are a few ways that you can make your desk look minimalist: 

Update Your Black Desk

If you have a black office desk, paint it white. You can also leave it as is and simply add white design effects to it to create a minimalist feeling.

Eliminate What You Don’t Use

People often have notebooks, photo albums, dried-out pens, old papers, and other things they don’t need in the office setting. Either store them elsewhere or throw them away to create your minimalist desk.

Less Is More

Practice the “less is more” mantra. Though you are used to having notepads, in/out trays, lotion, and candy dishes on your desk, you don’t need them. Try only having your keyboard, monitors, and mouse on the desk to see how it changes you. Consider one or two small plants to brighten things up, too.

Consider Storage

If you purchase a white desk with drawers and shelves, you are pretty much covered for storage. In fact, you can store all those notebooks, paper pads, and in/out trays on the shelves or in the drawers to force a minimalist design where you don’t already have one!

How Can I Make My White Desk with Storage Look Minimalist?

Top Five White Desk with Storage Options for a Minimalist Home Office

If you’re looking for an office desk for sale, a quick search will tell you that there are thousands upon thousands of options available. This can be beneficial because you have many to choose from, but it’s also difficult to determine what’s right for you. 

Below, you’ll see reviews of five white desks with storage options to help you create a minimalist home office: 

1. Dextrus 55” L Shaped Desk

The first white storage desk on our list is the Dextrus 55-inch L-shaped desk. It features power outlets, a monitor stand, a file cabinet, three drawers, and shelves. Ultimately, it’s an entire office in one small space! 

If you often work at night, you’ll enjoy the integrated LED lights. They will create an inviting and cozy atmosphere when you’re burning the late-night oil. Many different professionals could use this desk to write, work, do homework, and play games. It’s the perfect solution for all types of requirements!

2. Micah 42” Desk

Those who require a small white desk with storage will like the Micah 42-inch desk. It features two drawers, and each one has a beautiful pull knob. You’ll also be amazed by the wooden legs on each side, which add warmth and coziness to the mix. 

This desk is quite tiny, so be prepared to only have one monitor, your keyboard, and a mouse. You might get a plant there, but it’s small, which makes it perfect for a minimalist desk!

3. Azayliah 55.00” Desk

If you’re interested in a minimalist desk that’s a little larger, the Azayliah 55-inch desk might be better. It features a wide surface area that is large enough for a laptop or monitor/keyboard combination. Plus, you can add a lamp, a paper holder, and more.

Underneath the surface, you have open spaces (shelves) to store other things. One side contains drawers that could act as a filing cabinet, and the other side features a door with more shelves inside.

4. MICKE Desk

Those who prefer a white desk with two drawers will like the MICKE desk. It’s about as minimalist as you can get! The streamlined features will help you get to work without being bothered by distractions. Plus, it has a cable management system. The small hole allows you to feed your cables underneath, and there’s a tray to hold a power strip.

5. ALEX Desk

The ALEX desk is another white storage desk you’re sure to love. It also has two drawers, but it sits on four legs. Likewise, it has a cable management system, though it shows as a slit in the middle toward the back instead of a circle in the corner.

If you must put the ALEX desk in the middle of your room, it’s not a problem because the back is finished like the front. Every side is beautiful!

How We Picked and Tested

Whether you want a 4-leg standing desk or prefer something with filled-in sides, you have many options. In fact, when we picked and tested each white desk with drawers and shelves, we focused on these factors: 

  • Height – Standard desks are 30 inches high, but this is often too tall for most people. The best solution would be to get an adjustable standing desk.
  • Depth – The surface depth of your desk can impact comfort, especially if you’re putting the monitor on the desk. Therefore, it’s best to have a 30-inch-deep desk if possible. Shallower desks won’t give you enough distance between the monitor and your eyes.
  • Material – Wood and metal are the most common materials for desks, and you need something sturdy enough to handle the weight you put on it.
  • Storage – A minimalist home office focuses on having most things out of sight. Therefore, appropriate storage is essential to create the look and help with organization. 


Buying a white desk with storage can help you create a minimalist home office. Whether you have a separate space or work in the living room, it’s wise to have a sturdy desk that will ensure productivity.

You learned about the minimalist trend, why it’s important, and how to choose a desk for your specific needs. Likewise, we discussed five different white desks to help you pick something that will work for you!

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